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->''"Everybody's Super Sonic Racing, try to keep your feet right on the ground..."''

''Sonic R'' is a {{racing game}} staring [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog the spiky blue speed demon and his friends]], developed by Creator/TravellersTales (who also made ''[[VideoGame/Sonic3DFlickiesIsland Sonic 3D Blast]]'') and released in 1997 for the UsefulNotes/SegaSaturn and later for the PC (the PC version getting a unique feature in the form of seasonal effects). In 2005, it was re-released on the [[UsefulNotes/NintendoGameCube GameCube]] and [[UsefulNotes/PlayStation2 PS2]] as part of ''[[CompilationRerelease Sonic Gems Collection]]'', which is based on the PC version of the game. It was also made available for download on [=GameTap=] for a short time in 2007.

Known for its (infamous) power-pop soundtrack by Richard Jacques with songs performed by British singer TJ Davis. Like many CD-based games of the era[[labelnote:]] (including all 90's-era iterations of ''[[VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehogCD Sonic CD]]'' and the Saturn/PC port of ''[[VideoGame/Sonic3DFlickiesIsland 3D Blast]]'')[[/labelnote]], both the Saturn and PC versions can be played in any standard CD player, in case you wanted to listen to the music without having to play the actual game.

This game is notable for being [[EndOfAnAge the final game of Sonic's "Classic" Era]]. It is also the only fully-3D console game wholly featuring the original character designs (''VideoGame/SonicJam'' and the Saturn port of ''[[VideoGame/Sonic3DFlickiesIsland Blast]]'' only had small sections in 3D, and the UsefulNotes/ArcadeGame ''VideoGame/SonicTheFighters'' did not receive a Saturn port).

Compare with ''VideoGame/SonicDrift'', ''VideoGame/SonicRiders'' and ''[[VideoGame/SegaSuperstars Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing]]''.

!!Sonic R contains trope examples of:
* TheAllegedCar: Amy's car.
* AlphabeticalThemeNaming: Every race course in the game starts with the letter "R".
* AmazingTechnicolorBattlefield: Radiant Emerald
* AwardBaitSong: Nearly the ''entire soundtrack'' is made of techno-pop versions of this.
* CallBack: Several to ''3D Blast''.
** Resort Island shares elements in common with Green Grove Zone.
** Reactive Factory features elements from Gene Gadget and Panic Puppet Zones (the large machines which decorate the area).
** The pinball area in Radical City and some of the surrounding area look like they came straight from Spring Stadium Zone.
* CanonForeigner: Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles never reappear in any other game. Metal Knuckles got an {{expy}} in ''VideoGame/SonicAdvanceTrilogy'' and the Tails Doll eventually appeared in [[ComicBook/SonicTheHedgehog the Archie comic]].
** A Metal Knuckles lookalike featured heavily in a story arc starting in issue #108 of the Fleetway ''ComicBook/{{Sonic the Comic}}'' in August 1997, three months before ''Sonic R'' was released.
** Metal Knuckles also appeared in the Archie ''Sonic'' comic as part of Dr. Eggman's Metal Series.
** The dummies fought by E-102 γ in ''VideoGame/SonicAdventure'' are sometimes called Tails Dolls, but they're obviously not the same character.
** Tails Doll popped up for a split second in ''VideoGame/LegoDimensions''; Sonic thinks it [[AscendedFanon might be possessed]].
* CasinoPark: Radical City (though only small parts of the level).
* DubNameChange: Dr. Robotnik is naturally Dr. Eggman in Japanese, as was the case then per usual; however, in Japanese materials, [[SpellMyNameWithAnS [=EggRobo=]/Eggrobo]] is renamed "Eggman Robo" for some reason.
* EternalEngine: Reactive Factory.
* ExcusePlot: It's referenced in the manual, but not in the game. The game is just a straightforward racer, [[NoPlotNoProblem with no story mode or attempt to make a plot]].
* GoKartingWithBowser: With Robotnik. Though the manual makes an admirable effort to pass it off as an evil plot.
* JokeCharacter:
** The Tails Doll. His profile at the Sonic Channel website states that no effort went into creating Tails Doll after Metal Sonic and Metal Knuckles. It's just a doll that can float around. This is supported by the fact that he has the lowest speed of any of the robots and his special is just to float higher up. [[TheDreaded The fans think differently, though.]]
** Eggrobo is essentially a clone of the already slow and hard to manoeuvre Dr. Robotnik, albeit lacking the ability to perpetually hover. He hovers for a brief amount of time before gradually grinding to a halt and sinking, which is arguably more of a hindrance than just sinking by default.
* LethalJokeCharacter: Amy is this. She is one of the slowest characters in the game who lacks the ability to jump since she drives a car instead of running on her feet. Her lethality is her ability to drive over water without losing speed, decent acceleration and good turning (in a game that's notable for its ''bad'' turning), and a rechargeable Nitro Boost ability that allows her to reach a top speed faster then Super Sonic for a few seconds, but it does take away her superior steering ability when in use.
** Add on to this the fact that when a character goes into a loop or enters an extended falling state, their speed gets locked in unless they decelerate and you can use Amy's boost on the path leading up to a loop with it petering out just as she launches into it or launch yourself off of a big drop at the last moment(Most frequently found in Radical City) and effectively gain an extra 25-50% bonus of boost depending on the size of the loop or length of the drop while still allowing her to recharge since the boost technically ran out. Skilled abuse of this can effectively give Amy two and a half boosts in a row, all the speed she needs to leave her opponents in the dust.
* LoveIsADrug: Most of the soundtrack.
* MasterOfAll: Super Sonic has perfect stats across the board.
* NoEnding: Besides AWinnerIsYou pics, nothing ever comes of the manual's plot.
* PalmtreePanic: Resort Island.
* PowerFloats: Super Sonic and Puppet Tails. Super Sonic in particular does it so effortlessly that, [[MundaneUtility he'll simply kick back and lounge in mid-air if left idling.]]
* PromotedToPlayable: Dr. Robotnik, who you can unlock by beating the game once.
* ThePsychoRangers: [[EvilKnockoff Metal Sonic, Metal Knuckles and the Tails Doll]] [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and]] [[VideoGame/Sonic3AndKnuckles Eggrobo]].
* QuirkyMinibossSquad: The robot bosses who are unlocked by finding the tokens hidden in the stages.
* SecretCharacter: There's Metal Sonic, Tails Doll, Metal Knuckles, Eggrobo, and [[GoldenSuperMode Super Sonic]], the last of whom you unlock by collecting all the Chaos Emeralds.
* ShiftingSandLand / RuinsForRuinsSake: Regal Ruins.
* SmugSuper: Super Sonic, natch. He's so bored by the competition that he'll simply fall asleep when left idle....[[PowerFloats in mid-air...]]
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: Amy is the only girl in this game. At the time, of course, she was the only female character in the entire franchise.
* SoundtrackDissonance: Most egregiously in the PC version and the ''Sonic Gems Collections'' re-release, "Can You Feel the Sunshine" will play no matter what the weather is like. The Sega Saturn original, however, does not have any weather effects at all.