Video Game / The King of Shreds and Patches

The King Of Shreds And Patches is an interactive supernatural mystery by Jimmy Maher, set in the Elizabethan Era. It was inspired by the Call of Cthulhu adventure with the same name.

You, respectable printer Robert Fletcher, are invited to dine with your old friend John Croft, a dissolute theatrical type newly returned from his years abroad in Heidelberg. But by the time you've arrived Croft hangs dead from a rafter, with a mysterious sigil painted on the wall, and surrounded by scattered pages from several different manuscripts as well as a diary that tells an ominously suggestive story. Before you have long to unravel the fate of your friend, you receive a letter from your lady friend, Lucy Henry, asking you if you'd please investigate what's become of her cousin Marijne...

On IFwiki here and available for free download here.

The King Of Shreds And Patches provides examples of: