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Video Game: Republic: The Revolution
Republic: The Revolution is a computer game produced and published in 2003 by the short-lived British developer Elixir Studios (probably better known for developing Evil Genius). The game takes place in the small nation of Novistrana, a fictional country that has just gained independence from the Soviet Union. You play as a political mastermind... whose family was assassinated by the KGB... and unfortunately, the man who was resposible for those murders is currently "president for life" of Novistrana and beyond the reach of the legal system.

Thus, the player's job is to set up a party and gather enough support to launch a revolution. Of course, you're not the only one with an agenda - opposing him are several other groups, including other political parties, churches and even criminal organizations. In order to overcome the opposition and overthrow the president, you'll have to persuade others to work with you and support your campaign. Of course, they're trying the same...

The game's political spectrum has three dimensions: Money, Force and Influence. Different ideologies draw (or repulse) different voting groups and can make recruiting certain people easier (or harder). The military is more likely to support a person with an interest in force, while the church can be hard to persuade to join the cause unless you share their belief in the power of influence. Corporate salesmen care for nothing but cold hard cash.

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