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Video Game: Skylanders
aka: Skylanders Spyros Adventure

Skylanders is a series of video games and spinoff materials launched by Activision in 2011. Part Spyro the Dragon reboot (another one), part brand new franchise, Skylanders took a radical new approach: The games come with a device called a "portal," plus three toys. The idea is that if you want to play as a character, you put their toy on the portal and the game instantly switches to the new character. This can be done at any time, even in the middle of gameplay. With dozens of toys available, this does make this game Merchandise-Driven, but since the game comes with three toys already you don't have to buy more unless you want to.

The toy gimmick is given an in-story explanation. An evil Portal Master named Kaos banished the Skylanders into the real world as statues, and it's up to the player, taking on the role of a good Portal Master, to stop him by summoning Skylanders into the game.

Common comments made about this game include Spyro's radically different design, few other old Spyro characters returning, beautiful graphics and fun-looking gameplay. The toy gimmick drives the cost for the whole experience up (similar to Activision's deceased Guitar Hero) and is construable to be a merchandising ploy; yet it's novel and well-executed, setting it apart from being just another game out there. Despite the complaints, Skylanders turned out to be a huge hit, selling out in several stores its first holiday season.

Main games in the series:
  • Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360) - The original, with 32 characters available. Kaos has assaulted the Skylanders' base; banishing them to Earth, turning their mentor Eon into a spirit, and destroying the Core of Light that keeps the Darkness at bay. It's up to the player to send the Skylanders back and gather the parts needed to rebuild the Core.
    • Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (3DS) - A different game with the same name, more of a platformer than the console versions. A villain named Hektore is threatening a section of Skylands called the Radiant Isles, and the Skylanders have to stop him.
  • Skylanders: Giants (PC, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360) - Adds 16 more characters, eight of which are "Giants"; at least double the size of the regular Skylanders and have the in-game strength to match. Storywise, the Giants were lost 10,000 years ago after fighting the Arkeyan war machines. Now, while the Giants have been discovered on Earth, Kaos has returned to the Skylands after his own banishment and seeks to claim the ancient Arkeyan army as his own.
    • Skylanders: Giants (3DS) - Like with Spyro's Adventure, it shares a name with the console versions but is a platformer with a different plot. The dread pirate Captain Frightbeard has escaped the Chest of Exile, and the Skylanders have to find the Chest before he can free his armada.
  • Skylanders: Swap Force (PS 4, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox One, Xbox 360)- In addition to 16 regular new characters, the new feature is 16 Swap Force characters that split in two so they can exchange top and bottom halves, using the attacks of the former and special movement capabilities of the latter. In the game, these characters gained this ability after being blown apart by a magical volcano in the Cloudbreak Isles - which, of course, Kaos wants to control.
    • Skylanders: Swap Force (3DS) - Like the previous entries, the 3DS version of this game has its own plot. In this one, Flynn's hometown, curiously named Boom Town, is under attack by the nefarious Count Moneybone and his clockwork army, with Cali being turned into his undead servant. Unlike the previous two games, you can switch between Skylanders you've already summoned using the Portal in the hub zone, reducing the need to use your own Portal.
  • Skylanders: Trap Team (PS 4, PS3, 3DS, Wii, Wii U, Xbox One, Xbox 360, tablets) - 60 new toys (36 new characters, 5 returnees, and 16 Mini characters), and the new gimmick is Trap Masters that can capture certain enemies (40+ in all) in "Traptanium" crystals (also sold separately) in a Mons mechanic. It also introduces to new elements, Light and Dark. Kaos caused the plot this time by staging a breakout at the infamous Cloudcraker Prison, so the Trap Masters have to lead the Skylanders in recapturing them.

  • Skylanders: Universe (originally Skylanders: Spyro's Universe) - A browser-based Minigame Game with some MMO lite features such as the ability to wander around chatting with other players while using your Skylander as your avatar. It was shut down halfway between Giants and Swap Force, though the minigames are still available.
  • Skylanders: Cloud Patrol (iOS) - An arcade shooter similar to light gun games, but using the touch screen instead. Only supports Spyro's Adventure and Giants characters.
  • Skylanders: Lost Islands (iOS) - A FarmVille clone.
  • Skylanders: Battlegrounds (iOS) - A game featuring fairly linear stages a pair of Skylanders move around and try to reach the exit or level boss; sometimes with side tasks like sub-boss battles or collection quests before the final exit or encounter is unlocked. Fixed Encounters are littered around levels, and trigger Real Time Strategy-type battles.
  • Skylanders: Collection Vault (iOS) - Rather than a game, it's a collection-tracking app.

There is also a series of tie-in novels that serve as prequels to the first game and expand on the Skylanders as characters.

Skylanders contains examples of:

  • Achievement System: While the 360 and PS3 versions have system-standard Achievements/Trophies, the Wii version includes them too, where they are known as "Accolades" and accessible from the in-game menu. Giants also adds figurine-specific achievements known as "Quests" which are saved and stored with the individual toy (even those not officially promoted with the Series 2 lineup), and unlock metallic "Top Hat" items for the figure to wear.
  • Action Bomb: Fire Fiends in Spyro's Adventure (replaced by En Fuego Chompies in Giants and Chompy Boomblossoms in Swap Force) and Spiderlings are small, walking explosive packages.
  • Added Alliterative Appeal
    • Almost every level in Spyro's Adventure has an Alliterative Name: Perilous Pastures, Treetop Terrace, Cadaverous Crypt, and so on.
    • In Giants, Charm items ("Clever Clover", "Bright Blade") and Difficulty Levels ("Chompy Cuddler", "Heavy Hitter") also have alliterative names.
  • Advancing Boss of Doom: First phase of the Final Boss battle in Giants, against Robo-Kaos.
  • All There in the Manual: Skylander bios are in the player's guide, on the website, or in the iOS games; not with the toys or the console games.
  • The Alleged Car: Flynn's ship in Giants gets marginally better throughout the game, as this time the Legendary Treasures act as customization options; but still, characters occasionally comment that the thing is cursed — heck, during the second level's intro, Flynn remarks that the guy who sold it to him "...seemed pretty desperate to get rid of it, actually."
  • Ambiguously Human: Eon, Kaos, Chompy Mage and Kaos' Mom are all about as close to humans as you'll find here, minus their Four-Fingered Hands. On top of that, both Kaos and Chompy Mage have some freakishly bizarre teeth.
  • Amusement Park of Doom: "Cutthroat Carnival" in Giants.
  • Anthropomorphic Food: Food Fight, from Trap Team, is an ambulatory artichoke.
    • From the Doom Raiders, Chef Pepper Jack, Broccoli Guy and Tussle Sprout.
  • And I Must Scream: Kaos receives a very karmic one in Spyro's Adventure: After his defeat, he is sent to Earth, getting reduced to a mere toy figurine in the process. Giants, however, shows that being a Portal Master lets him break out of it.
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes
    • One of the types of in-game collectibles is a variety of Nice Hats for your Skylanders to wear. They actually provide stat boosts in the console versions (they are merely cosmetic in the 3DS games). Of special note are the metallic Top Hats in Giants, awarded for completing a Skylander's individual Quests; and the Knight Helm, the reward for beating the game on "Nightmare" difficulty.
    • "Legendary Ship Parts" in Giants allow you to customize Flynn's ship, including its paint job. They're mostly cosmetic, though one does allow you access to a door on the side of the ship.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: In Giants, if you fell off of a ledge, you would respawn, but take damage for doing so. Relatively fair, since falling was a rather rare (and usually avoidable) hazard. In Swap force, you don't take damage at all if you fall, which will happen quite a lot, and may sometimes simply spawn on the platform you were trying to jump to if you were close enough.
    • In the Swap challenges, you are able to restart if you take enough damage to "die".
  • Anvil on Head: The Anvil Rain item. There's also an "Anvil Hat".
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: The end of Chapter 9 in Giants, after defeating Brute the Jawbreaker:
    Brute: You'll never stop Master Kaos. He has an ingenious plan to get that Iron Fist of Arkus. Then he'll rule Skylands! Then he can finally take me fishing...
  • Ascended Extra: The Chompy Mage. Originally, he was simply the boss of the Wilikin Village in Giants, but he proved popular enough with the fans that he returned in Captain Ersatz form as the Sheep Mage in Swap Force. Then Trap Team reveals he's a core member of the Doom Raiders, one of the most dreaded gangs in all of Skylands, who all seem to regard Kaos as a pompous amateur compared to them.
  • Attack Its Weak Point: If an enemy or boss can only be defeated by attacking a specific part, the game helpfully identifies these for you with a color highlight or arrow marking.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Super Evil Kaos in Swap Force.
  • Badass Army: The Skylanders. The description for Nightmare difficulty in Swap Force even explicitly calls a player's collection their army.
