Video Game: ROM Check Fail

ROM Check Fail is a fangame that takes a handful of games from the arcade era and mixes them together. The experience is somewhat similar to WarioWare, in that you must adjust to rapidly changing playing styles. Every few seconds, your character and the enemies on the screen will change. At one second you may be Mario doing battle with a pack of Space Invaders, and the next you're the car from Spy Hunter blasting ghosts from Gauntlet. Unlike WarioWare, there is a single goal that remains the same in each stage: Clear all the enemies on the screen. The game continues for 20 screens, and upon completion, starts it all over again, raising the speed each time.

An addictive game with pick-up-and-play gameplay reminiscent of the early arcade and Atari console days. It can be downloaded here.

This game provides examples of: