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Video Game: Kaiserreich Legacy Of The Weltkrieg
You'll know a Kaiserreich fan when they either cheer or get enraged by this image
Kaiserreich Legacy of the Weltkrieg is a popular Hearts of Iron II Game Mod that is set in an alternate timeline where the Central Powers win World War One. Currently in 1.4 beta for the main game and 1.5 beta for Darkest Hour, Kaiserreich takes many of the same nations in a different direction, while introducing dozens of new nations, ministers and leaders.

This Game Mod provides examples of:

  • A.I. Roulette: The A.I's decisions when it comes to events can be... strange at times.
  • Allohistorical Allusion: Many. The Berlin Stock Crisis at the start of the mod is just one example.
    • Lefi Riefenstahl ends up directing a movie about Adolf Hitler's heroism and valor combined with a message about Germany superiority.
    • The Axis in this case is made up of Arabs, based on Cairo-Riyadh-Tehran, and a direct analogue to the real-life version. It consists of a powerful nation which wants to reclaim their allegedly superior race's territory (Egypt), a less powerful one which is more focused on simple expansion (Arabia), and an ethnically foreign nation to the east which simply has ambitions on the land of their mutual enemy (Persia).
  • Alternate History: The basis of the mod, as said above, is a timeline where Germany won World War I.
  • Alternate History Wank: Subverted by the victorious German Empire after WWI. Despite winning, it still lost great amounts of men, was unable to prevent hostile revolutions from breaking out in France and Britain, and has a very unstable colonial empire at the start of the game combined with a huge stock market crash. In the Interwar years they seem to play this straight at first sight, where they are successfully able to intervene in Russia and in China. However, In both cases its merely supporting one side in civil war (Russian Whites and Right-Wing Faction of Kuomintang), and they are in rather good position to do so. After Brest Litovsk Treaty, Germany already controls territory between them and Russia proper (so they don't carve out any puppet states in this intervention, since they already got them in 1917) and are already several kilometres away from Petrograd and Moscow, and Whites actually manage to cooperate with Germany and each other under Kerensky's leadership. In China its not even total victory, if 1926 battlescenario is of any indication, only "tactical victory" - first would require defeating all enemy factions in China, including Japan backed Manchuria, second only one faction that controls Beijin - and at start of game only one faction is German puppet (Corporate AOG), and one is loosely aligned (Qing Empire).
    • Given this is Hearts of Iron though, it is possible to do this with some nations if you're a good enough player.
  • Ambiguously Evil: Khan Sternberg, at least how he views himself.
    "My name is surrounded with such hate and fear that no one can judge what is the truth and what is false, what is history and what is myth."
  • American Civil War: A new one is a big event in the game. Between the Federal Government (Which may or may not be lead by a military coup headed by General MacArthur), the American Union State lead by Huey Long, Jack Reed's Combined Syndicates of America trying to wrest control of all America, there's the Pacific States of America (California) that want to secede, and Hawaii.
  • Aussies with Artillery / Kiwis with Carbines: Thanks to the revolution in Britain. Australia, New Zealand and Fiji joined together to form the Australasia Confederation.
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: The Syndicalist International's view on royals, the rich and capitalists in general. Can be averted depending on in-game choices and the actions of the AI.
  • Back from the Dead: Some generals that died before WWI are put in as leaders for certain nations just to fill up the generals ranks.
    • Despite dying in 1916, Huang Xing is the leader of the Republic of China assuming it secedes from AOG and launches it's revolution against it.
    • Cheka leader Felix Dzerzhinsky, who died in 1926, becomes leader of Poland if it falls to Syndicalism.
  • Badass In Charge: Some Heads of State are battlefield leaders, and are quite effective. Baron Sternberg is the most obvious example.
  • Balkanize Me: As is in the Vanilla Game, China is divided into several factions, though there are two less. This is also the case with Russia (1 major, 2 minors and 11 peripheral states), India (3 states), Italy (2) and Austria-Hungary (6 states, all but Austria proper semi-autonomous territories).
    • Balkanization is a major goal in most of the major war events in the game. A Brazilian victory in the Platinean War can divide La Plata into Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The U.S.A depending on the results of the Second American Civil War can have New England and the Pacific States secede. Also possible with whoever wins in the inevitable Germany/France war; Germany possibly dividing into Bavaria, the Rhenish Republic, the North German Federation, and Prussia if the Syndintern wins. And France divided into Normandy, Brittany, Occitania, and central France itself if Germany is victorious. The same can happen to Syndicalist Spain and Britain if they too lose in a war with Germany (Britain being divided into England, Scotland, and Wales, while Spain is divided into several nations including an independent Catalonia and an independent Basque Country).
  • Being Democratic Sucks: It is significantly harder to unify Russia as a constitutional monarchy or a democracy than through authoritarian means.
  • The British Empire: The once mighty British empire is now a vestigial empire ready to collapse alongside the French, can be averted if the Entente liberate Britain.
  • Brits with Battleships: One of the main syndicalist powers. The Republican navy with be the bane of anyone attempting to take over Britain. Can be restored to Royalist Britain if the entente liberate it.
  • Butt Monkey: Liberia, if it sides with National France. Gets thrown into chaos by the U.S Civil War, and if it decides to become a puppet of National France, then if National France gets thrown into chaos. One of the options Liberia can choose from this is even called "Why does this always happen to us?"
    • There's one for each alliance: For the Entente, it's the Caribbean Federation, which has neither any real strategic importance nor a starting army. For Mitteleuropa, it's Flanders-Wallonia (German puppet Belgium), sitting as more or less a province away from the French and usually in the first line of fire. For the Internationale, it's The Socialist Republic of Italy, which does nothing to help France thanks to being apart unless it takes the Italian Federation.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Usually if Soviet Russia or Republican China rises up, they usually lose due to a lack of starting territory, manpower and resources, as well as ineffective international support. This also happens with the uprisings in Kurdistan and Korea as well.
    • The second Weltkrieg has at various periods of the mod's history been this. Earlier versions of the mod tended to favor a reverse WWII where the Commune of France, with superior doctrines, would easily roll over Germany most of the time, whereas more recent post-DH versions usually see a fairly easy German victory without Russian or player involvement.
  • Chinese with Chopper Support: In Qing and Republican flavors.
  • Commie Land: What Totalists seek to create. Also played with a bit, in that Communism is no longer the dominant ideology of the far/radical left (the defeat of the Russian Reds and the success of the British and French Syndicalists greatly reduced the communists' influence). Instead, most radical leftist movements are Syndicalists, a lesser-known and far less authoritarian take on socialism, so every leftist nation that's not ruled by Totalists (Soviet-style authoritarian communists under a different name) is technically Syndicalist Land rather than Commie Land.
  • Christianity is Catholic: Averted. Despite being an RTS that doesn't have religion in mind, events give a lot of flavor on denominational religions.
  • Church Militant: The Shangqing Tianguo and the Italian Federation if extremist factions come to power, along with the Islamic Fundamentalist nation of Turkestan in Central Asia.
  • Deal with the Devil: Right-Wing Russia might choose to stab Germany in the back cooperating with, or even altogether joining Internationale, in order to reverse Brest Litovsk Treaty. There is also option for them to demand part of that territory in exchange for helping Germany with Internationalle, which means its Germany that makes Deal with Devil, abandoning its Allies to Russians to save her skin. YET ANOTHER case is Germany defeated by Internationale to join Entente (and the "Empires in Exile club"), the very same whose exile was caused indirectly by German victory, in order to make return to continent. Alliances in game are as often dictated by Realpolitik as by Ideology.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Well kinda, but the ideologies are reversed, with a Conservative North Italy and a Socialist South Italy.
    • Although ideology is reversed it should be mentioned that the governments aren't necessarily so. Socialist Italy is vaguely semi-democratic while Conservative north Italy can descends into theocratic pseudo-fascism, but constitutional monarchy with King Amadeo or Socialdemocratic Pope only slightly less leftist that south Italians are equally possible.