  • Badass In Charge: From Trap Team, Snap Shot is mentioned in the lore as the leader of the Trap Masters. Similarly, Buzz, despite missing a leg and an eye is in charge of frontline operations against the Doom Raiders and is a "secret ninja commando".
  • Baleful Polymorph: A stage in the 3DS version of Spyro's Adventure includes sheep statues you can destroy (and need to for a level objective), but doing so turns your Skylander into a sheep briefly.
  • Beat the Curse Out of Him: Beating an Evilized creature turns them back to their normal self.
  • Berserk Button: Going by a couple of his exclamations, Kaos apparently hates trees.
  • Big Damn Heroes: The final boss of Giants. Kaos - by then a giant Arkeyan robot - cornered the player by destroying the teleporter; the only means to escape. All of a sudden, Ermit comes to the rescue - with the sudden re-appearance of the Machine Ghost and corresponding Arkeyan robot that was destroyed earlier in the story.
  • Boss Battle: There are several bosses to be fought, but a noticeable subversion occurs with Vathek in the console versions of Dragon's Peak: As soon as he leaps down to fight you himself, Flavius sneaks in to grab the Dragon's throne behind him, and uses its power to turn Vathek to stone.
  • Boss Room: There isn't much to note about the rooms you find Eternal Sources (or evil Skylander ambushes) in: Generally round rooms with no cover to hide behind.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: In Swap Force: Whiskers gets Evilized in Motleyville. You need to beat him up to restore him back to normal.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Aside from the idea that the player is providing help From Beyond The Fourth Wall, Flynn tends to break the fourth wall during parts of the credits (though only in the Wii version for Spyro's Adventure), congratulating the player (and himself) for saving the Skylands and encouraging the player to go into the Playable Epilogue. And then in the Spyro's Adventure credits, this happens:
    OK, so what we're doing now is something called "breaking the Fourth Wall"; and since I'm acknowledging that fact, does this mean that I am now breaking the Fifth Wall? I don't know. What I do know is, all this wall-breaking is making me hungry.
    • During the fight with Kaos' Mom, after you've hit her, she vanishes. No attacks, she's not on screen, nothing. The solution? Remove your Skylander from the portal, thus revealing her hiding place.
  • Brief Accent Imitation: After asking himself What Would Kaos Do, Evil Glumshanks then adopts a ludicrous facsimile of his voice, screaming, "Minions! Stop the Skylanders!" He's pleasantly surprised when doing so summons a wave of Mecha-Mooks.
  • Bullet Hell: Though certainly not as intense as those of arcade shooter fame, there are many times you'll be required to dodge waves of incoming spells.
    • In the first game, Kaos summons swarms of elementally-themed obstacles during your battles against his minions. (The Doomsharks even give you HP bonuses for "grazing" the side of one without taking damage!)
    • Kaos's Hydra, the Final Boss of the first game not only features all four of the elemental spells Kaos used against you previously, but even mixes them up — can you dodge, for example, deadly laser beams and swarms of doomsharks at the same time?
    • The Chompy Mage boss in Giants mixes it up with some Ikaruga-style Bullet Hell: A mixture of damaging red projectiles and healing blue projectiles, while you utilize a device to invert which ones are which. (video)
  • Canon Immigrant: Cynder is carried over from The Legend of Spyro games, and Auric the Banker is Moneybags from the Classic Spyro the Dragon series down to the last detail. (He's a brown bear with a monocle and a black suit and obsessed with treasure for crying out loud!) Sparx the Dragonfly also appears, getting a toy at that, but as an item instead of a playable character.
  • Captain Colorbeard: The series has several: the Pirate Seas bonus level features Captain Dreadbeard, and he and his crew play card games with cards like Two-Beard, No-Beard, and She-Beard. Giants 3DS features Captain Frightbeard and his lieutenants, Squidbeard and Rustbeard.
  • Cartoon Bomb: These are scattered all over the games for Skylanders to pick up and usually needed to blow up barriers (before they explode, of course). A few Skylanders also use them in attacks, and Swap Force even adds an anthropomorphic bomb character named Countdown.
  • Catch Phrase: All toys have an official motto on their packaging. In Giants, they shout their phrase whenever they're placed on the Portal. (In Spyro's Adventure, characters either had multiple phrases or just random gibberish; while Giants 3DS has them make Summoning Name Announcements instead.) Flynn is also well-known for exclaiming "Boom!" at various intervals.
    • Tessa is rather fond of "Ka-blam!" and "Dragon feathers!"
    • Buzz continues the explosive catchphrase trend with "Boomsticks!"
  • Cephalothorax: Trolls, whose legs appear to emerge from their chin.
  • Charged Attack: Many characters can purchase upgrades enabling them to charge more powerful attacks by holding down one of their Attack buttons. For some characters these charged attacks can really hit For Massive Damage.
  • Chest Insignia: Many Skylanders include their elemental symbol somewhere on their bodies or armor.
  • Christmas Episode: For the 2012 holiday season, Toys For Bob created a festive video centered around the Skylanders universe.
    • While it isn't particularly a full-blown episode, the "Empire of Ice" DLC level contains a Santa Hat for the player to find.
    • Battlegrounds also got a Christmas-themed level added for the holidays.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: The various characters have been rotated in and out of the toyline, though no character has been dropped completely since older toys will work on newer games. It also seems unlikely that any "gimmick" Skylander will ever get a second toy release (though Swap Force kept the Giants relevant by including Giant-specific obstacles).
    • Also, most of the original supporting cast has been replaced as of Swap Force.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Spyro's Adventure toys have a layer of green plastic at their base, Giants toys have orange, Swap Force uses blue, and Trap Team is red. Different versions of the characters are marked with those colors in the various games, and the console titles tie most of their collection achievements to specific "[Color] Base" figures.
  • Competitive Balance: Terrafin took a barely noticeable nerf to the rate at which he punches in Swap Force. In the previous games, He would often dominate Pv P with his dig which makes him untargetable, and how he would rush his enemies down quickly with high damage, and fast punches.
  • Continuity Nod
    • In Spyro's Adventure, Kaos defends his Huge Holographic Head with "Fear my giant floating head!" Later in Giants, he gets the Fist of Arkus and proclaims "Fear my giant robot hand!"
    • During Spyro's Adventure's credits (see directly below), Flynn refers to the game as "the whole enchilada", then later decides that he's hungry and enchiladas sound pretty good. Enchiladas come up again during the Giants credits.
      • Comes back yet again in Trap Team when Flynn breifly mentions he and the Chompy Mage's shared love of enchiladas.
    • Giants has an achievement for registering Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Trigger Happy - the three figures included with Spyro's Adventure, and freebie for those who own it. It's one of the few achievements that doesn't require "orange base" figurines.
    • During the climax of Swap Force Super-Evil Kaos gets two of his teeth knocked out by the Skylanders. When he reappears in Trap Team, those same teeth are still missing.
  • Cool vs. Awesome: Ironjaw Gulch in Swap Force features Evilized Sky Pirate Greebles laying siege to a city of Gunslinging Cowboy Dirt Sharks.
  • The Corruption: The Evilizer does this to wildlife and Kaos' own minions, making them eviler and ferocious.
  • Creative Closing Credits: In the Wii version of Spyro's Adventure, Flynn engages in a little Fourth Wall-breaking. He does it again in Giants, this time joined by the Chompy Mage, whom the player vanquished in level 7 (a point which Flynn explicitly notes).
  • Critical Status Buff: Acquiring the "Clever Clover" in Giants charm grants a Defense boost any time a Skylander is low on HP. Curiously, enemies seem to get this property as well....
  • Critical Hit: Attacks may randomly inflict an additional 50% damage, punctuated with a "!" and additional sound effect. In Giants, collecting money can also receive critical hits (which doubles the money's value).
  • Crosshair Aware: Some Skylanders, several enemies, and most bosses, have attacks which display their area-of-effect as a crosshair or target icon before the attack actually lands.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory: Swap Force for the Wii version. Swap Force adds the ability jump but it's put on the A button. In the previous two games the A button was the primary attack, the primary attack is now the B button and secondary attack moved to the C button. All of it could have been avoided by making the C button the jump. To make it worse none of the attacks can even be re-mapped.
    • On the Wii version of Trap Team, the "1" and "-" buttons have switched controls from Swap Force, as well as "C" and "Z". "1" was to view stats, while "-" was to interact; "C" was to use the secondary attack, while "Z" was to use attack 3. These can't be re-mapped either.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: The Skylanders will take anyone in, including Voodood the orc, Boomer the troll, and all of the Undead members. Dark Spyro is also noted as being able to use evil energy without being corrupted by it, and the same applies to Swap Force's "Dark" variants.
