Video Game / Seek And Destroy 2002

Seek and Destroy is the American name of Shin Combat Choro-Q, an installment of the Choro Q series. It is a tank-centric Action Game. It first released in Japan in June of 2002, in the US in December of that year and in Europe in May of 2003. The US release was handled by Conspiracy Entertainment.

The game takes place in Quewar, a "world of steel" very different from ours, populated by Sentient, Super-Deformed battle tanks. The powerful Q-Stein Empire has declared war on neighboring nations and has conquered all but one- The Kingdom of Proton. The Player Character is Proton's "Special Force Tank", a One Tank Army entrusted with bringing Proton Back from the Brink. Quite literally, as the opening stage takes place in Proton's last held city of Rivageders.

Gameplay consists of tank-sim esque combat with fairly loose physics, with an effect not unlike Battlezone. Missions are selected from a world map and consist mostly of pitched battles against armies of Q-Stein Mooks, as well as impressively sized and dangerous bosses. There are some RPG Elements in the form of looting and equipping new and better tank parts, as well as exploring Hub Level towns and talking to various NPCs. There's a few mini games, including a Gladiator Subquest.

This should not be confused with the 1996 MS-DOS and Amiga Shoot 'em Up by Epic Games, or the Metallica song.

Seek and Destroy provides examples of: