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Video Game: Magical Chase
Magical Chase is a very obscure Shoot 'em Up that onced graced the PC-Engine era of video games in 1991 developed by Palsoft and published by Quest. The game is a horizontal shooter in the veins of the Gradius series and Cotton: Fantasic Night Dreams, but has some unique gameplay elements of its own to make stand out from other shooters. Unlike most shooters, your protagonist isn't a One-Hit-Point Wonder as she has a Life Meter to withstand against some attacks.

The story centered around a Cute Witch named Ripple who's now afraid of her teacher for breaking a promise with her by accidentally releasing six devils sealed in a forbidden book. If Ripple doesn't fix this problem soon, her teacher will turn her into a frog as her punishment. With the help of two Elf-Stars, Topsy and Turvy, she sets out to seal the devils from whence they came before she spends the rest of years on a lilipad.

The game consist of six stages (three if you play it on "Easy"), and players can collect gems to earn gold and points, and the money can be spent to buy up power ups and recovery items at certain parts of the stage.

Due to it's obscurity, the game has become something of a very rare gem among shoot 'em ups, fetching very high prices in auctions. The game has also seen North American release 1993, a handheld port on the Game Boy Color, and a port on Windows 95/98, but since then, not much else.

See also Trouble Witches, which is more-or-less, a doujin successor to this game. More about this game can be found on That Other Wiki.

This game features examples of:

Jets'n'GunsHorizontal Scrolling ShooterMetal Black
Lode RunnerTurbo Grafx- 16 Super Dodge Ball
Jets'n'GunsShoot 'em UpMetal Black
MADtvVideo Games of the 1990sMajor Stryker

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