    • The Sacred Darkness/Creepy Good: The "Undead" element qualifies as one of the good ones, or at least not automatically evil.
    • The aptlynamed Dark element exists not only for villains, but for Skylanders as well.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Glumshanks to Kaos (see Incredibly Lame Pun), and Cali to Flynn.
    Flynn: (in an ice level) I'm going to hang back and ... keep Cali warm.
    Cali: Right; all that hot air should keep me nice and toasty!
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: Tech Element Skylanders tend to specialize in this, as their primary attacks are typically high rate of fire, low damage ranged attacks which let them rapidly grind through astonishing amounts of HP.
  • Defeat Means Playable: In Trap Team, defeating a boss and capturing them allows the player to play as said boss.
  • Defector from Decadence: When Kaos acquires the Iron Fist of Arkus in Giants, some Arkeyan soldiers declare that they won't fight for him, and choose to play Skystones instead.
    • A few Skylanders are this as well; most notably, Boomer, Voodood, Drill Sergeant and Chop Chop. The former two being members of races normally considered Always Chaotic Evil, and the latter two are former members of the Arkeyan military.
  • Demoted to Extra: Spyro used to have his own video game franchise, including two trilogies, and at worst had to share the spotlight with Cynder at the end of The Legend of Spyro. With the initial Skylanders he still had top billing, was included with every copy of the game, and had three variations of his toy to boot, but he and Cynder were joined by 30 other guys. In the following games, he no longer appears in the title (being upstaged by the gimmick du jour), and his new toys are not included with copies of the game (though Cynder's comes with Giants and Spyro is at least still part of the toylines).
    • As of Trap Team he has finally succumbed to the Chuck Cunningham Syndrome endemic in the series, and neither he or Cynder received updated figurines.
      • Played With in the case of Spyro for trap team as the Spry Mini skylander has Spyro's complete move set, giving the argument that this counts as a variant/updated figure.
  • Dem Bones: Count Moneybone, the antagonist of the 3DS version of Swap Force.
    • The Skaletones are a jazz band composed entirely of skeletons.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: One of the chapters in Giants takes place at the "Secret Arkeyan Vault of Secrets".
  • Difficulty Levels: Skylanders: Giants allows the player to switch between three difficulty modes at any time, which mainly affects how much damage the player takes from enemy attacks. Nightmare mode in particular makes almost any enemy attack hit the player For Massive Damage, and unlike the other three, can only be selected when starting a new game.
  • Dismantled MacGuffin / Plot Coupon: The Core of Light in Spyro's Adventure. Nearly every level has you retrieving an Eternal Elemental Source or some other component of it.
  • Doomy Dooms of Doom
  • Drop-In-Drop-Out Multiplayer
  • Dual Boss: When fighting Kaos for one of the elemental Cores, after failing to defeat you using his minions one at a time, he eventually resorts to sending out three at once (albeit with less HP apiece).
  • Dual-World Gameplay: Darklight Crypt is a level where the player switches between the "real" (day) and "ghost" (night) versions to fight enemies and solve puzzles. Wilikin Village in Giants also allows the player to switch between "real" and "facade" versions of the Wilikin's world.
  • Earth-Shattering Kaboom: Chef Pepper Jack raids the Phoenix Psanctuary to steal a Phoenix Chicken egg, with which he plans make an "extra spicy omelette" that could destroy all of Skylands. Flynn has to be reminded at least once that said omelette, no matter how tasty it may sound, is still a bomb.
  • Edible Ammunition: Food Fight uses a grenade launcher-like weapon to pelt his foes with tomatoes. With upgrades, he gains a zucchini attachment which functions, and looks, like a masterkey shotgun.
  • Elemental Embodiment: Several of the Fire Skylanders look like they are made out of fire or lava: Eruptor, Hot Dog, Hot Head, Ignitor, Smolderdash and Blast Zone. Also, a few of the Earth Skylanders are made of rock and crystal: Crusher, Flashwing and Prism Break.
  • Elemental Powers: Every Skylander is classified under one of eight elements — Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Life (nature), Undead, Magic, or Tech. But not every Skylander posesses an attack or ability matching their element — for example, Spyro (Magic) wields fire breath, while Sonic Boom (Air) has no wind-based attacks whatsoever. See the Skylanders character sheet for details.
  • Enemy Summoner: Undead Spell Punks can summon Rhu-Barbs; they are replaced in Giants with Trogmanders, who summon Trog Pinchers.
  • Essence Drop: Enemies drop experience points when defeated.
  • Every Episode Ending
    Eon: "The journey with your Skylanders (and your Giants / the Swap Force / the Trap Team) is only just beginning."
  • Evil Knockoff: Several boss battles in Spyro's Adventure involve Kaos summoning evil Skylander clones to attack you. He alternates this strategy with some Bullet Hell (see Sequential Boss). They appear in Giants, too, as miniboss ambushes in bonus areas.
  • Everyone Calls Him Barkeep: To save on dialogue, most NPC's only ever refer to the currently-in-use Skylander as, well, "the Skylander". The exceptions are:
    • In the opening level of Spyro's Adventure, Hugo will identify the starter pack figures (Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Trigger Happy) by name. Quigley also has a personalized message for each of the 32 Skylanders when you talk to him in the Ruins.
    • In Giants, the Oracle can identify any of the 48 Skylanders by name. The crowd will also chant your Skylander's name during arena challenges.
    • Arena crowd chanting returns in Swap Force, which increases the number of potential names to hear to somewhere in excess of 300, since all 256 possible Swappabilities are accounted for.
  • Expy: For all intents and purposes, Kaos is Invader Zim.
  • Face Palm: Cali does this a lot when Flynn is speaking. Glumshanks gives Kaos a few as well.
  • Fanboy: A few show up in Lost Islands. One who goes by "the Masked Mabu" idolizes the Skylanders as a whole, while a few Skylanders have their own "#1 Fans" that dress up as them and give them advantages.
  • Fantastic Recruitment Drive: Several character bios make mention of being personally invited to join by Eon.
  • Female Monster Surprise: Terrasquid in Swap Force.
  • Field Power Effect: Unusually, there isn't a flat Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanic in the story mode; rather each area has a specific type that gets an attack boost. In Giants, areas behind elemental gates also provide free HP regeneration for members of that element.
  • Fish People: Gill Grunt, and you meet some others while searching for the Eternal Water Source in Spyro's Adventure. Swap Force newcomer Riptide also counts (and Punk Shock looks like one but is an anthro eel).
  • Five-Bad Band: The Doom Raiders in Trap Team:
  • Follow the Bouncing Ball: Molekin despise the gigantic Drill-X robot in Giants primarily due to its singing. When it finally shows up, a small robot-face icon bounces across its dialogue subtitles as it raps them out.
  • Follow the Leader: Disney Infinity follows a Skylanders-like format of physical figurines linked to in-game effects, though with more of a focus on world creating and customization. Nintendo's line of Amiibo Figurines also intends to find similar success. And the Japanese game Kamen Rider Summon Ride now has joined the bandwagon, allowing players to use Kamen Riders as playable characters and Ride Chip for form changes.
  • Follow the Money: Gems can be found floating over Bounce Pads, movable blocks, and generally pointing to the next mission objective. Sometimes trails of money will appear after throwing a switch, hinting where the player should go next.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: Most of the humanoid characters have three or four fingers per hand, while some have no fingers at all.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: The player is repeatedly referred too, not only by Master Eon. However, note that this also extends to Kaos's mom... who, before confronting you, actually speaks to the player.
    • In Trap Team, Kaos expresses desire to eliminate the one thing that stood in his way: the portal master from earth. Aka, you, the player. Unlike the incident with Kaos' mom, Kaos makes it very clear that he's talking about the player and spends the remainder of the game taunting and threatening the player.
  • From Beyond The Fourth Wall: The central game concept; the Skylanders were thrown out of their world and you've got to send them back.
  • Fridge Horror: One of the Story Scrolls in SWAP Force mentions that Kaos' Fortress was used for him to experiment on living creatures. In the next level, Motherly Mayhem, you fight Bubba Greebs- a huge, mutated Greeble with eyes on its shoulders and back... Most likely the result one of Kaos' experiments.
  • Funny Background Event: Sonic Boom's baby griffins have a tendency to not freeze during cutscenes, meaning that while you're talking to someone, they'll often be out attacking bad guys (or simply breaking crates and other breakable stuff) in the background.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: A lot of gameplay stuff was integrated into the game's universe, besides just the whole "toys in our world" thing. Those glowy bits that serve as EXP? Kaos uses them himself during the final battle. And how a Skylander says a phrase when you summon them? According to a story scroll that's not just a game interface thing, shouting a Battle Cry is a Skylander custom.
    • In Giants, we see that Kaos ended up in a toy store after the first game, and he gets back to the Skylands through the portal in a Skylanders store display.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    • One of Kaos' fire puns during the Eternal Fire Source battle is "make an ash out of you."
    • Gurglefin the gillman drops "holy carp" a couple times.
    • One of the challenges is "Bombs to the Wall".
    • Trigger Happy's Soul Gem upgrade is called "Infinite Hellfire" when you obtain it, but is corrected into "Infinite Ammo" when you buy it.
    • Hot Dog's Soul Gem ability is "Ding Dong Ditch", and appears to be exactly what you'd expect from a fiery canine: a flaming bag of doggie doo.
    • Pop Fizz's "motion of the potion" is a reference to a self-justifying rhyme for people with a certain problem.
    • Stealth Elf's slogan is "Silent but deadly!"
    • In the same vein, Zoo Lou's catchphrase is "Nature calls!" For those unaware, this is a polite way of saying you need to take a crap.
    • In the 3DS version of the game, Flynn's ship has a "Sheep Room". This room does nothing but contain a lot of sheep...and some decor that would be at home in a bordello.
  • The Goomba: Chompies, weak, small plant things that deal little damage and usually take one hit to die. They also come in Underground Monkey variants.
  • Good Counterpart: Eon and the player to Kaos. They're good "Portal Masters" while Kaos is an evil one.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: At least one new Skylander per game employs simple but effective brawling. Terrafin and Night Shift receive special mention, though, as both are former champion boxers.
    • Among the forces of evil, Jawbreakers from Giants and Bruiser Cruisers from Trap Team are quite the pugilists.
  • Gotta Catch 'Em All: Sure, you can get through the game with just the three Skylanders in the box, but to get most everything you'll need at least one from each element (with one of them being a Giant in the sequel), and there's definite incentives to get all the Skylanders available. And for collectors, there's a bunch more variant figures out there.
  • Green Aesop: The trolls are guilty of multiple kinds of environmental damage in both character bios and Spyro's Adventure itself, including offshore oil drilling (Wham Shell's bio) and deforestation (Stump Smash's bio, and witnessed firsthand when searching for the Eternal Life Source).
  • Hack and Slash
  • Harder Than Hard: Completing Giants once unlocks a "Kaos Unleashed (Nightmare)" difficulty, which can only be accessed by starting a new game - and can't be changed later.
  • Heel-Face Turn: A new mechanic in Trap Team lets you capture defeated baddies in special container-like traps and have them fight on your side.
  • Heroes R Us: The Skylanders don't seem very picky about who joins, so long as they're a big enough Badass to help out.
  • Hijacked by Ganon: Zig-Zagged in Swap Force. Kaos's mom takes over as the Big Bad after Kaos is seemingly defeated, and then Kaos takes over again after you beat her. However, Kaos's mom praises him for putting himself over her like a true villain. Of course, there's never any doubt that Kaos will be the villain.
  • Holding Out for a Hero: Subverted in Spyro's Adventure, where instead of merely sitting around and letting the player save the day, the Mabu villagers from the first chapter go out and form their own militia to help fight Kaos' army. They actually help a surprising amount, locating several of the components of the Core of Light themselves (though actually retrieving it is, naturally, left to you).
  • Hub Level: The Ruins in Spyro's Adventure, Flynn's ship in Giants, Woodburrow in Swap Force, and Skylanders Academy in Trap Team. Ghost Roaster is the only Skylander who can faint in these areas no thanks to his Ectoplasm Mode power.
  • Humans Are Special: It seems that Portal Masters actually are a race, rather than individuals, which constitute Skyland's version of humans. The only ones we have seen have been Master Eon, Kaos, and his mother. Additionally, all the "young portal masters" who help out over the course of the games are, logically, humans.
  • Humongous Mecha: Ancient Arkeyan robots tend to be pretty big.
  • Hurricane of Puns: A number of characters are fond of making them. During the battle over the Eternal Fire Source, Kaos even lampshades it by commenting "I could do this all day."
  • Hypocritical Humor: When riding along the river in Chapter 3 of Swap Force, Snagglescale refers to himself as the "strong and silent type". Silent, however, he actually isn't.
  • Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels: Giants's three difficulty levels are named "Chompy Cuddler", "Cyclops Crusher", and "Heavy Hitter"; they're accompanied by images of a Chompy, Cyclops, and Goliath Drow, respectively.
  • Idle Animation: In Giants, Skylanders do various actions when you view their menu screen.
    • With Swap Force and it's new graphics engine, Skylanders will now mess around during actual gameplay if left idle.
  • I Know Madden Kombat: Bouncer, Night Shift and Roller Brawl were all sports stars before joining the Skylanders, using their skills to fight for justice.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Doom Stone and Fire Kraken from Swap Force, who wield a jade column and a roman candle/parade baton thingy, respectively.
    • Trap Masters Gearshift and Short Cut are armed with a giant, chakram-like gear and an oversized pair of scissors, respectively.
    • In a way, all the Trap Masters are as well, as no matter what weapon they wield, it's always, always built using Traptanium crystals. This means that Snap Shot is armed with a crystalline bow and arrow.
  • Inconveniently Placed Conveyor Belt: Seen at Drill-X's Big Rig and the Lost City of Arkus in Giants. Flying Skylanders can at least avoid some of the hassle by flying over them.
  • Inescapable Ambush: There are many times where the first thing you do upon entering a room is fight off a wave or two of Mooks to unlock a nearby gate. Hidden elemental zones in Giants even have rooms where you are specifically ambushed by Evil Skylanders, sometimes two or three at once.
  • Instant Awesome, Just Add Dragons: Spyro's Adventure has a dragon Skylander for every element: Spyro (Magic), Cynder (Undead), Zap (Water), Bash (Earth), Whirlwind (Air), Sunburn (Fire), Camo (Life), and Drobot (Tech). Giants and Swap Force add two more — Flashwing the gem dragon, for the Earth element, and Fire Kraken the Eastern dragon for the Fire element. Plus the Dragon's Peak adventure pack level. Trap Team boosts the count to 14, with the addition of Blades and Echo, of the Air and Water elements, respectively, and Spotlight and Blackout, who come from the new Light and Dark elements.
  • Instant Awesome Just Add Ninjas: At least one new ninja-style character has been introduced per game, consisting of Stealth Elf (Spyro's Adventure), Ninjini (Giants) and Stink Bomb (Swap Force).
  • Interface Spoiler: Averted in Trap Team in two big ways.
    • First, all trappable villains in the game have wanted posters, which, if you haven't caught them yet, give hints as to their location. Kaos also has a wanted poster, but his hint is "Oh, come on, we're not going to give this away!"
    • Second, Light and Dark elemental gates and traps are listed as being "unknown elements" until they enter the story proper.
  • Ironic Fear: In Giants, Ermit the hermit has a fear/paranoia of clouds. And considering what Skylands is...
  • Jump Physics: Depending on the version: Skylanders can't actually jump at all in Spyro's Adventure and Giants (when it's necessary, you'll find blue Jump Pads lying around), though they can in the 3DS games and in Swap Force.
  • Kaizo Trap: The "Dungeoness Creeps" Heroic Challengenote  tasks you with collecting 13 "amber medallions" in a catacombs. The last one is on a small platform you teleport to, with no enemies in sight ... easy, right? Except for nearly a dozen zombies that pop up out of the ground and swarm you as you attempt to get it.
  • Kill It with Fire: In Spyro's Adventure, zombie enemies can only be killed by fire-based attacks (e.g. a Fire Skylander) or other sources of flame (like a candlestand, or the "fire"power of medieval cannons). When they appear in Giants' Heroic Challenges, however, they can be defeated by anyone.
  • Lame Pun Reaction: When Kaos tells Glumshanks to sabotage some train tracks:
    Kaos: There's more than one way to derail their plans!
    Glumshanks: (Face Palm) Tell me you didn't just say that.
  • Large Ham: Kaos.
    • Brock in Giants also shows hammish qualities:
      Brock: Who wants to start this battle up? YOU DOOOOOOO!!!
  • Last Lousy Point: Want to get the achievement for collecting 85 hats in Giants? Well, of the 89 total hats, three of them are awarded per Skylander (for completing their Quests) and one is a reward for beating the game on "Nightmare" difficulty. That leaves exactly 85 hats you can collect in normal gameplay (in shops or elemental areas) — but eight are exclusive to the four "Adventure Pack" levels from Spyro's Adventure (sold separately and discontinued by that point), without which you can only collect a total of 77.
    • Want all of the Accolades in Swap Force? Some are only given for having complete collections of Spyro's Adventure and Giants figures.
  • Law of Chromatic Superiority: Prefix Skylanders (Legendary, Jade, Nitro, etc.) boast alternate color schemes and a boost to their baseline stats. They're also exclusive to certain retailers, making them a headache for collectors.