  • Different World, Different Movies: Several examples are mentioned, and more implied. For instance, J. R. R. Tolkien decides to write The Downfall of Númenor, based on the notebook he kept during the Weltkrieg, instead of The Hobbit in 1938, which ends up merging bits of The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings. He insists it's not a metaphor for the postwar revolutions among the Entente, just as in Real Life he insisted LOTR wasn't an allegory for World War II.
  • Divided States of America: Unlike in the Vanilla game, this happens via event, courtesy of the Second American Civil War.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Them : If Mussolini does not get into power in Italy by a certain date(around 1948 to be exact). He and most of the Totalists in Italy will die on the Superga plane crash and the surviving Totalists will disperse without a leader.
  • The Empire: The Syndicalist International views both German-led Mitteleuropa and the Entente as this.
    • Several states can become some variant of this. It never is obligatory, however (for instance, Russia can become a fascist-analogue autocratic monarchy with an aggressive foreign policy — but an isolationist vaguely left-wing democratic republic is equally possible).
  • The Emperor: In numerous flavors. Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany is the obvious example.
  • Evil Pays Better: Averted, surprising since it's a war game. Options to be lenient to your enemies are usually just as beneficial as punishing ones, and events like granting women the right to vote, and if you're Russia, not forcing the populace to be Russified are much better than the totalitarian ones. Can be seen as Pragmatic Villainy though.
  • Enemy Civil War: Can apply to numerous nations depending on who you play as.
  • Evil Versus Evil: Through the game runs on Grey and Grey Morality, it is possible, depending on how the game is played for the game to end with a final showdown between Wranglite Russia or Militaristic Japan and it's allies and puppet states comprised of repressive National Populist/Corportist/Psudo-Fascist/Ultranationalist regimes versus an alliance of equally repressive Totalist Socialist nations. Its also possible to have a dictatorship Entente Britain, Canada, Australasia, US and other allies or puppet go up against Mitteleuropa lead by an National populist puppets and authoritarian Imperial Germany.
  • Evil Counterpart: Iron Guard Romania to Monarchist Romania, if you know anything about what the Iron Guard did in Real Life...
    • Just about everything is this IE Commune of France to Nationalist France, Union of Britain to the United Kingdom.
  • The Evil Prince: Prince Sigismund of White Ruthenia is explicitly this.
  • The Federation: The Habsburg Empire became something like this post-Weltkrieg, comprised of autonomous states still under Austro-Hungarian rule. Although it's possible to play it more straight through reforms resulting in the Danubian Federation or restore Austria-Hungarian empire.
  • Four-Star Badass: The Second American Civil War features several Real Life examples of this trope - Douglas Mac Arthur, Omar Bradley, Dwight Eisenhower, and George S Patton just to name a few, all fighting against each other.
    • They can even occasionally end up fighting themselves due to a bug that sometimes causes multiple factions to receive the same general.
  • Gauls with Grenades: Qualifies for both Commune of France and National France. Subverted somewhat with German-puppeted France.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: Many of the events have words or descriptions in the languages of their respective nations. Not all are grammatically correct.
  • Grey and Gray Morality: The three main alliances, at the start of the game. Mitteleuropa is an alliance of authoritarian monarchies — but most of them are constitutional monarchies, and not actual dictatorships. The Entente includes both democracies with flaws and harsh military regimes, and the Syndicalists ranges from nearly actually democratic to not all that far from Totalism. All of this can change, given events, although unless you play a co-ordinated multiplayer game or edit the event files it is still liable to continue in some form (since while all the starting members of the alliances can be lead towards increased democracy or increased repression, you can't control what the AI chooses for the other countries, through you can influence the odds of what the AI chooses by editing the game files).
  • Gondor Calls for Aid: If the war with the syndicalists is going badly for the Germans, they'll ask her old allies (Austria, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire) to be called on.
  • Government in Exile: How the Canadian and Nationalist French work. This can happen to the Netherlands or Germany (and in more specific circumstances to Portugal).
  • Heel-Face Turn: Japan can turn from a exploitative, colonial power into a bastion of freedom in Asia with (relative) ease...
