Video Game / LIT

LIT is a 2008 WiiWare game, developed by WayForward Technologies. It is a classic "use the objects to construct a path to the exit" puzzle game, dressed up as Survival Horror.

The plot is as follows: Jake, the protagonist, has become trapped in his school, which has been plunged into darkness. Dangerous creatures lurk in the darkness, and Jake must use the various light sources around to safely navigate a path to the exit. However, turning on too many things at once and filling the light meter at the top will cause a fuse to blow, sending you back to the start of the room.

Occasionally a room will have a ringing phone; making it to the phone and answering it before it stops ringing will let you listen to a phone call from Jake's girlfriend, Rachael, as she works to escape from the school as well.

The original version of LIT is now Lost Forever, as the WiiWare store has been closed down. A different version of the game that kept the same characters and basic gameplay would eventually make its way to mobile devices, and a Steam version of that game was released on February 21, 2017.

This game provides examples of: