LEGO Universe was an MMOG based on the popular {{LEGO}} toys, released October 26, 2010. The official site can be found [[ here]].

The plot is simply this: a knight, a pirate, a scientist, and a baron travel across the universe, searching for the source of imagination; they inevitably come across a perfectly cubic planet, and land on it. This source of imagination could make any idea come to life...

So the Baron, after going mad on the journey, creates the Maelstrom, a threatening chaotic force. This turns against him and drags him into the source of imagination, where he presumably was absorbed. The source turns dark and is eventually plugged up with the remains of their ship, exploding the planet into fragments.

The remaining crew eventually call upon the help of every available person in the Universe to help ward off the Maelstrom's dark minions, the Stromlings.

In August 2011, the game partially became free-to-play (the first two zones were free for all, with the rest only available to subscribers), but the change apparently failed to attract sufficient amounts of new subscribers, so LEGO ended LEGO Universe on January 31, 2012.

It later received a SpiritualSuccessor that was shut down even faster, ''VideoGame/LEGOMinifiguresOnline''.

!!This game contains examples of:
* AllThereInTheManual: The backstory is detailed on the website, in special missions.
* AllegedlyFreeGame: Eventually it comes to a point after you've gotten your own property to build on, that you have to be a Member to continue with the storyline and unlock other worlds and missions.
* AbnormalAmmo: The Venture League (one of the in-game factions) is guilty of this trope. Specifically, their Buccaneer class. Rank 1 shoots a trident from it's pistol. Nothing too abnormal about that... But when you get to Rank 2, the pistol shoots a fish. [[IncrediblyLamePun Somewhat fishy]], but... Wait! Rank 3 launches a [[UpToEleven SHARK]]!
** The WesternAnimation/{{Ninjago}} update introduced the Sushi Delivery System, which is a crossbow. [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Guess what it fires]]... To make things interesting, the fish fired from the SDS also home in on the enemies targeted.
* AprilFoolsDay: Three news articles were published on the LEGO Universe website on April 1, 2011. One revealed that Bob was actually TheMole; one was a preview of an upcoming "Red Brick" pet that was just a standard 2x4 LEGO brick; and one was showcasing a property where players had to find a brick... which was the only object on the entire property.
* ATasteOfPower: Two missions added in the "Power of the Nexus Force" update temporarily give new players special armor that has roughly the power of level 2 faction equipment and 4 extra hearts.
* BigBad: The Darkitect, [[spoiler: who is actually the former Baron Typhonus]].
* BrokenAesop: As shown in the intro movie, the lesson to be learned from Baron Typhonus's mistake is that chaos has no master, and the Baron was foolish for thinking that he could control it. But then, it turns out that the Maelstrom is controlled by an entity known as the Darkitect, [[spoiler:who happens to be none other than Baron Typhonus himself]].
* BulletTime: In the intro, a couple of shots have this when characters build things.
* ClothesMakeTheSuperman: Your abilities depend on what clothes you wear, in fact due to faction gear (usually the most powerful) being earned through defeating enemies it acts as a pseudo-level system.
* TheCorruption: The Maelstrom. All of the Stromlings in Avant Gardens? They were researchers.
* CollectionSidequest: Oh, so very much. Every area in the game has ten (or more) hidden flags to find, and there are more than a dozen "find the hidden chests/compasses/whatever" missions.
* CosmeticAward: The Vailient capes are only available to those who have hit the current level cap of 40 and are very expensive but only have the powers and defense bonuses of normal level 3 shoulder gear which can be bought earlier and cheaper.
* DarkActionGirl: The current leader of the Paradox Faction, Vanda Darkflame. Apparently stubborn and uncaring of whatever impression her methods give, though that's probably a given in her position.
* DarkIsNotEvil: The Paradox faction uses Maelstrom-based powers, but is fighting to save Imagination like everyone else.
* DeathIsCheap: [[ExploitedTrope Exploited]]- Since everyone is literally [[BuiltWithLego made From lego]], [[DevelopersForesight the dev team]] decided to include a "smash" button, which allows the player to fall apart and re-spawn at a safer area. This makes for a quicker escape plan and a smart way out of glitched areas.
* TheEngineer: One of the faction specialties of the Assembly faction.
* FlunkyBoss:
** The three Maelstrom Dragons of Forbidden Valley - Burnshout, Torchblight, and Blastbreath - are aided by a fourth Maelstrom Dragon who spawns Dark Ronin at regular intervals.
** The Maelstrom Spider Queen summons some of her Dark Spiderling offspring at two points during the battle.
** With the exception of Roo Morgg and Butterscorch, any Crux Prime boss could qualify, as they spawn in the battlefield amongst many of their lesser minions.
** Frakjaw spawns several waves of Skulkin enemies to battle against you during his battle.
* GiantSpider: The Maelstrom Spiders, including the Spider Boss and Spider Queen. Their offspring, the smaller but still huge enemies known as Dark Spiderlings, could qualify as well.
* GoneHorriblyRight: The Baron wanted to find the essence of pure imagination, and prove that it didn't have limits. What he ended up creating was the Maelstrom, a force of chaos without limits.
* GuideDangIt: Every single mission on the website.
* TheHeartless: The Stromlings.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: Or rather "Dragged by his own Spider Boss".
** The whole point of the Paradox Faction is to defeat the Maelstrom with its own energy.
* IntentionalEngrishForFunny: When the Venture Explorer's computers interpret a coded Maelstrom message, it is mistranslated as "All your base are belong to me!"
* KickTheDog: An absolutely brutal example; upon the Maelstrom's creation, the first thing the Spider Boss did was stomp on and destroy a Robot Dog. Thankfully, it is later reconstructed.
* NonLethalKO: When your character runs out of health, they get smashed and rebuild at a safe spot. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] because, well, you're playing as a Minifigure, and Minifigs can just be put back together again.
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: Ninjas, racers, jungle explorers, pirates, robots, cowboys knights, and spacemen have all been seen to interact. A character's outfit could be a mix of all of these, and more.
* OrderVersusChaos: More like Imagination vs Chaos. Or Creation vs. Destruction, if you prefer.
* OurDragonsAreDifferent: While there are the typical destructive, evil dragons in the game (which are composed of the evil Maelstrom), it is possible to find and tame a smaller, and nicer dragon as a pet.
* PreorderBonus: Preordering the game would have gotten you a Minifig wearing Nexus Astronaut Uniform, this same costume can be gotten in game by redeeming a code that would have also come with it.
** Also, everytime you update your subscription a in-game bonus is given, with longer subscriptions giving better awards.
* ProductPlacement: There is an entire world themed around the WesternAnimation/{{Ninjago}} line of {{LEGO}} Products. You can actually learn the Ninjago art of [[SpinAttack Spinjitzu]] there, and in general it's actually a pretty fleshed out place, with more missions available than most areas.
* ReferenceOverdosed: So many references to internet memes. For example, [[ Three Wolf Moon.]]
** Or here's another one: in the Return to the Venture Explorer mission where you need to gather data from multiple computers (whilst dodging considerably tough enemies), when you complete it, it says "All your base are belong to me."
** One mission is called "[[WesternAnimation/SouthPark Respect My Authority]]."
* SpacetimeEater: The Maelstrom.
* VendorTrash: Gems are completely worthless to players, but they can be sold to vendors. Depending on the color of the gem, you can receive anywhere from a measly 10 coins to a grand 50,000 coins by selling these gems.
* YourRewardIsClothes: Some of the time, there are rewards for achievements that make working towards them worth it, but the rest are either purely cosmetic, don't have any stat boosts (or barely any useful ones by the time), or are ugly.