''Journey to Silius'' is a side-scrolling action game by Creator/{{Sunsoft}} released for the NintendoEntertainmentSystem in 1990. ''Silius'' was originally slated to be based on the Creator/JamesCameron film ''TheTerminator'', but Sunsoft lost the license before its scheduled release date. Sunsoft decided to continue development rather than canceling their hard work. As it turned out, ''Journey to Silius'' became a cult-classic, while later NES games that carried the ''Terminator'' license [[VindicatedByHistory are all but forgotten]].

!!Tropes of this game:
* AutoScrollingLevel: The final stage.
* BattleshipRaid: The penultimate boss.
* BottomlessPits: They're here and there.
* ChainReactionDestruction: Bosses tend to do that.
* CoresAndTurretsBoss: Third boss.
* DownTheDrain: Stage 2.
* EternalEngine: The last two stages, which include most of the [[EverythingTryingToKillYou stock deathtraps]].
* FlashOfPain: Pink ones in this case.
* JapaneseRanguage: You were actually supposed to be journeying to Si'''r'''ius.
* KingMook: The sub-bosses of Stage 3 and 4 are upgrades of the missile batteries and the "[=HumpBots=]", respectively, and the FinalBoss is a giant version of the tall MechaMooks from Stage 3.
* MagicFloppyDisk: They're in the future too.
* MarketBasedTitle: Known as ''Rough World'' in Japan. Often mistakenly called "Raf World" since "Rough" is spelled ''rʌf'' (the middle letter being a turned v). Jay wears a futuristic armor in this version (like he does in the European release).
* NintendoHard: The game's only five stages long, but has a rather steep difficulty curve.
* PersonalSpaceInvader: "[=HumpBot=]".
* SentryGun: Some of the turrets.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: It's prooooobably supposed to be "Journey to ''Sirius''", and the nice (Japanese) folks at Sunsoft didn't realize the mistake until too late. The game doesn't have a particularly large amount of plot, though, so it doesn't really matter too much either way.
* [[StealthSequel Stealth Prequel]]: To ''Chō Wakusei Senki Metafight'', the Japanese version of ''VideoGame/BlasterMaster''. ''Rough World'' is set in the year 0373 of the space calendar, while ''Metafight'' is set in 2052 of the same calendar.