Video Game: I'm O.K

I'm O.K - A Murder Simulator is a freeware Beat 'em Up platformer game created in 2005 by Derek Yu and others in response to Jack Thompson's "A Modest Video Game Proposal", a letter in which he asked the Entertainment Software Association to create a videogame involving the mass murder of videogame industry employees. Thompson claimed that he would donate $10,000 to a charity of Paul Eibeler's (former chairman of Take-Two Interactive, a company heavily criticized by Thompson) choosing if such a game were made.

This game involves... well, rampant cartoonish over-the-top violence against video game industry customers, vendors, developers, and executives. In the course of several levels the main character, a distraught father named Osaki Kim (O.K. for short) whose son perished in a videogame-induced shooting, goes on an angry rampage to avenge his son's death.

(Thompson later reneged on this promise, saying that the game had to be commercially published and sold. He later even tried to sue Penny Arcade when it donated the $10K in Thompson's name to the Entertainment Software Association Foundation charity.)

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