Video Game: Star Ship

Star Ship is one of the Atari 2600's launch titles. It's a port of Starship 1 and Lunar Lander, with several variations.

  • Games 1-4: Just like Starship 1. Fly through space and shoot enemy ships while dodging asteroids.
  • Games 5-9: A Player Versus Player variation of Starship 1, where one player controls the ship and tries to shoot a "Space Module" controlled by the other player.
  • Games 10-11: "Warp Drive". Fly through space and cover as much distance as possible without hitting asteroids.
  • Games 12-14: Lunar Lander, though without the physics.
  • Games 15-17: Two-player Lunar Lander, one player controls the lander and one player controls the moon.

Not to be confused with the musical.

Star Ship provides examples of: