''No Exit'' is a game developed by Coktel Vision and released in 1990.

''No Exit'' is a side-view martial arts beat 'em up, similar in style to IK+ AKA ''International Karate +''. Each fight must be won within a time limit. You can specify your character's ability quite precisely, trading off Vivacity against Efficiency and Resistance against Strength. Your character has a special destructive mode, which can be accessed 3 times. This turns the character into a monster (corresponding to the opponent you are fighting against) and increases the level of damage you can inflict.

This game should not be confused with the play ''Theatre/NoExit''.

!!This VideoGame contains examples of:
* ScoringPoints: You get points for beating up the enemy.
* SuperMode: You can do this three times, and increase your damage output.
* TimedMission: Each fight is on a timer.