A surreal BeatEmUp ArcadeGame from Creator/{{Taito}}, released in 1991.

''[=PuLiRuLa=]'' revolves around two children, Zac and Mel, living in the magical kingdom of Radishland. When a sinister figure steals the "Time Keys" that control the flow of time, Zac and Mel are given magic rods by an old man and tasked with recovering the keys and saving the kingdom. They accomplish this by running around beating up robots and other ''extremely'' weird enemies with their rods.

!!This game provides examples of...

* AlienGeometries -- The backgrounds in stage 6 are a ShoutOut to Creator/MCEscher.
* AllThereInTheManual -- The final boss has a name, "Jack O' Colson".
* BetweenMyLegs -- In the Japanese version, when you walk by the doors near the start of stage 3, out of two of them come a pair of disembodied female legs. If you open the one in the middle, ''a freaked-out pink elephant'' comes running out of ''a black void opening into outer space''. The US version censors this, but the female legs can still be seen in the montage of stills during the ending credits.
* BlindIdiotTranslation -- Sample dialogue from after you beat the stage 3 boss: "Also, this town, there is not that doll. Where it has gone."
** "That town is so head that no persons can live in"
** "A fellow called 'YU-YU' sucked up all rains."
* {{Cephalothorax}} -- The second boss.
* CuteWitch -- One of the most normal enemies.
* DemonicDummy -- The first boss.
* EverythingTryingToKillYou -- The enemies have to be seen to be believed.
* EyePop -- Done by the fourth boss to attack you.
* FishPeople -- There is a bonus level between levels 5 and 6 where you have to whack as many "reverse mermaids" (fish with human legs) as possible.
* JumpScare -- The giant blue-haired human head in Stage 3 gives you this.
* MindScrew
* MixAndMatchCritters -- Many enemies are this. For example, the fourth boss looks like a snail with spider legs and a bird head.
* RealDreamsAreWeirder -- Stage 3 is apparently the result of "the dream of a megalomania" influencing the town.
* TheRuntAtTheEnd -- One of the possible effects of the Smart Bomb is a stampede of animals, and after them a single, very slow snail. However, an enemy who gets in the snail's path will suffer a lot of damage.
* TheScream -- The final boss parodies Munch's well-known painting when you hit him enough times.
* SmartBomb -- Your "Magic" ability conjures up a (very) random effect that damages all enemies and makes you briefly invincible.
* TimeStandsStill
* TheWallsHaveEyes -- The final boss area is a dark room, which sometimes lightens up to show lots of twitchy eyes on the walls.
* WidgetSeries