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Video Game: Re-Volt
Re-Volt, released in 1999 by the now-defunct Acclaim Entertainment on the PC, Nintendo 64, PlayStation and Dreamcast, is a unique approach to the racing genre. It pits radio-controlled cars against each other in a series of realistic and not-so-realistic tracks while using Mario Kart–style pickups. The gameplay is unique due to the physics engine that successfully emulated RC car movement. It has a related game titled RC Revenge which is its Spiritual Successor.

The game itself wasn't a big hit on the market (To the point of being classified as abandonware until its digital Updated Re-release), but it has given way to a cult following that exists to this very day. Eleven years from when it was first released, new cars, new tracks and even an online multiplayer client have been developed, and the game has even seen a digital release on

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alternative title(s): Re-Volt; Re Volt
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