Video Game / Milo And Kate

Milo and Kate AKA Project Milo was a project in development by Lionhead Studios for the Xbox 360 Video Game console and heavily touted as the next big thing by Peter Molyneux. This is a tech demo that demonstrates the capabilities of the Kinect peripheral.

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  • This is the one of the straightest (if not the straightest) example of Breaking the Fourth Wall. The characters will speak to the players. The players could speak to the characters with the camera and microphone, and the characters will respond; even engage in a full on conversation. There are also other interactions between the characters and player, using the Kinect camera.
  • No Fourth Wall: A very straight example. 2-way conversations and other interactions between players and characters. See above.
  • Vaporware: This was seen functioning well (as in, a full functioning technological breakthrough) about 2 years before the release of the Kinect, the Xbox 360 camera accessory that it was demonstrating. It was claimed that it would be an actual game available for purchase, but long after the release of the Kinect, Project Milo is still unavailable.