  • Lego Body Parts: The gimmick of Swap Force.
  • Leitmotif: Every trappable villain in Trap Team has their own, which plays for the duration of the time you're controlling them.
  • Lighter and Softer: Enemy designs in Swap Force are much less realistic and goofier than they were in the first two games. For example, this is what Chompies looked like in Spyro's Adventure and Giants. This is them in Swap Force.
    • Commented on by Kaos in the intro to the second level of Swap Force.
    Kaos: Are we seriously out of Trolls? These Greebles simply aren't evil enough.
  • Light Is Not Good: The new Light element does include villains, and the apex of this comes in Luminous, a rather heroic looking, but still evil, Light villain.
  • Literal Metaphor:
    • In the Dragon's Peak adventure pack, Dragon Law says that "whomever sits on the throne" is proclaimed King. Apparently the throne itself is a source of great magical power, and anyone who literally sits (stands, lays down, etc.) on it can channel its power to do whatever they wish.
    • In Giants, the Arkeyan King ruled his empire with an iron fist. No, really, it's the Iron Fist of Arkus. The strategy guide even lampshades it; saying that it happened because the Arkeyans were so Literal-Minded: they heard people say they ruled with an iron fist, so they figured they should make an iron fist to rule with.
  • Living Toys: The characters are portrayed as this on Earth. It mostly only shows up in ads, but Giants shows it in its intro as well. And then there's the Wilikin - a race of living mannequin dolls.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters - Over 30 playable characters to choose from in Spyro's Adventure; while Giants brings it close to 50 and Swap Force makes it 80. And none of those numbers include special variants. (Most heroes sold separately.)
  • Magic Versus Science: In Giants, Tech Skylanders have a Quest to kill a certain number of elemental mage enemies. (However, Magic Skylanders don't have a corresponding anti-Tech Quest, and magic and science are otherwise shown to work together.)
    • In PVP, though, Magic Skylanders are weak against Tech Skylander attacks.
  • Meaningful Name: All characters have one, even Spyronote  and Cyndernote .
  • The Medic: Broccoli Guy is a surprising villain version of this trope, being able to leave healing spots that heal him and the Skylander.
  • Merchandise-Driven / Revenue Enhancing Devices: Despite the fact that the toys are integrated into the story, the fact remains that the game tries its darndest to get you to buy more stuff. When you pick up a Soul Gem for a character you don't have, you're even asked if you want to see a preview (read: advertisement video) for that character. The sequels invite owners of prior games to double-dip on characters they already have with new, upgraded versions of the same characters, and most of each game's collection-related (and experience-boosting) achievements only count figures from that game's toyline. Plus the toylines get bigger every year; with Trap Team's count about double what Spyro's Adventure was - plus Trap Team adds secondary toys in the crystals to catch enemies in.
    • Bribing Your Way to Victory: Game advantages from buying toys include more elements to better take advantage of Field Power Effects and get into secret areas with stat-boosting hats, more Heroic Challenges to boost other stats, more backup characters to replace those who fall in battle, and - in special multipacks - other items to use in-game.
    • Allegedly Free Game: iOS apps can be notorious for microtransactions, but Skylanders: Cloud Patrol averts it; in-game currency can be used to unlock new features instead of real money. Same deal for Lost Islands.
    • Trap Team also alters the core gameplay mechanic of Elemental Gates to push the new gimmick Skylanders just a little more. In prior installments, any Skylander of a gates given element could open it, but now, only a Trap Master can open an Elemental Gate. Of course, Trap Masters are also $15 US, as opposed to core Skylanders who are $10, and, at launch, Life and Magic Elemental Gates were impossible to open, as none of their Trap Masters had been released yet.
  • Medusa: Present as the design on Doom Stone's shield, which is appropriate, since blocking with that shield turns whoever hits it into a jade statue. With his soul gem upgrade, it even deploys snakes to bite at anyone unlucky enough to be in front of him.
  • The Merch: In full force as of Giants. Excluding the toys themselves, tie-ins include children's books and a Mega Bloks line of sets.
  • Mighty Glacier: Earth Elemental Skylanders, who typically have low Speed but high Power stats.
    • All the Giants are, as a rule, slower than normal Skylanders, but none of them have Power lower than 100.
  • Mini-Game: The "Pirate Seas" adventure pack features a card-matching mini-game. Giants features "Skystones" as a recurring mini-game, where the player takes turns placing tiles on a 3x3 board to flip opponent's tiles over, and acquires new tiles either from Auric's shops or by winning Skystones matches.
  • Mini-Mecha: The Troll Stomper mecha is armed with a nose-mounted machine gun and Shockwave Stomp. Giants also introduces the Chompy Bot 9000, a Chompy-piloted mecha whose primary method of attack is shooting Chompies at you like machine gun bullets.
    • From Trap Team, Bruiser Cruiser and Smoke Scream of the Doom Raiders.
  • Minion with an F in Evil: Glumshanks
    • This is also Kaos' primary complaint with the Greebles in Swap Force, and partially what motivates him to develop the Evilizer.
  • Mirror Universe: The Mirror of Mystery adventure pack takes place in a level where, according to Glumshanks, most everything is opposite. Eon is a Dark Portal Master named Evilon, Kaos is a nice person, the Trolls are peace-loving villagers, Mabu are an evil military force, and Flynn's catchphrase is "DOOM!"
  • Mo Cap Mecha: Bruiser Cruiser, whose controls appear to consist entirely of a Troll on a treadmill.
  • Monster Arena: After completing Level 3 in Giants, Brock allows you access to arena challenges where you fight monsters (under various rules) for cash and prizes, including monsters that you haven't encountered in the story levels yet. You can repeat the challenges as often as you wish, though the cash rewards are reduced by half after completing a challenge the first time.
  • Monty Haul: Kaos Doom Challenges in Trap Team reward the player with staggering amounts of experience points and treasure. The former comes from the huge numbers of enemies that swarm you each wave, and the latter from the fact that, upon clearing a wave, the Doom Chest and all of your surviving towers barf out a solid 200 to 300 gold. Plus, clearing one for the first time is basically guaranteed to give you a Portal Master Rank Up, which bestows a further reward on you immediately.
  • Mood Whiplash: The Skylander's backstories can vary wildly in tone. On one hand, there are characters like Sonic Boom (a full-on tragic backstory which deprives her of her children) and Wham Shell (the troubled prince of an undersea kingdom) with serious and dark backstories. On the other hand, there are completely silly ones like Shroom Boom (a mushroom who escaped being turned into Kaos' pizza).
  • Mook Maker: There are several enemy types that will endlessly spawn other monsters (typically Chompies and Spiderlings).
  • Mutually Exclusive Powerups: After purchasing six of a character's ten upgrades, the player is required to "Choose Your Path" for upgrades 7 thru 9, upgrading either their primary or secondary attack, but not both. "Series 2" figures can at least switch between these paths at any time, though they still can't mix-and-match upgrades from different paths.
  • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: Boomer and Voodood, from the Trolls and Orcs, respectively.
    • Chop Chop, Drill Sergeant and Bouncer for the Arkeyans.
  • Mythology Gag: Sheep resembling those in the PS1 games appear here and there as a Running Gag; they don't release butterflies this time, and are in fact completely indestructible, but they react in different, amusing ways to each type of attack. One of Spyro's upgrade paths is even called "Sheep Burner Spyro".
    • There's also a special "Dark Spyro" figure, with similar coloration to the Superpowered Evil Side from the Legend of Spyro trilogy, only available with the 3DS version of Spyro's Adventure.
  • Near Villain Victory: Kaos managed to destroy the only thing keeping the Darkness at bay and all but destroy the Skylanders before Spyro's Adventure even started.
  • Never Say "Die"
    • Hugo says "[Master Eon] survived the blast, but was changed: he became a spirit." Oookay, if you say so. Kaos refers to it as "bodiless oblivion". A tie-in book goes into more detail assuring readers he's not actually dead.
    • Character bios for undead Skylanders like Hex and Ghost Roaster merely say that they were "transformed" into their present condition.
    • Averted for Cynder, as in Spyro's Adventure Quigley outright asks her if she came Back from the Dead. One of her character quotes is "I'm to die for!"
    • Also averted for quest descriptions, which explicitly say to "Kill X number of Y enemy."
  • New Game+: Completing the once in Giants unlocks the game's Harder Than Hard difficulty setting ... but you have to start a new save file to access it. Fortunately, your Skylanders' experience levels and upgrades are saved on the actual figures, and can be transferred straight to the new save file.
  • Nightmare Fuel: For older audiences, it might not be, but it definitely would be for most kids: during The Golden Desert in Trap Team, you fight a villain named Grave Clobber. The first thing he says? "I'M GOING TO BURY YOU."
