[[caption-width-right:310: Hello Games logo on the side of the racetrack; long before it became associated with something [[VideoGame/NoMansSky quite notorious]].]]
''Joe Danger'' is a motorcycle-racing game released in 2010 on the UsefulNotes/PlayStationNetwork by the Guildford, UK-based Creator/HelloGames. It was later released on UsefulNotes/XboxLiveArcade under the title ''Joe Danger: Special Edition''.

The title character is a professional motorbike stuntman prepared to make his big comeback and shatter all sorts of world records in the process (that is, if he doesn't shatter all of his bones first). Your job is to help Joe complete a long series of courses by racking up points with tricks off ramps and springboards. In some levels, you'll be asked to hit as many targets as you can, or collect a set of coins within the time limit, while others pit you against Joe's masked rivals, Team Nasty.

A sequel, entitled ''Joe Danger 2: The Movie'', continues after Joe's successful comeback tour and takes him across various themed movie sets, while also giving him skis and a {{jet pack}} to use to get around.

The third and final game in the series, entitled ''Joe Danger Touch'', was released on the [[{{iOS Games}} iOS App Store]] on Jan. 10, 2013.

!!Tropes in ''Joe Danger'':

* AdvancingWallOfDoom: In the Alpine levels of ''Joe Danger 2'', Joe has to outrun an avalanche
* AmusingInjuries
* FollowTheMoney: Most optimal paths in the game are marked by trails of coins or stars.
* JetPack: Used on some levels in the second game.
* LevelEditor
* SharkPool
* ShoutOut:
** In the first game, many of the event names are taken from elements of popular video games ([[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Super Effective]], [[VideoGame/{{Quake}} Quad Damage]], [[VideoGame/GoldenEye1997 The Klobb]], [[VideoGame/PacMan Power Pill]], [[SonicTheHedgehog The Hidden Palace]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan Rush Jet]], etc.) The races against Team Nasty (and much of the game itself) are shout-outs to the races in ''VideoGame/ExciteBike''.
** The second game switches to movie-based theme naming: "[[Film/JoeVersusTheVolcano Joe vs. Volcano]]", "[[Film/DrNo Dr. Snow]]", "[[Film/TimeCop Timed Cop]]", and "[[Film/TotalRecall1990 Total Freefall]]", to name a few.
* SpikesOfDoom