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''Magical Chase'' is a ''very'' obscure CuteEmUp that once graced UsefulNotes/The16bitEraOfConsoleVideoGames in 1991 developed by Palsoft for UsefulNotes/TurboGrafx16 and published by Quest. The game is a horizontal shooter in the veins of the ''VideoGame/{{Gradius}}'' series and ''[[VideoGame/FantasticNightDreamsCotton Cotton: Fantasic Night Dreams]]'', but has some unique gameplay elements of its own to make stand out from other shooters. Unlike most shooters, your protagonist [[AvertedTrope isn't]] a OneHitPointWonder as she has a LifeMeter to withstand against some attacks.

The story is centered around a CuteWitch named Ripple who's now afraid of her teacher for breaking a promise with her by accidentally releasing six devils sealed in a forbidden book. If Ripple doesn't fix this problem soon, her teacher will turn her into a frog as her punishment. With the help of two Elf-Stars, Topsy and Turvy, she sets out to seal the devils from whence they came before she spends the rest of years on a lilipad.

The game consist of six stages ([[EasyModeMockery three if you play it on "Easy"]]), and players can collect crystals to earn gold and points, which can be spent to buy up power-ups and recovery items at certain parts of the stage.

Due to it's obscurity, the game has become something of a very rare gem among shoot 'em ups, fetching ''very'' high prices in auctions. The game has also seen an overseas release 1993, as well as a handheld port on the UsefulNotes/GameBoyColor and a port on [[UsefulNotes/IBMPersonalComputer Windows 95]] in Japan, but since then, not much else.

See also ''VideoGame/TroubleWitches'', which is more-or-less a [[DoujinSoft doujin]] successor to this game. More about this game can be found on [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magical_Chase That Other Wiki]].

!!This game features examples of:
* AdamSmithHatesYourGuts: As you progress through the game and buy more items from Halloween Jack, the price of them will steadily increase.
* ArmsDealer: Halloween Jack, who sells Ripple various {{Power|Up}}-Ups that can change her shot type, power-up the Star Elves, spells that can recover HP or help against enemies, as well as recovery items and change her movement speed.
* AttackDrone: Topsy and Turvy, they can shoot enemies and protect Ripple from some enemy fire at any angle.
* AutoRevive: Elixirs will fully replenish Ripple's HP if her life meter reaches zero. You can only hold one at a time.
* BalefulPolymorph: Ripple's punishment if she doesn't seal the devils she accidentally released.
* BossSubtitles: The intro of each level shows the name of the devil you'll be facing.
* ChildMage: Ripple.
* ClassicCheatCode: In the [=TurboGrafx=]-16 version, entering Left, Down, Right, Up, Select three times, Left, Right, and I at the difficulty select screen will give you 60,000 crystals. Entering the same code but ending II instead will unlock a [[SoundTest Music Test]].
* CollisionDamage: Running into enemies or obstacles will hurt you.
* ContinuingIsPainful: If you resume a game after your HP hits zero, your score will be wiped.
* CuteWitch: Again, Ripple.
* CuteEmUp: Cute and adorable protagonist? Equally cute and sometimes odd enemies? Bright and cheery colors? Upbeat and catchy music? ''Magical Chase'' qualifies.
* DenialOfDiagonalAttack: Ripple by herself can only shoot in front of although are power-ups like the 3-Way that gives her more coverage.
* EasyModeMockery: Play the game on Easy and you only get half of the game.
* EmergencyEnergyTank: The Heart spell replenishes 2 HP.
* ExcusePlot: You screwed up by releasing the sealed devils and your angry teacher is gonna turn your into a frog if you don't fix it.
* FlyingBroomstick: Ripple flies across the land on a broomstick. She can change her broomstick with a different one that affects her mobility.
* HeartContainer: The Heart Fruits raises Ripple's life meter by 1.
* HyperactiveMetabolism: Ripple can recover HP from candy and sweets.
* IdiosyncraticDifficultyLevels: From easiest to hardest -- [[EasyModeMockery Breeze]], Bumpy, and [[NintendoHard Rough]].
* LetsPlay: One has been done by LetsPlay/NakaTeleeli. Watch Part 1 [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X98chcQ_oZo here]].
* LifeMeter: Represented by hearts.
* TheLostWoods: The second stage takes place in a forest.
* MultipleEndings: Depending on the difficulty.
* NiceHat: Ripple wears a traditional witch cat.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Thanks, Ripple.
* NonHumanSidekick: Topsy and Turvy, who are Elf Stars.
* ScoringPoints: Typically went you shoot down enemies, you gain points from it.
* SealedEvilInACan: The forbidden book sealing the six devils that Ripple accidentally set free.
* SpreadShot: The 3-Way and Wave shot, which turns Ripple's shots into way its name suggests.
* ToyTime: Stage 4 takes place in a toy land with hazardous traps.