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Video Game: Lose/Lose
Freeware shoot-'em-up game for the Mac that plays something like Space Invaders, with one big difference if you shoot an alien, the game permanently (it completely skips the recycle bin!) deletes a file from your computer. If you collide with an alien, the game deletes itself.

Amazingly, people actually have played this and enjoy it (the high score is something like 412 files). We don't recommend playing this, though, unless you planned on reformatting your computer anyway note  in which case have at it.

It's been labeled as malware by several antiviruses, though it technically isn't since malware does harm without permission.

No links, for obvious reasons. If you're really curious, just Google Lose/Lose for its site...and don't say we didn't warn you., "game"...provides examples of:

I finally beat the high score! Wait... where are my irreplaceable pictures of my family? NOO!!!!!

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