A series of London set ThirdPersonShooter and [[DrivingGame Driving]][[note]]While the gameplay is similar to WideOpenSandbox games like ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAuto'', ''The Getaway'' games have a linear mission-based story mode with a separate mode for free exploration.[[/note]]crime games, inspired by Creator/GuyRitchie movies, with two entries to date. It's published world by Sony Computer Entertainment's North American and European branches with Capcom (for The Getaway) and Sega (for Black Monday) as the publisher for Japan.

The first (''The Getaway'' (2002)) follows former Soho gangster Mark Hammond as he is blackmailed back into the life by a ruthless crime boss who has kidnapped his son. Parallel to this the game follows [[CowboyCop Frank Carter]] and his vendetta against the underworld.

The sequel ''The Getaway: Black Monday'' was released in 2004 and follows the parallel stories of [=SO19=] officer Ben Mitchell and underworld connected amateur boxer Eddie O'Connor as a new underworld war breaks out.

A third game was intended, but is currently in DevelopmentHell as Sony's European branch is concentrating on developing/publishing other properties. Recent statements have suggested that they will move it to the Playstation 4 instead. However, Sony announced that the game is not in development and instead, an unnamed demo was shown recently compatible with the Playstation VR, suggesting that it's under development again.

Additionally the PSP game ''Gangs of London'' may qualify as a spinoff, having been made by the same team and also set in the London underworld.

Not to be confused with the Creator/SamPeckinpah film ''Film/TheGetaway'' or its 1994 remake, or the pinball game ''[[Pinball/TheGetawayHighSpeed2 The Getaway: High Speed II]]''.

!!Distinct tropes of this game:

* AdvertisedExtra: Zara Beauvais, Viktor's girlfriend. The game manual lists her as an important character in the game, and her voice actress even talks about her in a behind the scenes video. What does she do in the game? ''Nothing.'' She appears briefly in two cutscenes, and later on near the end of the game where she's [[HumanShield taken hostage]] by Viktor's own men.[[KickTheSonOfABitch You can mercilessly kill her and no one will give a damn]].
* AllThereInTheManual: Some specific details on the characters/events in the two games are better detailed in the Prima-published strategy guides.
* AntiHero: Mark Hammond and Eddie O'Connor.
* AnyoneCanDie: In both games, especially the first.
** By the end of the first game, almost every named character in Frank and Mark's storylines are dead except [[spoiler:Mark, Yasmin, and Alex from Mark's storyline, and Frank Carter and Joe Fielding from Frank's storyline]].
** The second game isn't as bad. The only notable character who dies from Mitchell's storyline is Munroe (and depending on your actions, [[spoiler:Jackie and/or Mitchell himself]]). Eddie's storyline, on the other hand, [[KillEmAll kills off damn near every character]] he knows or runs into except for [[spoiler:Sam, and even she can die if you don't drive her to the bank]].
* BackToBackBadasses: Ben Mitchell and Eddie O'Connor team up to take down Viktor Skobel in two of the endings to ''Black Monday''.
* BigBad: Charlie Jolson in the first game. Viktor Skobel in the sequel.
* BittersweetEnding[=/=]NoEnding: ''The Getaway'': [[spoiler: Mark is alive, but his wife is dead, and he can never return to London. Yasmin and Alex also get off the boat just moments before it blows, but we don't know if they managed to get out of London before the cops or other gangs found and killed Mark and Yasmin. Frank Carter also escapes by diving into the harbor, but we don't know if he survived the fall]].
** ''The Getaway: Black Monday'': [[spoiler: Eddie avenges the murder of Danny, but most of his friends are dead, and he'll most likely have to leave London forever for killing dozens and dozens of people, some of whom were cops]].[[MultipleEndings Depending on which path you chose]] will determine whether or not the ending's bittersweet or [[DownerEnding downright depressing]].
* CowboyCop: Frank Carter in the first game. Ben Mitchell in the second.
* DarkActionGirl: Yasmin in the first game, a former prostitute turned hitwoman. Nadya in the second game.
* {{Deuteragonist}}: Frank Carter in the first game, Ben Mitchell in the second game (although he gets less screen time than Carter).
* DownerBeginning: The first game starts with Hammond's son getting kidnapped and his wife being shot and killed.
* DownerEnding: In the worst ending in ''Black Monday'', [[spoiler:Eddie is forced to shoot and kill Mitchell, Viktor kills Sam, and Eddie flees the scene shortly after killing Viktor and looking down at Sam's body with grief]].
* TheDragon: Jake Jolson in the first game. Alexei in the second.
* DroppedABridgeOnHim:
** Eyebrows is shot to death offscreen by Yasmin.
** Liam Spencer is one of the many gangsters who was slaughtered offscreen during the Shoreditch Massacre.
* EveryCarIsAPinto: Averted. The cars don't even explode when they take too much damage; they just burn to a crisp.
* FiveBadBand: Well, four for ''Black Monday''.
** BigBad: Viktor Skobel
** TheDragon / TheEvilGenius: Alexei the Dentist
** TheBrute: Yuri Gorsoy
** TheDarkChick: Nadya Prushnatova
* GunsAkimbo: Mark Hammond, Eddie O'Connor and Frank Carter can do this with handguns and submachine guns. Some enemies and bosses do too.
* InfantImmortality: Played straight in the first game, but averted in the sequel.
* InkSuitActor
* KarmaHoudini: [[spoiler:Jamahl, the leader of the Yardies]]. He is the only gang leader in both games to scurry away from the cops, the [[AntiHero Anti-Heroes]], and all the other villains without so much as a scratch. [[spoiler:And by the end of the second game, nearly all of the other gangs have been eradicated or driven out of London, so TheBadGuyWins]].
* LondonGangster: Technically most of the cast, but the Bethnal Green Mob (led by the bald, cigar chomping Charlie Jolson) and the Soho based Collins Crew fit the archetype. Averted in that a multiracial London underworld is portrayed with Triads, Yardies and Russian Mafiya taking major roles.
* TheMafiya: The primary villains in the second game are the Skobel Group, a Russian Mafiya syndicate disguised as a bank and running prostitution and arms trafficking. Interestingly the game points out that the group has members from all over Eastern Europe including Latvians and Estonians.
* MauveShirt: Liam Spencer.
* MultipleEndings: ''Black Monday'' has four endings. Two center around driving Sam to the Skobel building, and another two center around saving Jackie Philips. If you decide to drive Sam and save Jackie, you get the [[BittersweetEnding "good"]] ending. If you don't, you get the DownerEnding. Not doing one, but doing the other earns an ending that's a cross between the two.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: In two of the endings to ''Black Monday'', [[spoiler:Eddie is forced to shoot and kill Ben Mitchell. After he dies, Eddie briefly looks at his body with remorse]].
* NonActionGuy: Sam, who has no combat abilities whatsoever and is entirely dependent on stealth.
* PutOnABus: Everyone who wasn't confirmed dead by the end of the first game (except for Nick Collins and Liam Spencer) aren't even mentioned in the sequel. And given how the first game ended, they may have suffered from a BusCrash.
* RegeneratingHealth: You can recover lost health by leaning against a wall and resting.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: Eddie stops at nothing to find and kill the man who murdered his coach.
* SuddenSequelDeathSyndrome: Liam Spencer is unceremoniously shot to death off-screen in ''Black Monday''.
* TakeCover: ''Black Monday'' introduced a cover system.
* TakingYouWithMe: [[spoiler: Knowing he'll die anyway, Charlie activates the TimeBomb on the ''Sol Vita'' in a desperate attempt to take out all the gangs. Had Jamahl not escaped, his plan would've succeeded entirely]].
* TooDumbToLive: In the last level of the first game, most of the {{Mooks}} seems to ignore that [[spoiler:there's a TimeBomb on the ship]] and decide to kill each other instead of running for safety.
--> '''Frank Carter''': "Half the waterfront's about to go up and ''you're STILL'' arguing!"
* TheTriadsAndTheTongs: In the first game the London wing of the real life 14K Triad controls the city's heroin trade. Their standing by the time of the second game is left ambiguous.
* VillainousBreakdown: While onboard the ''Sol Vita'', [[spoiler: Charlie Jolson snaps and decides to not only kill himself with the bomb, but [[TakingYouWithMe all the other rival gangs]]]].
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Subverted. It seems the creators of the series knew players would be asking what happened to the minor characters, but instead of giving a straight answer, they just [[DroppedABridgeOnHim dropped bridges]] on them.
** Except for Grievous and Mr. Lee, who fates were never revealed. Although Wiki/TheOtherWiki claims that [[spoiler:they died on board the ''Sol Vita'']].
* TheYardies: The Yardie crew run by Jamahl are an important faction in both games, controlling London's crack trade in the first and moving into arms trafficking with the Skobel Group in the second.