Video Game / Inferno

Inferno is a fan-developed Game Mod for FreeSpace 2, one of the first produced and among the more well-known campaigns. It is notable for being one of the early attempts to almost completely replace canon ships with community-designed models, and featured a few designs from Volition's concept sketches that never made it into the final game.

Unfortunately, after the partial release of its first chapter, it fell into Development Hell, and became one of the fan community's biggest Vapor Ware examples. A few years ago, a full, well-designed prequel called Inferno: Alliance was released, but, again, its sequel also fell into Development Hell. However, recently it was announced that work on the Continuity Reboot "Inferno Release 2" is in production, and a big release can be expected sometime in the coming months/years.

The story follows that humanity has finally rebuilt the Sol jump node, and upon coming back to Earth, finds that Earth is not thrilled to find itself being forcibly drawn back into the GTVA. A civil war between humanity and the Earth Alliance soon results, into the midst of which the Shivans make a deadly return, boasting more powerful warships than ever.

Inferno provides examples of the following tropes:

  • All There Is to Know About "The Crying Game": The mod is most infamous for introducing some absolutely gigantic spaceships to the game, such as the SSJ Gigas, TSJ Icanus, and especially the SH Gargant, a 50-km monstrosity that was planned at one point, but dropped.
  • Beam Spam: Tying into the above, many people consider the mod infamous for this.
  • Continuity Reboot: Inferno R2 is both an Updated Re-release of the original campaign and a sequel.
  • Fan Nickname: A new alien species was/is/maybe planned, but the developers refuse to name them, putting a line of seven asterisks in place of their name whenever mentioning them. This has lead to the community referring to them as "the Asterisks".
  • Wave Motion Gun:
    • The Aurora/Punisher Beam Cannon equipped on the Icanus. It's so gigantic that it takes up nearly a quarter of the already huge warship's bulk (the redesigned Icanus has a more reasonable construction).
    • Fighterbeams were planned, and in a couple cases implemented.