A HighConcept game from TheEighties, the concept being ''What if you could play air hockey in the ''StarWars'' cantina?'' Originally for UsefulNotes/AppleMacintosh; ported to UsefulNotes/{{NES}} and all the major computers of its day.

!!Contains examples of...
* AbsoluteCleavage -- Princess Bejin.
* TheAlcoholic -- Lexan takes swigs throughout the game, becomes increasingly uncoordinated, and passes out at the end whether he wins or not.
* AllBikersAreHellsAngels -- Biff Raunch is a burly, grizzled member of the Heaven's Devils Galacticycle Club.
* AllThereInTheManual[=/=]ExcusePlot -- You're a traveling salesman whose spaceship broke down, and you've come to the café looking for a phone. The patrons won't let you by until you've bested them all in a Shufflepuck tournament.
* AndStarring -- On the title screen, two developers' names exchange positions to affirm their equal importance.
* ArmchairMilitary -- Eneg styles himself as a revolutionary general, but he really just owns the costume.
* BadassBandolier -- In the Mac version, Vinnie has one that holds what look like beer bottles.
* CameraAbuse -- Goals scored on the player appear to smash into the glass of the screen...whereas goals scored on the other player crack an invisible plane on the far side of the court.
* TheComputerShallTauntYou -- If he wins, Vinnie sticks out his tongue with a "nyah-nyah" noise.
* DittoFighter -- Nerual matches your moves.
* EmotionlessGirl -- Aside from a wink and a tiny smile when things go her way, Bejin remains completely impassive.
* TheFaceless -- Nerual initially presents as this. [[spoiler:Inside the cloak is actually a midget {{Cyclops}}.]]
* FailureIsTheOnlyOption -- Per the manual, "if you lose you'll earn their contempt. Win, and you'll earn their resentment."
* FrictionlessIce -- You can hit the puck exactly sideways and watch it bounce back and forth forever without losing momentum.
* MeaningfulName -- Visine Orb is only visible from the eyes up.
* SdrawkcabName -- Eneg Doowtrop and Nerual Ttoille, after two of the developers.
* SpiritualSuccessor -- Shufflepuck Cantina from Agharta Studio is a 2013 game that involves a lost astronaut playing air hockey with the patrons in a space cantina for the money to fix his shuttle.
* {{Telekinesis}} -- How Bejin serves the puck.
* TrainingDummy -- Robot bartender [=DC3=] can be configured for any level of difficulty.
* TheUnintelligible -- [=DC3=] speaks in [[StarWars R2D2]] noises.
* {{Vaporware}} -- The UsefulNotes/{{Apple II}}GS port shown on the box was all but complete, only to be canceled ([[http://groups.google.com/group/comp.sys.apple2/msg/308bb5f4bfa15582 supposedly]] because Broderbund found the [[LoadsAndLoadsOfLoading load times]] unacceptable). This didn't stop a leaked copy from gaining a reputation as one of the platform's best games.
* WalkingShirtlessScene -- Biff.