Video Game / Inspector Spacetime
On 1 April 2009, BTV announced that the television programme would be supplemented with what they described as "interactive episodes", a term their legal department suggested in order to avoid their review by the Video Game Ratings Board (and the Civic Eyes and Ears Council). They are not considered part of the Inspector Spacetime Continuum for canonical purposes but are authorised in the Expanded Universe. Travis Richey and Derwin Jordan provide full voiceovers and motion capture for the digitised Inspector and Constable Reggie, both of whom are playable characters. Each instalment promises "approximately two hours of gameplay".

Interactive Season 1
  1. "Exurb of the Blorgons"
  2. "Oil of the Circuit-Chaps"
  3. "The X7 Dimesioniser"
  4. "Sunbeams of the Denah Avatars"

Interactive Season 2
  1. "The Uncanny Valley of Fear"