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Video Game / Legend Of The Valkyrie

Legend of the Valkyrie (Valkyrie no Densetsu in Japanese) is a Japan-exclusive game released by Namco in 1989 in arcades and in 1990 on PC Engine. No version of the game was made available to non-Japanese players until Namco Museum Volume 5.

The hero is the eponymous Valkyrie, a female warrior who wields a sword and is accompanied by Krino Sandra, a frog-like creature who despite the feminine name is actually male. They venture through Marvel Land (no relationship to a certain famous comic book company or Namco's Marvel Land arcade game) to vanquish the demon lord Zouna.

The game is probably best known to US audiences through its web comic from Shifty Look. The web comic was initially written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with art drawn by Fernando Heinz Furukawa, but was later written and drawn by Ashley Davis following a massive Art Shift. While the site carrying the comic has went under, a fan managed to save it and it is available to download here.

Valkyrie appears in both Namco Capcom and Project X Zone as a playable character and solo support unit respectively.

The game provides examples of:

The web comic provides examples of: