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Video Game: Mega Man 6
In the year 20XX AD...The 1st Annual Robot Tournament was held with 8 of the world's most powerful robots. But...Mr. X, the sponsor of the tournament, took control of the robots and began to take over the world.

Entry #6 for the Mega Man (Classic) series, released October of 1993 in Japan, and March the next year for overseas.

A robot combat competition was being held, and people from all over the world sent their own unique creations to show off to the world. Dr. Light, being a pacifist, didn't enter Mega Man into it, but sent him along to make sure the contest ran smoothly. Everything was going well, until only the 8 finalists were standing. The host of the contest, the mysterious billionaire Mr. X, took control of the robots. He told everyone the contest was only held so he could use the robots to conquer the world, so Mega Man must keep Mr. X and these new Robot Masters from their goal of world conquest.

Capcom thought that this game was too late to release for the NES, but Nintendo published it anyway, completing the series's numbering and avoiding the awkward holes created in a certain other series whose name is abbreviated with two of the same letter.

It is available on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in Japan, Europe, and the US.

Robot Masters:
  • DWN-041: Blizzard Man, weak to Flame Blast, gives Blizzard Attack
  • DWN-042: Centaur Man, weak to Knight Crush, gives Centaur Flash
  • DWN-043: Flame Man, weak to Wind Storm, gives Flame Blast
  • DWN-044: Knight Man, weak to Yamato Spear, gives Knight Crush
  • DWN-045: Plant Man, weak to Blizzard Attack, gives Plant Barrier
  • DWN-046: Tomahawk Man, weak to Plant Barrier, gives Silver Tomahawk
  • DWN-047: Wind Man, weak to Centaur Flash, gives the Wind Storm
  • DWN-048: Yamato Man, weak to Silver Tomahawk, gives the Yamato Spear


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alternative title(s): Mega Man 6
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