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Video Game: Iris Online
Iris Online is a gypsy-themed MMORPG available from gPotato. It doesn't seem to do much in the way of new stuff with the genre, but it's a fun game with nice graphics.

It has three races (human, elf, hybrid (beastman)) and three types of class (a fighter, a mage, and a gunslinger/dagger-wielder), although with a twist: which classes are available to you are determined by your race. Each race has two types of class available to it (so each class type is available to two races), with two classes per type (one per race). Humans can become fighters (human fighter) or mages (1v1 mage, natch), elves can become rangers (more evasive ranged type) or shamans (AoE mage), and hybrids can be warriors (their fighter type) or rogues (tankier ranged type). Fighters and warriors can wield a sword and a shield to tank, or a two-handed sword or dual swords for damage; they get second classes specialising in each type of weapon. Mages & shamans get a DP Ser class (magicians & warlocks) or a healer class (priests & sages). Rangers & rogues get a gunslinger class (Scouts & Hunters, I believe) or a dual-wielding dagger class (Adventurers or Shadow Walkers). There is apparently a fourth class and/or race (not sure which) to be added in an upcoming update.

Gpotato has discontinued this game's service, due to the developer neglecting it to focus on new projects.

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alternative title(s): Iris Online
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