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Video Game: Mario Gives Up
Mario Gives Up is a ROM hack of Super Mario World with a few major twists. First and foremost, Mario has Peach marched off to her death at the beginning (hence the title - he's given up on her). He then goes on an adventure for no reason at all, followed by a ghost the entire time. Second, without a Princess to kidnap, Bowser and the Koopalings have very little role to play in the plot, and bow out entirely in favor of a slew of completely unique bosses...then Bowser shows up to play the role of the Final Boss as usual at the very end.

The hack also has a sequel, Mario Gives Up 2, in which Mario has a crisis of conscience and tries to get Princess Peach back from hell.

Tropes in Mario Gives Up:

Tropes in Mario Gives Up 2:

  • Drugs Are Bad: Spoofed in "Just Say No" in World 2, which gets ridiculously trippy about halfway through the level.
  • Nintendo Hard: Even moreso than the first game — it starts getting cruel as soon as World 2 this time! Heck, the very first world has a few dick moves, as well; you need to go well out of your way for a Yoshi, and you need him to even begin the first level of World 2.
  • Shout-Out: Castle 2 is a huge King of the Hill Shout-Out.
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alternative title(s): Mario Gives Up
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