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Video Game: Shattered Horizon
Created by Future Mark and promoted by Steam, Shattered Horizon is about a war between Earth and the Moon, with space infantry engaging each other in zero G environments.

The game is currently only multiplayer, with either team deathmatch or objective-based maps.

40 years into the future, a mining accident on the moon has caused a substantially huge chunk of it to dislocate, with the debris settling into various orbits around the Moon and Earth - the ring around Earth being referred to as the "arc". This has made supply lines into and out of space difficult, and the scant few survivors who remain hail from one of two factions; the International Space Agency (ISA) and the Moon Mining Cooperative (MMC). The ISA believes the MMC to be responsible for the catastrophe, and with the last large shipment to space being essentially a big stockpile of weaponry the two sides begin war against one another, fighting for their very survival over the last available resources.

Currently in the running for the hardest space-based FPS ever, and could very well be compared to Planetes but with guns - or Moonlight Mile.

This video game contains examples of:

This video game averts the following tropes:

  • Space Is Noisy: The player's space suit will generate relevant to assist in situational awareness. Should you go to low power mode or get hit by an EMP, all you can hear is your heart beating and the bass from your gun firing.
  • 2-D Space: You can attack from above and below, however the lack of a single horizontal plane means that 'above' and 'below' are extremely subjective. Enderís Game fans will tell you that the enemy's gate is down.
  • We Will All Fly in the Future: Out of necessity, with everything in zero gravity.

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alternative title(s): Shattered Horizon
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