''SATAZIUS'' is a HorizontalScrollingShooter developed by Astro Port and released in Japan in 2011. It was localized and released internationally by Nyu Media within the same year.

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Unlike many other modern {{shmup}}s, ''SATAZIUS'' is a GenreThrowback to horiztonal shooters of the 90's such as ''VideoGame/{{Axelay}}'', the ''VideoGame/RType'' series, and the ''VideoGame/{{Gradius}}'' series, with emphasis on stages resembling obstacle courses, {{Check Point}}s rather than respawning where you died, massive bosses, reduced bullet counts, and minimalist scoring systems.

''SATAZIUS'' can be purchased digitally via [[http://store.steampowered.com/app/203990/ Steam]]. It is also available on other digital distro outlets, but watch out: Some carriers, such as [=GamersGate=], package the game with [[UsefulNotes/DigitalRightsManagement SecuROM]]; the Steam version uses the standard Steam API instead.
!! ''SATAZIUS'' provides examples of:

* AreaOfEffect: The fourth primary weapon, a forward-firing bomb.
* BossBonanza: At the end of stage 5. The higher the difficulty, the more bosses you fight.
* ChargedAttack: Of the "collect" variety, sort of. A charge meter builds up over time, faster if you aren't firing any weapons. You have three choices for charged attacks:
** Homing shots that inflict extensive damage and nullify bullets.
** Two horizontal waves that slowly spread out.
** A SmartBomb that removes all projectiles at once and damages all on-screen enemies. Available only once you've obtained 6 weapon items.
* CheckPoint: As part of the "retro" schtick.
* ContinuingIsPainful: Losing a life will reduce your weapons' power levels and your ship speed 1-3 times. Dying several times in succession is a good way to end up with a sluggish and underpowered ship. In addition, dying also knocks out any collected stars you have; respawn at a CheckPoint after the first star and your Perfect bonus is [[PermanentlyMissableContent lost]].
* CopyProtection: The version of the game purchasable on [=GamersGate=] has [=SecuROM=]. The Steam version just uses the bog-standard Steam DRM.
* DeadlyWalls: As per shmup tradition, touching a wall will kill you instantly.
* EarnYourFun: Hard difficulty is only available after clearing Normal, and Insane after clearing Hard.
* FlawlessVictory: There are 10 stars in each stage. The more stars you get, the more points you get at the end of the stage. Getting all 10 nets a Perfect bonus. Dying during the stage will cause you to lose all of your stars.
* GenreThrowback: Was released as a tribute to checkpoint-based {{Horizontal Scrolling Shooter}}s of TheNineties, in spite of the saturation of BulletHell games in the late 2000's and TheNewTens. In short, if you've played games like ''VideoGame/{{Gradius}}'', ''VideoGame/{{Axelay}}'', ''VideoGame/RType'', and ''VideoGame/ThunderForce'', you'll feel right at home.
* HardModePerks: The game gains extra content on Hard and Insane difficulties, such as an additional boss during the Stage 5 BossBonanza and new forms of the FinalBoss.
* HarderThanHard: Insane difficulty, which is only available after completing the game on Hard.
* InterfaceSpoiler: Two possible means:
** The weapon select screen, missing 5 weapons, gives a clue to the length of the game.
** Opening the game directory, and looking in the Data/map folder revels one folder for each stage. Users that look at these folders see one for Stage 7.
* PoisonMushroom: The Speed Down item. Considering that your ship moves at a reasonable speed at maximum speed and that you get 5000 points for every excess Speed Up item you get, there isn't really any good reason to pick up a Speed Down.
* RealTimeWeaponChange: You can swap between your two secondary weapons at any time by pressing the weapon change button.
* ShoutOut: Many, particularly to other shmups.
** Stage 3 has rocks that split into smaller, indestructible rocks when hit, like in ''VideoGame/{{Gradius}} III''[='=]s 7th stage. Even the rock graphics are similar.
** Stage 4 has rotating C-shaped chains of guns with a blue weak point, like in stage 1 of ''VideoGame/RType''.
** Just before the BossRush in Stage 5, you're attacked by mooks that teleport in out of nowhere, just like in ''Gradius''.
** Non-shmup example: Stage 6 has [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} pairs of red and blue portals]].
* SingleUseShield: You can pick up a shield item that will give you a shield that lasts until it takes a hit or [[DeadlyWalls you die from touching walls]].
* TimeLimitBoss: If you take too long to kill a boss, you can still destroy it, but you will not get a new weapon.
* TrueFinalBoss: Not necessarily boss so much as forms of the FinalBoss. You fight two of its forms on Easy, three on Normal, and all four on Hard and Insane.