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Video Game: Shadowmaster Chronicles
"Think of all the stories you can. Now, imagine if they all had a single person tossed into the mix. A person that could change and alter events simply by BEING THERE. That is my fate..."
Protagonist, in the intro to Volume III of Shadowmaster Chronicles

Shadowmaster Chronicles (or "SC" as sometimes abbreviated by fans) is a Single-Player RPG made for IRC (Internet Relay Chat) gameplay. It chronicles the exploits of the main character, as he travels through Time and Space. However, unlike the traditional "Must Right Wrongs" of Time-Traveler games, The Main Character's job is simply to make sure things turn out all right, instead of ending up as a Happily Ever After scenario.

The game was originally designed as a gigantic crossover-fanfiction, which sprouted the lust for a playable version. Gameplay takes elements from many different series for gameplay reminiscent of the Kingdom Hearts series. Games are split into "Volumes" that generally have a theme (Such as Love, Darkness, The Parting of Ways, Initiations and the like) and "Chronicles" which actually tell the story of the specific adventure.

There is currently a Sprite Version of the first game in Volume II (The Guardian Chronicles) in the works. It will use RPG Maker VX Ace. There is also a Multiplayer IRC Game based on it, called Dark Sun Dome, made by the same person.

It recently underwent a bit of an upheaval as the writer decided to go a slightly different direction with some of the details of the story, thus this page will soon Need More Love.

This Fan Work provides examples of:

The Mighty Quest For Epic LootAction RPGToo Human

alternative title(s): Shadowmaster Chronicles
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