  • Historical Villain Upgrade: Baron Wrangel. In Real Life he was one of the major White Army Commanders and actually one of the moderate and tolerant ones, here he is the leader of a Fascist-esque faction that may take power upon Kerensky's death, and is often equated as an expy of Hitler by the mod's fans.
    • Possible averted through in Wrangel case. He will become the leader of Russia if the Romanovs Return and are a nationalist populist.
    • For right-wingers, the Syndicalist Internationale can be seen like this. In real life, syndicalism as a distinct ideology was heavily suppressed by all of the world's major powers, regardless of political affiliation, and as a result it had largely ceased to exist as a coherent movement by the mid-1940s. In Kaiserreich-world, it's by far the dominant ideology among the far left and the leaders of the radical-left bloc are almost all syndicalists.
  • The Horde: Mongolia is this under Khan Sternberg.
  • Imperial Japan: One of the few nations that still can follow a path eerily similar to OTL, through they have the choice to go democratic and establish a benign power bloc in Asia instead of fascist or national-populist.
  • Indians with Iglas: In Delhi, Princely Federation and Bhartiya Commune varieties.
  • In Spite of a Nail: Averted. Despite certain possible situations like Mussolini coming to power in Italy, the circumstances and factors revolving around them are so different that the situation itself is incredibly different than regular history.
    • Happens in regards to the deaths of historical figures. Despite their lives changing dramatically as a result of the alternate history, Mustafa Kemal, Kaiser Wilhelm and others all die at or around the same time as in the original timeline.
  • Irony: In the Second American Civil War, the faction based in the North has a name that is abbreviated 'CSA', while the faction from the Deep South is called the Union States.
    • If the player decides to restore the Russian Monarchy and declares war on the Commune of France or Imperial Germany an event will fire named "The Great Patriotic war against the Commune of France or Germany". (The Great Patriotic war was the Soviet nickname for real life World War 2 against Germany)
  • La Résistance: In Alsace and Wallonia once war between Germany and France breaks out. Can really help the Commune if they exploit it well.
  • Luck-Based Mission: Some of the nations can count as this. All the nations that can profit off of the Austria-Hungary war for example, if the war chooses to fire or not.
  • Magikarp Power: Out of all three main alliances the Entente starts off the weakest. All of its starting members face the possibility of being overthrown or leaving the alliance, and most of its potential members (like the US, Japan or Russians) are more likely to end up joining one of the other factions. However with the right events it's possible to end up with the US, Russia, Republican China or Japan depending on how the situation in Asia plays out, and an unified India on your side, as well as having all the former British Dominions rejoin/stay and end up with truly unstoppable force.
    • Also counts for certain nations. For example, the Shangqing Tianguo, the smallest of the starting Chinese states, can potentially unify all of China under a new imperial dynasty if played right.
    • Russia, it starts off with high dissident and the earlier events following Kerensky's assassination will only give more if not handled well, but if you play your cards right,you will be able to restore the monarchy(or the USSR for that matter), defeat a second civil war or prevent it altogether and reunite the former Russian lands.
    • The United States of America is the biggest of them all. Starts off with no military power to speak of, facing the daunting task of defeating an inevitable civil war that will happen no matter who wins the election(unlike Russia or Spain, where the Civil War can be prevented if one plays their cards right), and its territories being seized by different nations, however with a little skill and luck its possible to turn the US into a Superpower that rivals Germany, retake all the former lands and have a trully unstopable force.
  • Names to Run Away From Really Fast: Baron Roman von Ungern-Sternberg, the appropriately named Mad Baron of Mongolia.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: According to the background material Hitler died during World War I and the Nazi party itself never comes into existence. However an alternate version called the Alldeutsche Verband lead by Ernst Röhm exists and shares pretty much the same beliefs. And can, per event, be elected to power.
    • It's safe to say all National Populist nations are basically this.
    • Totalists are this for Communists.
  • New Roman Legions: Italian Federation and Socialist Republic of Italy.
  • One Nation Under Copyright: Allgemeine Ostasiatische Gesellschaft, Germany's colony in southern China. The Syndicalist point of view is that all capitalist countries are this.
    • Legally speaking, the AOG isn't a German colony. That doesn't really weaken the point though, since what it is is a German corporation that effectively governs half of the de jure Qing Empire.
