''Machine Knight'' is an {{RPG}} by Kemco Games. The player assumes the role of Frain, a young man of science who is trying to save his world from their own scientific mishaps. Frain travels through a gate and winds up in another world, parallel to his own, in order to search for a new energy source for his world.

!!This game provides examples of:

* ApocalypseHow: Frain's goal is to avert TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt.
* ArtificialBrilliance: When using movement by touch, the AI is normally great at finding a way to the pinpointed spot, even if the path is roundabout.
* CharacterPortrait: Important characters get one. Unimportant characters don't.
* EasternRPG
* EvilAllAlong: [[spoiler:Shaft. He's the one responsible for Fraiya's behavior, and he wants to take the soulstones for himself to create the ultimate weapon.]]
* ForScience: Frain and his entire world follow this philosophy. Unfortunately, it lead to the creation of a "black sun" that threatens to end the world - oops.
* FunctionalMagic: Apparently, everyone on the fantasy world can do magic.
* HumongousMecha: [[spoiler:The game's FinalBoss, Ein Heim, is a ginormous robot constructed by Shaft as his ultimate weapon and is powered by the four soulstones he yanked.]]
* InformedEquipment: Natural for a sprite-based game. Of note, Frain's portrait shows him carrying a sword on his back at all times, even at the start of the game when he's just an unarmed scientist, making the trope work both ways.
* PokemonSpeak: Panchos only speak their name.
* SaintlyChurch: The church that Bell belongs to is generally beneficial. It doesn't meddle in politics and only serves to spread awareness about the spirit gods and help the afflicted.
* SavingTheWorld: Frain's original motivation is saving his own world.
* ShoutOut:
** Shaft mentioning taking a planet's atmospheric power for his own planet's benefit is reminiscent of the plot of ''Film/{{Spaceballs}}''.
** The three brothers who rule Keyan are named Barry (though mistranslated as Bally), Robin, and Maurice. Put them together and you form Music/TheBeeGees.
* TheMagicVersusTechnologyWar: The world Frain arrives at is a classic fantasy world, but the forces that threaten it are mechanical.
* TrueFinalBoss: [[spoiler: The revised form of the final boss, Ein Heim, can be fought by fulfilling certain conditions. Even with all three playable characters maxed out, it's a toughie.]]
* WhenDimensionsCollide: The invasion of a StandardFantasySetting by a CyberPunk one.