Video Game / Tempo

Tempo is a platform game series created by Sega in cooperation with Red (the influence of previous Bonk titles is noticeable), starring the eponymous cartoony music-loving grasshopper in a Band Land cutesy world, fighting against ants ruled by the notorious Major Minor. The main goal is to collect musical notes and some treasures to score enough points to become rich. The series features gorgeous hand-drawn levels and sprites, in the same fashion of Rayman games.

However, the first installment, a launch title for the 32X hardware, being essentially a Sega Genesis game with some Mode 7-like BG effects, did not do well. Only the first two titles made it overseas as a consequence.

The series consist of the following titles:
  • Tempo (32X): The very first title. Tempo can Goomba Stomp and attack using kicks and stunning projectiles.
  • Tempo Jr. (Game Gear): A spinoff based on the first game, and the only one of the three to reach Europe.
  • Super Tempo (Sega Saturn): The Japan-only final entry made by Aspect with some original Red Staff members. It introduces Katy (Tempo's girlfriend) as a playable character. Has more advanced level design, and introduces gameplay much more akin to a run and gun platformer, along with an assorment of various in-level minigames.

This game provides examples of: