Video Game / Legend Of Djel

Legend of Djel is a first-person perspective adventure game developed by Coktel Vision and released in 1989.

Point-and-Click adventure (without mouse support on the DOS version). You play the role of a gnome named Djel. You have three basic missions: Find the daughter of Azeulisses, brew a magic potion for Theros and try to obtain a certain amount of Gold for the starving members of Kal's tribe. In the beginning these persons give you some items to support you on your quest.

Needs Wiki Magic Love.

This Video Game contains examples of:

  • Copy Protection: The game has a creative version of this that requires you to select the correct colour. You must have the manual with you to find out how to get through it.
  • Let's Play: Marlene55M has a few clips for this game on YouTube. Judging from how it's titled "Let's NOT Play: Legend of Djel", she didn't like it.
  • Prequel: This game is a prequel to Ween - The Prophecy.