  • One-Federation Limit: Averted. The Italian Federation, the Anarchist Federation of Iberia (syndicate spain), and the Princely Federation(pro independent india) all exist.
    • As can the Danubian Federation, a rather nicer, more liberal version of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • Pet the Dog: It's possible to be extremely lenient to defeated enemies if the player so chooses - playing as the victorious White Russians, for example, one of the choices given fairly early on provides the option to formally recognize the local Soviet councils and essentially integrate the defeated Reds peacefully into the government.
  • Puppet State: If Germany wins its wars against Sindicalist France, Britain, Italy, and/or Spain, besides the decision of whether or not to Balkanize them, it can choose to create these, particularly by putting its own nobles and self-appointed rulers in charge, or Germany can be nice and let them choose their own leadership, but still expect loyalty regardless.
  • Putting on the Reich: The Integralists in Brazil, as in Real Life. Wrangel's Russian Ultranationalists can also count.
    • Cardinal Innitzer led Italy is this, and potentially the American Union State if Fritz Kuhn is selected as vice president in the Civil War and his coup succeeds later on.
  • Rape, Pillage, and Burn: What Mongolia can do to its enemies.
  • Red Baron: The Baron himself is the head of the Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte (The German Air Force) here.
  • Red October: A third Russian Revolution can happen, if the current regime becomes too oppressive. This can cause Russia itself to be massively fractured, as Siberia declares independence, and numerous border states can seize territories from the weakened Russia at this time.
  • Red Scare: The Syndicalist Internationale is this, and should the Combined Syndicates win the Second American Civil War, it could become this in particular.
  • Richard Nixon the Used Car Salesman: So many, in part due to the mod's focus of shifting focus away from major 20th century figures to more minor ones.
    • Adolf Hitler: Died as a soldier in World War I in this timeline. His memoirs during the war have been collected among others, and released as a book called Mein Kampf. It even gets made into an epic war movie...directed by Leni Riefenstahl.
    • Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-Shek are both killed during the German Intervention in China. However a mistake in the Minister files up to version 1.03 made it look like that Mao fled to Taiwan instead, this was fixed in 1.04
    • Josef Stalin: Is Minister of Security for the Georgian Socialist Republic, an inverse of his relationship with Beria in the original timeline. Known by his Georgian name in-universe.
    • Winston Churchill: A possible minister for the Enente-liberated Britain, also if Tsarist Russia decides to join the Entente, Churchill will be sent to Russia as an foreign minister.
    • Ronald Reagan: Dies of mysterious circumstances in the Second American Civil War
    • Franklin D. Roosevelt is killed by an American Firster in 1935
    • Dwight D. Eisenhower is a general in Douglas MacArthur's Junta that can come to power assuming a dictoritorial US Federal government wins the civil war when MacArthur dies
    • Due to the Nazis never rising to power, Albert Einstein remains in Germany as an armaments minister.
    • Otto von Habsburg is emperor of Austria after the death of Charles V
    • Andrei Vlassov and Nikolai Yezhov were members of Wrangel's psudo-Fascist regime up till version 1.03, where they were removed in favor of Fascistic-leaning White Generals due to concerns over the Sliding Scale of Alternate History Plausibility of them joining the Whites in the first place
    • Nestor Makhno fled Ukraine after the defeat of the Black Army and the Bolsheviks by German intervention to the Commune of France, where he can be elected to power.
    • Francisco Franco is a major figure in the Kingdom of Spain, he can take power if the king dies from his coma in the Spanish Civil War.
    • Leon Trotsky is blamed by all Socialist nations for the failure of Communism in Russia, forcing him to go into hiding and fade into obscurity.
    • Nikolai Bukharin is the leader of the Communist remnants in Russia, they can be elected to power and form a Popular Front Government that can restore the USSR.
    • George Orwell, known by his name as Eric Blair can be a head of government for a Mosley-led regime. He can also turn against Mosley if the latter abuses his own power too much.
    • Charlie Chaplin: Present as a potential minister replacement for the Minister of Security for the Combined Syndicates of America, fitting his real-life reputation as a leftist radical. It's mentioned that his film Modern Times is quickly banned in the United States for being anti-capitalist, which actually happened with his film Limelight in 1952.
  • Rightful King Returns: Numerous examples. Serbia, Brazil and Russia for example, can both have their monarchs return by event.
    • National France can restore the monarchy of France as well, in Bourbon or Bonaparte flavors.
    • The whole point of playing as any of the old Britsh dominions is to do this for Edward VIII.
    • This happened to Pu Yi in the backstory, with the help of German arms. The Shanqing can do this for Zhu Rongji, a distant descendant of the Ming dinasty (the previous, and last non-barbarian rulers of China). Both can unify the entirety of China.
    • Subverted by the Carlists in Spain, in which Xavier de Borbón y Parma claims the Spanish throne from the crumbling Kingdom of Spain (with the support of Italy and other Catholic powers), yet he's not considered a legitimate pretender by the rest of Spain.
    • Can be played Straight or subverted with Portugal, If Germany annexes portugal they have the option of remaking the Kingdom of Portugal, in which they can restore the old monarch or make a German prince/princess the rulers.
    • Hawaii can restore the monarchy if it gains independence.
    • Possibly subverted with either Russian puppeted Germany, Britian, France, Italy and Austria. They can be subjected to being ruled by a Russian Prince or princess (though they can play straight with a pro entente government and giving back Bourbon or Napoleonic Nationalist France and Royalist Canada back there respective lands).
    • Can be forced upon nations with no monarchs such as Georgia by a larger power that decides to restore the Kingdom of Georgia
    • Germany can allow this for the Syndicalist states if it wins, or simply place handpicked leaders or German nobles on their thrones.
  • Shown Their Work: The mod has a ton of nods to real history, along with being based on an incredibly plausible Alternate History.
  • Shout-Out: Many. Just for example, Poland's text for the end of the Olympics is 'Poland cannot into Olympics,' a play on a popular Paradox forum meme.
    • One of the ministers for the Fengtian Republic is named Liu Han.
    • One of the Canadian Generals is named Melchett.
    • One of the units that Mittelafrika starts with is called the Outer Heaven Warlords.
  • Sliding Scale of Alternate History Plausibility: Generally stays in the Type II range. The alternate history and directions the scenario can go are generally based in reality with real life historical figures used in most all situations (instead of made-up characters). However, a lot of ideas do run on Rule of Cool. (A second Mongol Empire rising? A massive four-way civil war in America? France starting the equivalent of the Second World War? etc.)
  • The Sound of Martial Music: Austria-Hungary survived the Weltkrieg, though not in the best of shape. By the time the game proper starts, a series of unrests and reforms had made the Habsburg Empire a rather loose association of states nominally under Austro-Hungarian rule. Depending on the player's actions though, it could fracture entirely or reform into either a totalitarian-leaning reunified Empire or a more liberal-minded Danubian Federation, though either option may still have under Habsburgs.
  • Spanish Civil War: This alternate timeline scenario features a Mêlée à Trois between the Kingdom of Spain, Carlist Spain and the CNT-FAI.
    • Additionally, many participants in the real-life Spanish Civil War end up in other places, doing other things - for example, Robert Hale Merriman, the first commander of the Republic's Abraham Lincoln Brigade in Real Life, instead serves as a general for the Syndicalists in the Second American Civil War. He can even be given the position of Chief of The Army, quite impressive for an economics professor whose only military training was a few years of ROTC as an undergraduate. His counterpart Oliver Law, who commanded the George Washington Brigade, also fights for the Syndicalists, while George Orwell (who fought for a Republican militia in Real Life) is involved in British politics in this timeline and never sets foot in Spain.
    • Though its possible to avert the Spanish Civil War, if the player bans neither the CNT-FAI and Carlist. When the king has a stroke call for open elections then pick what side you want: Socialist, Carlist or the Federal Goverment.
  • The Fundamentalist: Zhang Tianran of the Shangqing Tianguo, Cardinal Innitzer led Italy can also be this.
