''Sint Nicolaas'' is a 1998 PC PlatformGame by Wiering Software in which you play as UsefulNotes/{{Sinterklaas}}, the FolkHero who drops presents and cookies though chimneys for children on each December 5th. To clear the levels, you must drop five cookies in each chimney and drop the presents in the order you got them. Lots of {{Backtracking}} will ensue.

[[http://www.wieringsoftware.nl/sint/index.php?P=1&L=E The game]] has been ported to Flash and can be [[http://www.wieringsoftware.nl/flash/sint/ played here]]. [[https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nl.wieringsoftware.sintnicolaas There is a free Android version as well.]]

Two sequels exist. ''Sinterklaas'' has him having to climb the houses from ground level to drop the presents and ''Zwarte Piet'' plays like the first game, has 3D graphics and stars Sinterklaas' helper.
!!This game contains the following tropes:
* {{Backtracking}}: You can only drop the presents in the order you collected them, so usually a lot of walking back and forth the level will be needed, unless you know the correct order to save time.
* BonusLevel: In which BottomlessPits are lethal and you have little time to collect all the items.
* BottomlessPits: Everywhere.
* DepthPerplexion: The sides of brown buildings aren't solid.
* GoombaStomp: Birds can be crushed by your feet. GoombaSpringboard is included.
* MercyRewarded: You'll get bonus points by not killing any birds. [[DemonicSpiders But why would you want to do that?]]
* NintendoHard: BottomlessPits all over the place! Time limit! [[DemonicSpiders Birds that move randomly and can pick items and drop them in the pits!!]] Slippery floors!! Very small temporary platforms!!!
* NonLethalBottomlessPits: By falling in a pit, you lose a hit point and get sent to the last checkpoint.
* PlatformHell: Again, BottomlessPits are all over the place, all surfaces in later levels are slippery and the temporary platforms are small.
* TemporaryPlatform: The icy and thin floating platforms.
* TimedMission: Each level must be cleared before the Sun rises. And if you run out of time, [[ContinuingIsPainful you have to start the level from the beginning.]]