Video Game: Lula The Sexy Empire

aka: Wet The Sexy Empire
Lula: The Sexy Empire, also known as Wet: The Sexy Empire is a Simulation Game developed by Interactive Strip and published by Take-Two Interactive in 1998.

It's not easy to play as a Villain Protagonist. He and two criminal buddies held a bank and shot guards, but those two abandoned him in the middle of the desert and took all the loot with them. The first part of the game has him in a small quiet desert town, trying to evade the FBI, and take photos and films of aspiring porn actress Lula. By doing this, he gets enough money to buy a new identity and go into a proper business. The second part of the game requires him to set up a movie-making business, which involves hiring and firing staff, generating film 'plots', setting up cutting and editing facilities, and haggling for the best distribution deals until he becomes a distributor. Again, he must make enough money to make it in the movie-business. The third and final part of the game has him set up sex stores across the country, dealing more in resource-management and advertising until he generates enough money to launch the Lula television satellite into orbit and win the game.

This Video Game contains examples of:

  • FBI: They are pursuing the protagonist in the first part of the game, and he must get money to buy a new identity to escape them.
  • Karma Houdini: With the player's help, the protagonist will never be caught by the FBI.
  • Villain Protagonist: He started out as a bank robber before he became the boss of an international erotica group.

Alternative Title(s):

Wet The Sexy Empire