''Soulcaster'' and its sequel ''Soulcaster II'' are a pair of [[{{Retraux}} retro-style]] games for UsefulNotes/XboxLiveArcade and PC that blend classic {{VideoGame/Gauntlet}}-style top-down ActionAdventure games with TowerDefense.

The player character is totally helpless on his own. However, he has the ability to summon avatars of powerful warriors to defend him:

* Shaedu, the archer, who can attack enemies at range with her bow as long as she has a line of sight.
* Aeox, the knight, who has the strongest defense but can only attack adjacent enemies.
* Bloodfire, the alchemist, whose bombs deal AreaOfEffect damage and can be thrown over walls, but has very low defense and explodes when killed.

With the help of these three allies--as well as the mysterious Merchant, who provides RPGElements in the form of buyable upgrades--your task is to defeat the waves of monsters that attack you as you travel through a series of dungeons.

The official website is [[http://www.magicaltimebean.com/ here]].

!! The ''Soulcaster'' games provide examples of:

* CycleOfHurting: Happens if you get surrounded and you have no scrolls left.
* EventFlag: The trigger is usually standing on a certain square.
* FighterMageThief: Aeox, Bloodfire, and Shaedu, respectively.
* FloatingContinent: One of the levels in ''Soulcaster II'' is a flying city.
* GameLevel
* {{Genre Bust|ing}}er: Elements of a TowerDefense while playing nothing like a normal TowerDefense; elements of a top-down ActionGame while playing nothing like a normal top-down ActionGame.
* InescapableAmbush: Ubiquitous. Basically happens in every level--the way back is blocked, and the only way to progress is to kill all the enemies.
* MissionPackSequel: The gameplay of ''Soulcaster II'' is identical to the original; mostly, it's just new levels.
* NightOfTheLivingMooks: Zombies are one of the main types of {{mook}}s you'll encounter.
* PasswordSave: Used in the UsefulNotes/{{Xbox}} version of the first game.
* {{Retraux}}: In the style of the 8-bit era.
* RobeAndWizardHat: Worn by the title character.
* RPGElements: Visit the Merchant to upgrade your warriors' range, power, attack speed, and HP.
* SequelHook: At the very end of the second game, your companions ask you to help them in another quest.
* SheatheYourSword: The Path of Temperance in the second game will spawn a horde of rats that multiply when attacked. The only way to beat the stage is by running to the exit without trying to kill the enemies.
* ShoutOut: The famous "JUSTIN BAILEY" password from the original ''VideoGame/{{Metroid}}'' works in the first ''Soulcaster''. It starts you off partway through the game with a bunch of upgrades on all three souls.
* SmartBomb: Scrolls deal massive damage to all nearby enemies. They're a good panic button in case you get surrounded.
* SummonMagic: The premise of gameplay. You can summon the three souls at will.
* TheTurretMaster: Since your allies are stationary, this is very much at play.