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Video Game: Lost In Shadow
A boy and his shadow...
There is a Tower that rises above all in an alternate world. No one knows who built this or why it was built. One thing is certain, the Tower both casts a large shadow and at the same time is filled with moving shadows...

There is a shadow of a boy that climbs this tower. He runs through the shadow of the Tower, solving mysteries and puzzles along the way, and fighting off enemies that try to impede his progress. The boy is not affected by gravity but his movement is restricted within the thin border between light and shadow....

There is a winged sylph known as a "Spangle" that supports him in his journey. The boy is not alone in his endeavors as this creature of light joins him on his quest.

The game is, essentially, a side-scrolling puzzle-platformer with 3D segments in the latter half of the game, all presented with an aesthetic very reminiscent of the Team ICO Series. Brought to you by Hudson Soft.

This game provides examples of:

Lode RunnerCreator/Hudson SoftMario Party
LoonylandAction AdventureThe Lost World: Jurassic Park (Console)

alternative title(s): Lost In Shadow
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