    • It seems like a lot of young kids find Ghost Roaster, with his sharp teeth, claws and the ability to turn into a flaming skull, pretty frightening.
  • No Damage Run: The final challenge of each Arena in Giants is to defeat all enemies without taking a hit; to enforce this, your HP is reduced to 1 for the duration of the challenge. There are also Quests given per Skylander for completing a challenge and an arena without taking damage, though arena challenges where you're already forced to avoid damage don't count (as when your health is reduced at the beginnning, it counts as getting hit).
    • To get the final star for a boss battle stage in Swap Force, you must defeat the boss without taking any damage at all.
  • No Death Run: You get a star towards each level's completion if you can beat it without any of your Skylanders falling in battle. Not always as easy as it sounds, especially on Giants' Nightmare difficulty.
    • A more straightforward example is on the final boss of Adventure. There's a trophy/achievement given out if you're able to defeat Kaos with only one Skylander.
    • Also invoked in the quests in later games of the series. Drill Sergeant's personal quest in Giants is to beat Drill X without dying or swapping Skylanders, and one of the Tech element quests in Swap Force is to beat Evil Glumshanks without dying or swapping Skylanders.
  • Nonlethal Bottomless Pits: Generally averted, as the Skylanders can't actually fall off of any platforms into a Bottomless Pit in the first place. However, a few elemental bonus areas and the battle arenas in Giants do have them, and the 3DS game, being a platformer rather than a hack-and-slash, has them in spades.
    • Swap Force, with the inclusion of jumping and primitive platforming gameplay, will simply teleport a Skylander who fails a jump back to the nearest piece of solid ground with no damage penalty. Serves as an Anti-Frustration Feature - if you walked off of the stage in Giants and Adventure, you practically had to go out of your way.
  • Non-Mammal Mammaries:
    • As part of her Skylanders redesign, the plates on Cynder's underside were modified so that her upper chest has two plates side by side and are noticeably round, while the rest of the plates are flat. Her design got tweaked a bit for Giants, her new toy is completely flat.
    • It seems that now only humanoid Skylanders have breasts, which is understandable but it includes Sprocket a person made of gold, Smolderdash who may be a fire elemental, and Punk Shock a fish girl.
  • No Ontological Inertia
    • Defeating an Undead Spell Punk in Spyro's Adventure will cause any nearby deadly Rhu-Barbs to revert to midget Rhu-Babies. The same applies to Trogmanders and Trog Pinchers in Giants.
    • What happened to Kaos' Hydra after the battle? You didn't land a single blow on it during the fight....
  • Nostalgia Level: The four Adventure Pack levels and most Heroic Challenges from Spyro's Adventure return in Giants, with a few tweaks (like replacing enemies exclusive to Spyro's Adventure with their nearest Giants counterparts).
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: The background stories of most of the Skylanders include quite a few; see the character sheet for details.
  • Older Than They Look: Kaos's mom. She may have the appearance of a young woman, but according to her first appearance in Swap Force she tried to take over Cloudbreak Islands 100 years before the events of the game.
  • Old Save Bonus
    • Character data is saved to the toys, so any progress you made in one game carries over into others, regardless of what system it's on. This even includes forwards and backwards compatibility, with later games recognizing all older figures, and older games recognizing... well, just the characters that existed at their release (including upgraded versions from later toylines), but the fact that they can use any newer toys at all is impressive. (There are limits, though; the 3DS game only looks at levels and ignores other stats, earlier games ignore any abilities introduced in later ones, and iOS games don't share data at all.)
    • The "Faithful Trio" achievement in Giants involves registering Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Trigger Happy (the three figurines shipped with the first game) to your in-game collection. The "Series 1" versions aren't required, but it is one of the few (XP-boosting) achievements that doesn't require "orange base" figures to receive. Swap Force similarly has achievements that are tied specifically to older figures.
    • With the advent of Swap Force, it is now entirely possible to have Spyro's Adventure characters who have played through all three games, and likely started the third game ludicrously overpowered.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted, the name Jawbreaker can refer to either a Giant Mook from Giants or a Trap Master from Trap Team.
  • One-Wheeled Wonder: The legendary Giant Bouncer and the Swap Force entrant Magna Charge.
  • Orbiting Particle Shield: Some Skylanders (like Camo) have the ability to generate shields of orbiting projectiles. Giants also introduces the Crystal Golem, an enemy whose spinning crystals protect it from all but Scratch Damage.
  • Our Giants Are Bigger: The biggest new feature of Giants is, well, the giant new figurines joining the character roster, who are roughly twice the size of other Skylanders.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Roller Brawl and Night Shift. They're not Always Chaotic Evil and seem to be obsessed with sports.
  • Painting the Medium: The boss fight with Kaos's mom.
  • Phlebotinum: Traptanium, the driving force behind much of the plot of Trap Team. It's one of the rarest and most powerful materials in all of Skylands, but has myriad uses which make it extremely handy for magic-based law enforcement. Not only can it be fashioned into powerful weapons (which become stronger in the presence of raw Traptanium), but it can also be used to create prisons which are impossible to breach from the inside. And it smells kind of like mustard.
  • Plot Tailored to the Party: The bonus sections of stages require Skylanders of a specific element to access. Normally this is to coerce the player into buying at least one Skylander from each element, but the first stage in each game has gates that can be opened by the pack-in Skylanders.
    • Distressingly averted as of Trap Team, which now requires a Trap Master of a gate's element to open them, as opposed to any Skylander of that element. While the first gate you come across is a Water gate (Snap Shot, the box-in Trap Master is Water element), there are still two more gates which you will be unable to open with the box-in characters. Even worse, one of the gates was impossible to open at launch, since no Trap Masters of that element had been released yet.
  • Power Glows: One of the new features for Giants is that the Giant and LightCore toys light up when on the portal. In the case of LightCore figures, the same parts on the in-game character model glow as well (compared to their Series 1 or 2 versions).
    • The Traptanium weapons of the Trap Masters will start glowing and dealing greater damage when in the presence of raw Traptanium crystal formations or in battle against Doom Raiders.
  • Precursors: The robotic Arkeyans. Giants highlights how they were Abusive Precursors.
  • Priceless Paperweight: The hats, themselves, due to serving no purpose in the 3DS versions than as a form of Bragging Rights Reward. This goes to the extreme in Giants, where the Knight Helm, a hat only gained by beating nightmare mode in console versions, is found on level 2 of the 3DS version.
  • Promoted to Playable: The Mini Skylanders, who were previously just sidekicks who tagged along with you, become full-fledged characters in Trap Team, complete with upgradable abilities and stats.
  • Reformulated Game: The 3DS versions are compatible with the same figures as the console versions but are completely different games with different plots and villains.
  • Refugee from TV Land: The figures are supposedly the actual characters torn out of their world and into ours by Kaos (or, in sequels, by other magical events).
  • Remixed Level / Copy And Paste Environments: Heroic Challenges take place in areas of otherwise-normal levels that have been tweaked to suit the goals of the challenge. For example, Spyro's challenge level takes place in the Cadaverous Crypt, while Jet-Vac's occurs in the Empire of Ice.
  • Right Behind Me: Upon seeing all the birds in the Phoenix Psanctuary, Flynn wistfully remarks that they remind him of someone. Cue Whiskers squawking rather loudly in his ear and Tessa enthusiastically greeting him.
  • Ring Out: Arena challenges in Giants feature a match mode where enemies are shielded; the only way to defeat them is to knock them off the edges of the arena (or into arena hazards). Water Skylanders also have a Quest to knock a certain number of enemies into pits.
  • RPG Elements: Though the game is primarily a Hack and Slash, you can collect experience points to level-up your Skylanders. The only real benefit, however, is increased HP; increases to other stats are acquired by completing challenges and purchasing upgrades.
  • Running Gag: In Trap Team many Doom Raiders, upon being captured, remark that the inside of the Traps smell like mustard.
  • Screams Like a Little Girl: In Trap Team, KAOS, of all people lets out an uncharacteristic shriek in the cutscene at the Skylanders Academy after the Time Town level, when Da Pinchy mentions travelling into the future and pulls out a giant stopwatch. To be fair, he did spend most of that level in Wolfgang's clutches, tied to a giant cog wheel in the level's clock tower.
  • Secret Character: Although they are prominently featured in the Spyro's Adventure character lineup, there is no way to watch the preview videos for Terrafin, Ghost Roaster, Slam-Bam, and Sunburn from within the game, because their Soul Gems are contained in their sold-separately Adventure Pack levels.
    • Skylander "Sidekicks", Assist Character mini-versions of regular Skylanders (Whisper Elf, Gill Runt, Trigger Snappy, and Terrabyte). Most toys (beyond the main Skylander list and those available at release) were spoiled fairly quickly, either in the strategy guide or by the 3DS game's Interface Spoiler. The Sidekicks' existence wasn't known until months later, shortly before the promotion that would make them available.
