''Spy Hunter'' was an arcade driving game designed by Creator/GeorgeGomez and Tom Leon, and released by Creator/BallyMidway. It is unique in that it was one of the first to combine driving and shooting at the same time. You are in control of a car driving on a vertically scrolling road, fighting against a variety of vehicular and airborne enemies:

* Tire slashers called "Switchblade" or "Never To Be Trusted"
* Armored vans called "The Road Lord" or "Bulletproof Bully"
* Sniper limousines called "The Enforcer" or "Double Barrel Action"
* Bomb-dropping helicopters called "The Mad Bomber" or "Master Of The Sky"

Along with enemies, there are civilian vehicles on the road as well. Injuring a civilian causes you to temporarily stop scoring points. However, if you survive long enough, civilians stop appearing.

In addition to your default machine guns, you can find and drive into a weapons van and get outfitted with additional weapons: oil slick, smoke screen, and ground-to-air missiles, each of which is useful against different enemies. Further in the game, you can take a side road to a boathouse and turn the car into a boat, taking the battle onto the water. Enemy boats called "Barrel Dumper" try to kill you by throwing floating charges in your path. A big boat called "Doctor Torpedo" fires torpedoes at you from behind or in front. The chopper also harasses you in the water. You can be forced into the water when a bridge is out.

This game was followed with ''Spy Hunter II''. A Famicom game called ''Battle Formula'' was renamed ''Super Spy Hunter'' and released on the NES in 1992.

In 2001, Midway released a 3D "enhanced remake" of the original game, developed by Creator/ParadigmEntertainment, for the UsefulNotes/PlayStation2, UsefulNotes/NintendoGameCube, and UsefulNotes/{{Xbox}}. It took a mission-based approach, with the player sabotaging bad guy operations around the globe with an even ''bigger'' supply of weapons than before. It was followed up with ''Spy Hunter 2'' and ''Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run''.

In 2012 Warner Brothers Interactive released a second reboot game for the Playstation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS.

!!''Spy Hunter'' has examples of:

* CallBack[=/=]MythologyGag: The original arcade game is explicitly stated to be canon in the 2001 game.
* CarFu
* ChainReactionDestruction: That's how bosses in ''Super Spy Hunter'' go down.
* ContinuingIsPainful: One of the reasons why ''Spy Hunter II'' is so extremely hard is that your car will power-down every time you die. This means that you can become so weak from constantly failing at a boss battle that the game becomes nearly unwinnable.
* ContinuityReboot: The 2001 remake for the arcade game, and the 2012 remake for the 2001 remakes.
* CoolCar: And it just got cooler with each installment.
* DisposableVehicleSection: The Interceptor in the 2001 remake can eject sections and convert into a Secondary Escape Vehicle after taking enough damage; the one in the direct sequel to it can also convert on player command. The Interceptor from ''Nowhere to Run'' also has a Secondary Escape Vehicle mode.
* DolledUpInstallment: ''Super Spy Hunter''.
* DrivingIntoATruck: How you get your power-ups.
* FlashOfPain: Anything with health in ''Super Spy Hunter''.
* KillSat: The ExcusePlot of the 2001 game. [[NebulousEvilOrganisation NOSTRA]] plans to use them to take over the world's electricity supplies.
* MirrorBoss: The fourth mission of the 2001 game. He hijacked one of your power-up trucks, and he's using your own spy car against you.
* InNameOnly: ''Super Spy Hunter''.
* NintendoHard: ''Spy Hunter II'' is extremely unforgiving to players that aren't good at avoiding damage.
* OilSlick: In the 3D games, they can even cause enemies behind you to ''explode'' for seemingly no reason!
* PinballSpinoff: Also by Creator/BallyMidway; [[Pinball/SpyHunter click here for tropes.]]
* RealSongThemeTune: The first remake featured a remake of the Peter Gunn theme (itself an example in the original game) by Saliva, and the sequel had "Dark Carnival" by Vanessa Carlton.
* SceneryPorn: ''Super Spy Hunter''.
* SmokeScreen
* SpikedWheels: "Switchblade" enemies. The 2001 game gives them an aquatic cousin as well.
* UnexpectedGameplayChange[=/=]UnexpectedShmupLevel: The boat level in the original, and the flying car, boat and airplane levels in ''Super Spy Hunter''. And the third person shooter levels in the second and third PS2 games.
* VideoGameCrueltyPotential: You can shoot the truck that drops you off or the civilian cars. You lose points for doing this, though.
* {{Weaponized Car}}s: Both you and the enemy.