->''[[ArcWords Who are you?]]''

''[[http://www.playtheend.com/ The End]]'' starts out with you--or your avatar--walking down a peaceful suburban street underneath cheerful blue skies. As you keep going, a faint rumbling noise gets louder and louder. Suddenly you look up to see [[ApocalypseHow a massive fireball hurtling through the sky toward you]]...

Then it gets ''weird''.

The game is part platformer, part card game, and all [[MindScrew Mind Screw]]--there are death traps, switches and spiky plates, bouncing balls and giant hairy monsters, and even [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking links to Facebook]].

Not to be confused with a Stern Electronics [[http://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=12912 arcade game of the same title]], released in 1980.
!!This game provides examples of:

* BattleInTheCenterOfTheMind
* BloodlessCarnage / TheManyDeathsOfYou: Whenever you die, you evaporate in a puff of smoke back to the last save point.
* CastingAShadow: Your 'light power' allows you to walk across your shadow, reaching hard-to-get places. Some of the platforms work the same way, but dissolve after a few seconds of standing on them.
* ClimbSlipHangClimb
* EldritchAbomination: The Guardians of Body, Mind, and Spirit.
* EruditeStoner: [[http://preloaded.com/site_media/uploads/blog/the_end/artwork/guardian_mind.jpg The Guardian of the Mind]]. He looks like someone's hippie grandfather, and [[InfallibleBabble talks like it]].
* EverythingTryingToKillYou: The final level of the Spirit worlds (which, if you've been playing them in order, is the next-to-final level of the game).
* FloatingPlatforms
* HardLight: Inverted by the shadow platforms and your own 'light power'--it works only so long as you're [[WeakenedByTheLight not]] standing in the light.
* [[spoiler: HereWeGoAgain: The ending... [[MindScrew maybe]].]]
* IdleAnimation: If you don't move for a while, your avatar starts waving rather pointedly at you.
* JourneyToTheCentreOfTheMind
* JourneyToFindOneself
* [[spoiler: KilledOffForReal: The ending... [[OverlyLongGag maybe]].]]
* LevelGoal: The doors marked 'yes' and 'no' at the end (in response to questions like "Is it possible to be happy living in the moment?" and "Do you want to live forever?")--you have to get the [[PlotCoupon Key of Knowledge]] in order to unlock them.
* LiftOfDoom
* MacGuffin: The death objects.
* MindScrew
* OneHundredPercentCompletion: The stars you can collect along the way, plus the time challenge and the trophies.
* SpikesOfDoom
* TenSecondFlashlight: Your 'light power' wears off after a while, so you have to make it quick--this becomes a challenge in the last Mind level.
* TheThreeTrials: You have to beat the Mind, Body, and Spirit Worlds (in no order) to unlock the final level.
* TimedMission: [[ThatOneLevel The final level]].
* TimeTrial
* VariableMix: The background music keeps the same basic motif, but changes tone between the Spirit, Mind, and Body worlds--the Mind worlds have jungle drums mixed in, while the Spirit worlds have a more ethereal, twinkly sound.