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Video Game: The Dungeon Of Doom
"The 40th level is Death"

A graphical Roguelike for the Mac, created by John Raymonds and distributed as unencumbered Shareware from 1985-1987. Fondly remembered for its colorful bestiary and its quirky sense of humor ("The Floor hits!").

The game deliberately cultivates an air of mystery around itself; rather than provide a Monster Compendium, it offers 26 esoteric "Rumors" such as "Beauty can tame a beast," "A Sethron is 63" tall," and "Roni is life." (Except there's no mention of any "Roni" in the entire actual game. Our best guess is that the programmer loved Rice-A-Roni.)

In 1987, an overhauled version was published by Woodrose Editions as The Dungeon Revealed—so named for a mail-in offer of the game's source code. While not introducing any color graphics, this revision did bring compatibility with the new color Macs (and remarkably, remained playable through the next 20 years of hardware and software upheaval). Other additions included digitized sounds, secret rooms, and a boss fight every five levels. However, few copies were sold, and today the Dungeon remains best known under its original name.

Not to be confused with the other Dungeon of Doom.

This game contains examples of:

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Dungeon CrawlRoguelikeDungeons of Dredmor
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alternative title(s): The Dungeon Revealed; The Dungeon Of Doom
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