  • The Remnant: Despite being defeated in the Russian Civil war, Bolshevik Remnants remain under the leadership of Nikolai Bukharin and can restore the USSR if they come to power either democratically or through Civil War.
    • National France sees itself as this for the legitimate French nation, though it's initially based in Algeria, French Guiana and an increasingly loose hold over the rest of the old colonial empire.
  • The Spanish Inquisition: If the Carlists win the Spanish Civil War, this can be reborn. It's used to hunt down CNT-FAI agents, and can spread to Portugal and northern Italy as well.
  • Ungern-Sternberg: Leader of Mongolia in this timeline. Can potentially be crowned Ghenghis Khan II upon conquering the Ma Clique.
  • We Have Reserves: The Syndicalists in the Second American Civil War have this as their primary advantage - the other factions get better generals and usually have better-trained and equipped troops, but at the end of the day there just aren't very many of them, while every Syndicalist soldier killed has three more lined up to take his place on the battle line.
  • World War II: Will start off before 1939, between the Internationale which will include France and the Italian Socialist Republic (with the possibility of the CSA and the CNT-FAI joining the fun if they win their revolutions, while the Union of Britain may join depending on there events) versus Mitteleruopa (led by Germany, her puppets and any allies via events).
    • The Entente will join the war depending on if Canada decides to fire off an event and is more a less a annoyance to the Internationale unless played right.
  • Vestigial Empire: Numerous examples exist in the game. One is the remains of the collapsed British empire which has been reduced to a government in exile operating out of Canada with a very loose alliance with only a few of its former dominions/colonies. However given the nature of the game it's fully possible to subvert the situation.
    • One of the major goals when playing as Russia or Japan is to subvert this. While for Austria-Hungary, it's to avoid sliding into this altogether.
    • The Qing aim to pull this about, too, with event chains encouraging a combination of diplomacy, intimidation and occasional war (with Mongolia and Japan, most likely). When powerful enough, they can force the Europeans out of the Legation Cities and the German-occupied territories. The end result? China in its modern borders, often a constitutional monarchy, and one of the most powerful industrial nations in the world.
  • Victory By Endurance: If the Syndicalists end up winning the Second American Civil War, this is usually how they do it - their territory includes a substantial majority of America's population, industry, and infrastructure, so they can produce more supplies than the other factions involved in the war, muster more troops to fight, and replace losses faster. All they really have to do is fortify and wait while their enemies gradually bleed themselves dry.
  • Vietnam War: Can happen much earlier with Germany, who takes the Indochinese colonies from the French after WW1. Usually if the conditions of Black Monday causes a lot of dissident, Ho Chi Minh and the Vietcong leads an uprising in Indochina, through Germany has the power to win, they usually end up losing because the VC has enough forces to drive out the German garrison in Indochina and the AI usually doesn’t land ships there.
  • Videogame Cruelty Potential: Almost more than actual Hearts of Iron. Want to re-enserf the peasantry under a new Russian Empire or create a semi-Fascist state out of the ruins of Russia? Create a fully dictatorial Totalist or Corporatist regime in America or thrust it under the rule of a military Junta trampling on constitutional rights? Execute protesters and those who oppose your reign? Make the civil wars of our timeline even worse? And not allow women to vote? Then come and play Kaiserreich!
    • Videogame Caring Potential: Much harder, of course, but present. Enact major reforms to free your people, save collapsing nations from dying, turn nations on the edge of destruction or despotism into constitutional monarchies... Probably the greatest example of all would be winning the Second American Civil War as the federal government without succumbing to martial law, reclaiming all lost territory, and fully reintegrating the rebellious states in a much more gentle Reconstruction than the first Civil War produced.
  • The Von Trope Family: Seeing as Imperial Germany is still alive, Von names are much more in use. Notable example include Roman Von Ungern-Sternbeg (who is actually Russian, but of Germanic extraction).
    • For extra irony, if the Entente declares war on Germany and not the Syndicalists, he will warn Russia that an "Iron curtain will fall over Germany if the Syndicalists win".
  • 0% Approval Rating: How Leon Trotsky is looked upon by the Socialist nations due to his responsibility in the failure of the Russian Revolution.

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