Video Game: Pirates Vikings And Knights

Pirates Vikings and Knights was a total conversion mod originally released for Half-Life. It was followed by Pirates Vikings and Knights II, which used the Source engine. Gameplay is best described as Exactly What It Says on the Tin, with a three-way battle among Pirates, Vikings and knights. Depending upon the map, each team's objective may territory to control, treasure chests to capture, or being the last team standing.

As of now, nine classes have been completed, with 18 planned in total. On the Pirate Team we have the Skirmisher, the Captain and the Sharpshooter, the Vikings have the Berserker, the Huscarl and the Gestir, and the Knights go into battle with the Heavy Knight, the Archer, and the Man-at-Arms. The classes yet to be released include a Healer class for each team (Pirate 'Ealer, Seio-Kona and Cleric respectively), a tank for each team (Buccaneer, Jarl and Lord), a ranged class for the Vikings (Bondi), and a stealth class for both Pirates and Knights (Freebooter and Assassin).

The rest of the game provides examples of: