Video Game / Naissancee

Fleeing an unknown entity, you are running through falls trying to keep up with your breath. The entity catches and sends you down a hole to an empty room with only one door leading out. This is where Naissancee starts.

You're a female character who seems to be trapped in a weird underground like city, with cubical creatures living here and there. There's no sign of humans, and your only goal is to continuelly explore this world as you try to find heads or tales on how to get out of this strange place.

The game relies on platforming, and breathing. Yes, you read that correctly, breathing. As you sprint, you need to control your breathing to continue sprinting. This encourages the player to keep a rhythm in an otherwise safe enviroment, to survive some later puzzles.

Released on Steam, the game was at first a small pet-project to use architecture that was alive, as it's schtick. After a few years, it was re-created in UDK and is now available on Steam.

Tropes to explore in Naissancee:

  • Death Course: The Turbine sections become this as you progress. Right from electrified walls to fans that speed up to cut you in half.
  • Diegetic Interface: There's virtually no interface at all, which fits since you're an unequipped person roaming ancient ruins. However, the game's sprint-breathing mechanic flashes a circle when you need to trigger a breath, even this, though, can be turned off.
  • Fake Difficulty: The turbine sections present you with spinning fans, which, while they should only cut you if you walk into them, have a chance of randomly flinging you into the air, killing you.
  • Interface Screw: When you fail to breathe properly, and continue to do so, the screen will become hazier and hazier, simulating someone running out of breath. In "Deeper Into Madness" you keep going through rooms that look the same, speeding the gameplay speed up till you fall down one last hole and get to progress onwards.
  • Malevolent Architecture: A lot of the cubicle enviroment changes to help you at times, but some of it will also try to kill you.
  • Obvious Beta: Fiddly response from the game and outright glitches sometimes make the game harder then it should be. The sparse checkpoints made it worse until the developer saw his game's steam forum beginning to expel jets of steam, making a prompt patch that fixed them.
  • Precursors: Who, exactly, made the structures you're crawling around, in and on? Surely not humanity as we know them.
  • Unwinnable by Design: "Light Or Darkness" presents two rooms with lights going on and off, needing you to navigate a barely lit room. If your eyes can take the strain, it's only a question of knowing which path to take and where you can safely fall.