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Video Game: Tearsto Tiara 2
"I'm your goddess Ashtarte."

The Story of the Lost Goddess and the Hegemon

The sequel to Tears to Tiara, Tears to Tiara II Haou no Matsueinote  released on October 31st, 2013 for PS3 as a Turn-Based Strategy game following the style of the Tears to Tiara PS3 port. It follows a similar style of mixing mythology with Roman history, this time mixing Phoenician Mythology with the Punic Wars.

The period is some time in the near future after the events of the first game. In the town of Tamar in central Hispania, the Canaanites are being oppressed by the Holy Empire. They are heavily taxed, treated as slaves, and forced to use stones from their temple to build a new church to the Almighty Watos. All because the previous governor of Hispania, Hasdrubal Barca, had revolted against the empire seven years ago and failed.

Hamilcar "Hamil" Barca, son of Hasdrubal, is now leader of the Canaanites. However he is dumb, has no skills in magic or sword, and willingly allow imperial soldiers to beat him and laugh at him. All of the Canaanites are disappointed at their leader, and the Holy Empire thinks he's a joke. Behind the scenes, The Barcids Party are planning to set something in motion at the upcoming Ba'al festival. According to their intelligence, the Holy Empire are also planning to start something at the festival. They hope it would be something good, but if not they plan to rebel. Unbeknownst to everyone, Hamil is an incredibly cunning youth. He wishes to prevent a rebellion at all costs, and does it by playing dumb. He hears to cry of a girl and finds her somehow having tangled her foot underneath the roots of a tree. She calls herself the goddess of harvest and war Ashtarte, but is unable to use any magic, to her surprise. They spend the next day together, going to the local school Kademia ran by The Barcids Party leader Enneads and Veteran Instructor Monomachus that is obviously teaching young people the ways of war. In the middle of a lesson, imperial soldiers come and close the school down. Enneads gives one final lesson on how to crack stone with wood, before pronouncing the students graduates.

Hamil realizes Ennead's words are a call to rebellion, and on the way home that day harshly gets Tart to leave town to prevent her being persecuted by The Holy Church for calling herself a goddess. He is then approached by Zaras, who plans to use him, as the last of the Barcid family, to at the Ba'al festival, taking place on the turn of the next day, to bait out and destroy the Barcid party. Hamil continues to play dumb and goes along with Zaras' plans in order to prevent the destruction of war falling on Hispania.

At the festival, Zaras unveils a surprise. Tart has been captured and is about to be burnt at the stake for calling herself a goddess. For seven years, Hamil has prepared for this Ba'al festival. He is prepared to die and sacrifice the entire Barcids Party if it meant preventing a rebellion. But with Tart unconscious, about to be burnt alive before him, Hamil breaks the facade, gives into his anger, and summon forth the God of War Melqart.

The rebellion has begun.

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alternative title(s): Tears To Tiara 2
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