  • Secret Level: Four levels are unlocked with their own toys: Pirate Seas, Darklight Crypt, Empire of Ice, and Dragon's Peak. These tend to be based on gimmicks; Pirate Seas is broken up by Concentration-style card games, Darklight Crypt features Dual-World Gameplay, Empire of Ice is a Slippy-Slidey Ice World and Dragon's Peak includes Unexpected Shmup Level segments. Giants doesn't have any Adventure Pack levels, but Swap Force adds a couple more.
    • Trap Team adds four more, two of which have yet to be released: Nightmare Express, Mirror of Mystery, Sunscraper Spire, and Midnight Museum.
  • Sequential Boss: Battles against Kaos's minions in Spyro's Adventure generally unfold in these phases: 1st minion, 1st obstacle swarm, 2nd minion, 2nd (tougher) obstacle swarm, 3rd Minion, (sometimes with a third obstacle swarm), then finally everything at once.
  • Shaped Like Itself: Among Cali's various congratulations for completing a Heroic Challenge in Giants is "Please take this reward as ... a reward!" Then there's the Great Pancake Slalom (Chill's Heroic Challenge) in which you avoid balloons representing danger while collecting pancakes that represent ... pancakes.
  • Shoot the Medic First: Life Spell Punks can heal themselves and other enemies, quickly and often.
    • Broccoli Guys aren't quite as much of a priority target as Life Spell Punks were, since there's a very long cooldown between their healing spells, but eliminating them early on is still a very good idea.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Those trolls with the Wolverine Claws? They are actually called "Trollverines".
    • The achievement unlocked for purchasing all the upgrades for one character? "Gotta buy them all." Made all the more hilarious given Pokémon's similar Merchandise-Driven nature.
    • Terrafin looks a little Jawesome.
    • Wrecking Ball, in name, design, and abilities, shares similarities to the Nintendo 64 game Iggy's Reckin' Balls.
    • The achievement "The Answer" in Cloud Patrol. You get it by dying on level 42.
    • Also in Cloud Patrol, Shroomboom's special ability is "1-Up Shroom".
    • One of Trigger Happy's upgrades, a Wave Motion Gun Charged Attack, is called the Golden Yamato Blast.
    • One of the tie-in books elaborates on what happened to Eon, explaining how he fell through one of his own portals and is now trapped between realms, only able to communicate as a floating head... which sounds kind of familiar, actually.
    • In Giants, Fright Rider seems to be a walking reference to Joust.
    • Also from Giants: Whirlwind's character-specific quest requires you to make 50 double rainbows. The title of the quest? "What Does it Mean?"
    • From Giants again, one of Hot Head's upgrade paths is called "The Burninator".
    • Christmas must mean something for Noodles if it makes him dance all "Gangnam Style".
    • Eye-Brawl's Soul Gem Upgrade is called "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out".
    • Apparently, the singing/rapping Drill-X is named after Skrillex.
    • One of Drill Sergeant's upgrades is called "A View To A Drill."
    • Upon baiting the Skylander into Rumble Town's arena, Brock yells to the crowd "Are you not entertained?!"
    • Roller Brawl's entire playstyle is based on the Real Life sport of Roller Derby, and her name references the considerably more brutal film which spawned it.
    • The Tech Elemental Quest to kill a certain number of spellcasters is called "Magic Isn't Might".
    • Halfway through the Twisty Tunnels level of Swap Force, Flynn remarks that "Two outta three ain't bad."
    • Magna Charge is mentioned to be a member of a race called the Ultrons.
    • The Achievement/Trophy for successfully gaining entrance to Castle Kaos is named Kastle Krashed.
    • The Defeat of Kaos's mom in Swap Force is a reference to A Simple Wish.
    • Part of the defenses of Kastle Kaos are Mecha-Mooks called K-Bots.
    • Bumble Blast's personal quest is called Not the bees!
    • Fryno's Soul Gem power is called Madness Maxed.
    • Short Cut, being a rather diminutive undead Skylander armed with a giant pair of scissors, is a dead ringer for Scissorman.
    • During the battle with Chef Pepper Jack, he will occasionally shout "Time to kick it up a notch!", which is the catchphrase of famous TV chef Emeril Lagasse.
    • Alex DeLarge's bowler is available for purchase from Auric. It's called the "Rude Boy Hat".
  • Slippy-Slidey Ice World: The Empire of Ice adventure pack has ... a lot of ice to slip and slide on. Giants features the Frozen Wasteland, which also has slippery ice, though not quite as much. Skylanders with flying abilities can also fly themselves across the ice without having to slip and slide across it (though their flight abilities are a bit slippery anyway).
  • The Smurfette Principle: On average, each element has only one female character in the group, some of whom (Flashwing, Sprocket, Ninjini and Chill) were only introduced in Giants. Also, Ninjini is the only female giant.
    • There are no female Swap Force characters, though that one's intentional and justified since exchanging body parts cross-gender could get awkward.
    • This has, however, been getting better as of Swap Force, which introduced many new female characters, including the first female Fire and Magic Core Skylanders.
  • So Last Season: The original versions of the characters are left in the dust by their later versions: They don't have upgrade-switching and "Wow Pow" abilities, they don't count towards most later games' collection goals, and they don't unlock new Heroic Challenges. However, each game does raise the level cap for all Skylanders, old and new.
    • Goes both ways with Swap Force. Series 3 Skylanders gain a second Wow Pow, but are once again unable to switch upgrade paths, unlike their previous versions. The Giants, however, are still every bit as useful as in the previous game, and still have unique obstacles only they can overcome.
  • The Something Force: Skylanders: Swap Force
  • Spiritual Successor: The game plays out much more like a Kameo: Elements of Power sequel than a Spyro game. To wit - you play an elemental master switching between a horde of googly-eyed collectable elemental monsters, either solo or co-op, through an Action Adventure / Beat 'em Up fantasy world floating in the sky filled with googly-eyed, brightly colored creatures; each of these creatures has three skills which can be upgraded in ways that change both the monster's and the attack's appearance. All while being advised by the floating disembodied head of a grandfatherly wizard. The general plot (an evil apprentice betrays their kingdom, curses the kingdom's elemental monster protectors to gain control of a floating world) is fairly similar, too.
    • The 3DS version plays a lot like the original Spyro games, and some have even compared it to the classic Crash Bandicoot games.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Title: Reviewers were quick to point out that the first game was not really Spyro's adventure as the title suggested - he's no more important in the grander scheme of things than any other playable character, and so his name was likely just used in the title because he's a well-established video game character.
  • Spread Shot: Quite a number of Skylanders get these as a projectile attack, often as an upgrade.
  • The Stinger: Lampshaded by Flynn during the credits of Giants, when he says the player is probably just waiting to see if there's anything special after the credits. There is. In fact, there's two of them:
    • In the first, Kaos is seen retreating to his family home (which you raided earlier in the story), only to meet:
    Glumshanks: Uh, Lord Kaos, is that who I think it is?
    Kaos: ...Mother?!
    • The second one is a short Dance Party Ending featuring a swarm of Chompies dancing on the remains of the Iron Fist of Arkus.
  • Stock Yuck: Broccoli Guy in 'Trap Team', who is a villain. He is also joined by Tussle Sprout, a mutant Brussels Sprout.
    • Food Fight of the Skylanders is an artichoke.
  • Suddenly Voiced: In Spyro's Adventure, over half the Skylanders were Speaking Simlish. As of Giants, all of them have proper voice clips - even the ones who aren't part of the "Series 2" line (such as phoenix-dragon Sunburn).
  • Super Hero School: Skylander Academy, the Hub Level of Trap Team. Since the only actual staff members we see are Buzz and Mags, it's also a Two-Teacher School.
  • Supernatural Is Purple: The elemental color of Magic is purple, and most Skylanders of that element feature purple prominently in their color scheme, most obvious is Spyro himself.
  • Taken for Granite: Doom Stone can turn opponents into jade statues for a short while using his Medusa shield.
    • Kaos is turned into a gold statue after challenging the Golden Queen to an evil-off.
  • Tempting Fate: Occurs a few times in Giants. For example:
    • After rescuing Ermit, Flynn comments that their ship will be okay just as long as, say, they don't get hit by lightning ... (ZOT!) "Whoa! Now what are the odds of that!?"
    • During the final battle against Kaos:
    Machine Ghost: "...And let's just hope (Kaos) doesn't realize (the Fist of Arkus) has eye lasers."
    Ermit: "Oh... well he probably does NOW!"
    Machine Ghost: "Oops... my mistake."
  • The Dev Team Thinks of Everything:
    • Jet-Vac uses his vacuum device to fly, which is a limited duration. If you use his secondary attack (which is vacuuming, it starts refilling the gauge.
    • Equip Hot Dog with a hat that has a bone on it will cause the bone to appear in his mouth, instead.
    • One of the Boss fights in Swap Force requires you to stay in the boss's line of sight to provoke them into charging you. If Stink Bomb or Stealth Elf are stealthed, the boss can't find them.
    • Give a hat to Rattle Shake or Wash Buckler, who have hats already. Instead of putting hats on top of their own... they'll replace it with the new hat.
    • There are special crystal barriers that appear during Spyro's Adventure. They're normally invulnerable and you'll have to use bombs to break them... unless you have Prism Break, who's a crystal master, and can break them with his lasers.
    • Magna Charge, upon purchasing his Multi Barreled upgrade, which turns his blaster into a chaingun, gains a new idle animation where he spins the barrels of his new gun. Additionally, if he turns invisible as Magna Bomb or Magna Shadow, instead of the normal glowing eyes, his unique cyclops eye appears instead. He can even use his magnetic attack to draw in metal powerups in certain challenges.
    • You can give your Skylanders nicknames. For the Swap Force Skylanders, their names are a combination of their upper half and their lower half. So if you nickname a Swap Force Skylander, you can give their upper and lower halves separate nicknames to keep up with the Swap naming scheme.
  • This Is Something He's Got to Do Himself: Quoted almost word for word in Spyro's Adventure before you head off for Kaos' lair.
  • This Is a Drill: The console versions of the first three games each had a character with a drill or drill-related ability: the core Skylander Drill Sergeant from Spyro's Adventure, the boss Drill X from Giants and the Swap Force character Grilla Drilla from Swap Force.
  • Timed Mission:
    • All of Cali's Heroic Challenges are explicitly timed, but you can sometimes get extra time added to the clock (particularly with Sonic Boom's challenge, where the timer starts at just 15 seconds).
    • A few hidden areas in the console versions of Spyro's Adventure consist of collecting artifacts on a timer.
    • Most levels in the 3DS version of Spyro's Adventure end with a timed dash for the exit.
  • Time for Plan B: When Kaos' initial invasion in Spyro's Adventure is repelled by the Skylanders, his sidekick suggests going to Plan B. Kaos nixes it, skipping all the way to Plan Z. Which, surprisingly, works perfectly. He also claims to have "at least" 38 or so alternate plans for conquering Skylands (after his defeat at the end of Giants).
  • Too Dumb to Live: Apparently, Troll leaders actually have to tell their soldiers not to juggle live grenades in the middle of a battle, among other equally insane things. In actual gameplay, "D.Riveter" trolls aren't particularly smart about running away after laying down mines either, often getting caught in their own blast.
  • Took a Level in Badass: The Mabu villagers from the first chapter of Spyro's Adventure who you have to save? Later on they've formed their own military and prove surprisingly helpful storywise. Many Skylanders themselves also progress like this. Depending on their upgrades, some characters can be rather weak at first but extremely powerful after purchasing all their upgrades.
  • Underground Monkey: The various different versions of the toys qualify. Many are denoted with Palette Swapped colors:
    • "Series 1", the basic version of the character.
    • "Series 2 and 3", who appear the same in-game but their toys represent their upgraded versions. In Giants, these characters can purchase exclusive "Wow Pow" abilities and can switch between their two upgrade paths at any time. As of Swap Force, these figures have more unique appearances and special names.
    • "LightCore" Skylanders, whose toys light up while on the portal and release a damaging blast of light when summoned. Their in-game appearance also has extra glowy bits matching the toys.
    • Blue-and-gold "Legendary" variants have slightly better stats than their regular counterparts.
    • And unique Palette Swaps like 3DS version exclusives "Dark Spyro" and "Punch Pop Fizz", whose different colors are even acknowledged in-game. Only Dark Spyro has altered stats, though (though that may change with more "Dark" variants introduced for Swap Force).
    • Aside from Skylander variants, there are eight Spell Punks in Spyro's Adventure, color-coded one per element, each with different abilities. Giants also features fire, ice, and undead versions of Chompies.
  • Unexpected Gameplay Change: Kaos Doom Challenges in Trap Team turn the game into a Tower Defense scenario.
    • To a lesser extent, Skystones in Giants and Trap Team is a collectible strategic card game, but it doesn't overtake whole levels.
  • The Unfought: Captain Dreadbeard and Vathek from the Adventure Pack levels aren't actually fought in battles; Dreadbeard has to be beaten in a card game while Vathek sends a large swarm of minions to fight you. Then when he tries to take care of you personally, Flavius takes the throne while he's concentrating on you and turns him to stone with the throne's power. Out of the three bonus-level-exclusive Big Bads, only Occulous of Darklight Crypt is actually fought in the console version (you do get to fight Vathek in a proper boss fight on the 3DS version).
  • Verbal Backpedaling: Kaos tries not to be surprised when you defeat his minions in battle or dodge his elemental magic attacks, but it doesn't always work.
    Kaos: (during the battle for the Water Source) "Impossible! You survived my best water spell! ... Ahem. I MEAN, you survived a very MEDIOCRE water spell, that I found lying around ... somewhere. I AM NOT IMPRESSED!"
    Kaos: (during the battle for the Undead Source) "I didn't want to do this ... scratch that! I TOTALLY want to do this!"
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: The Sheep from Perilous Pastures are invincible. You can Zap them, Burn them, Soak them, flatten them (and they'll soon recover from it), even knock them off a cliff. On the other hand Hugo thinks that Sheep are evil, so...
    • This is actually averted in the 3DS edition, where the sheep actually can be killed.
    • There is actually a part where you have to attack them to prevent them from eating the apples off a tree.
    • Almost every NPC in the first game can be attacked, and they all shout in pain when you do.
    • In Giants, Jet-Vac can has a Quest to vaccuum up the harmless birds that populate various levels. They are otherwise invincible.
  • Video Game Flight: Skylanders with the ability to fly essentially just hover above ground level; it's faster (but less precise) than normal movement and offers a slight defensive bonus. They can also cross water while flying (similar to water Skylanders), though Giants generally lacks actual water to do this on.
  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show:
    • Kaos' Hydra is actually surprisingly frightening for such a lighthearted game.
    • Prism Break's teeth are rather creepy, and given that from a distance he looks like he's completely toothless, they can be startling when you first get a good look at his character portrait — especially if your first good look is his page on the official website, which shows the portrait in extreme close-up.
  • Villain Song: Though it's not much of a musical production per se, when you arrive at Drill-X's Big Rig in Giants the first thing you learn about the level boss is that everyone hates his singing. When you meet the robot himself....
    • A musical production, however, is exactly one could make of Mesmerelda's pre-boss appearance in Swap Force.
  • Weaponized Offspring: The game has Sonic Boom, a griffin whose children are cursed to constantly be reborn as eggs. Because of this, she decides to train her children to fight as soon as they hatch, so that they can be able to defend themselves at any time. It can be upgraded in various ways, including the ability for the eggs to inflict damage before the babies hatch from them. They also manage to inherit her sonic abilities.
  • Wham Game: Trap Team. You finally get to play as Kaos and new elements are introduced.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Invoked in Trap Team when Flynn, upon learning that the Skylanders once again have no idea what the villains are up to, inquires what happened to Mags' Information Squid (an all-knowing squid which the player spent a whole level retrieving). She promptly ignores him.
  • William Telling: Hats sometimes appear on the trolls in Cloud Patrol so that you can blast them off. Played with in that you're trying to shoot the trolls and their hats.
  • Wizard Duel: Kaos challenges the Golden Queen to an "Evil-Off" for leadership of the Doom Raiders. We don't see the competition itself, but Kaos ends up as a gold statue for his trouble.
  • Wrench Wench: Mags, head engineer of Skylander Academy and proud inventor of about "87 million other things." She can be a bit ...eccentric at times, but there's no arguing with the results of her work.
  • World in the Sky: They don't call it "Skylands" for nothing.
  • You Break It, You Profit: In Skylanders: Universe, breaking respawning crates, bottles and such not only gives you coins, but sometimes also EXP. The main games also feature Rewarding Vandalism as well, though in a lesser quantity.
  • You Have Failed Me: As the final battle of Spyro's Adventure wears on, Kaos smites his own minions and gives their experience points to his next set of minions; when the last group fails, he collects all their experience points to refill his own HP, and relies solely on his Hydra to fight you.
  • Your Other Left: In Chapter 10 of Giants, Flynn would at one point warn the player that there would be an enemy ship attacking the Dread-Yacht on the starboard, though then he'd wonder if he actually meant port. It would happen again during Chapter 1 of Swap Force, this time thinking the enemy ship approached the port side before questioning if it was actually the starboard. In both cases, the ships approached along the starboard.

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