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Video Game: Space Bunnies Must Die
Space Bunnies Must Die! is a third-person action-adventure game developed by Ripcord Games and released on October 31, 1998 by Jinx for Microsoft Windows 98. The player character is truck stop waitress and rodeo performer Allison Huxley, who must save the world and her abducted sister from an invading race of mutant bunnies from space.

It has often been compared to Tomb Raider.

Not to be confused with Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils, a Metroidvania game.

Needs Wiki Magic Love.

This Video Game contains examples of:

  • Guns Akimbo: Allison Huxley wields two pistols.
  • Hair-Raising Hare: These are mutant space bunnies, and they are as dangerous and ugly as they come.
  • Sequel Hook: Allison reaches her sister, but her sister refuses to come with her, due to her being Brainwashed and Crazy. The sister goes to the space bunnies' homeworld as a floating head. Allison stores her sister's body in a freezer, and is trying to find a way to get the bunnies' homeworld and rescue her sister.

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