Video Game: Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

An adventure game for the Game Boy Advance developed by Pax Softnica and published by Nintendo based on the anime, Hamtaro, and sequel to Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite!.

Unlike its prequel, which was just about rounding up all of your fellow Ham-Hams, Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak had a more in-depth plot. After Hamtaro wakes up from a nightmare about a devil-costumed hamster named Spat going around ruining hamsters' relationships, Boss sends him to go find Bijou, whom he later learns he must save. Along the way Hamtaro learns about an influx of broken relationships and soon learns that his nightmare about Spat was true. And thus Hamtaro and Bijou together travel around levels trying to fix the relationships broken by Spat and stop Spat once and for all.


  • Adult Fear: In Boo Manor, you'll happen upon a painting of a crying hamster. Listen close enough, and you'll hear her crying...and then she'll step out of the painting and tell you she's crying because her son's run away from home.
  • Animals Not to Scale: We get a monkey barely bigger than a hamster.
  • Bag of Spilling: Hamtaro's Ham-Ham vocabulary. This is justified, however, in story: At the start of the game Hamtaro trips and falls into a bucket of water, which soaks and ruins his dictionary.
  • Balloon Belly: The two hamsters in Sunny Peak after they eat their fill of seeds. Hamtaro and Bijou also demonstrate the Bloat-T Ham-Chat this way.
  • Big Bad: Spat.
  • Big Good: Harmony.
  • Brats with Slingshots: One Hamchat gained allowed Hamtaro to summon a slingshot from nothing.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Spat, who dresses in a black devil outfit and whose goal is to break up as many relationships as he can simply because he hates love.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: Spat actually has nothing to do with the majority of damaged relationships in the game. Many of them involve this trope.
  • Copy Protection: In some emulators this game will freeze midway through the fade-out between areas.
  • Creepy Doll: In the final area of Boo Manor. Spat hides amongst them.
  • Dirty Old Ham: Two elderly ghosts in Boo Manor ask Bijou to massage their backs in a creepy manner.
  • Ferris Wheel Date Moment: TO repair one couple's love, Hamtaro and Bijou must follow a couple onto a ferris wheel and give the nervous man hints on what he should tell his female friend.
  • Gotta Catch Them All: Like its prequel, this game has you collect words, songs, and clothes, as well as jewelry.
  • Guide Dang It: In order to win the Class A dancing contest, the player must use specific Ham-Chat words. This is important in order to complete your Ham-Ham Dictionary.
    • Also, one section of the game requires finding a hidden door on an inconspicuous wall.
  • Hammerspace: Presumably where the hamsters get the props used in some Ham-Chat words. And most of the items they hold, for that matter.
  • Hello, Insert Name Here: Like its predecessor, this one lets you name Hamtaro, as well as Bijou, which is odd since unlike most examples of this trope these are actually canonical characters.
  • Hint System: Hints on request: Talk to Snoozer in the Clubhouse for hints.
  • Hulk Speak: Bog.
  • Item Get: See Shout-Out.
  • Licensed Game
  • Made of Good: Whatever goes into the "Love Meter."
  • Match Maker Quest: The main point of the game.
  • 100% Completion: Learning all 86 Ham-Chat words. This requires you to beat all of the dancing contests in Sandy Bay, too.
  • Palette Swap: Called to attention in one section in Sandy Bay, which revolves around picking one of three unrelated but identical from the front hamsters from a volleyball team to give a love letter to.
  • Portrait Painting Peephole: Boo Manor has one of these.
  • Practical Currency: Sunflower seeds.
  • Public Domain Soundtrack: You can unlock "Moonlight Sonata" and "Waltz of the Flowers" (there named "Flower Waltz") as Ham-Jam songs.
  • Robot Buddy: Ham-O-Matic.
  • Running Gag: The merchant.
  • Ship Tease: This game is full of it. Protagonists Hamtaro and Bijou are probably the main example. It's even used to fill up the last of the love meter!
  • Shout-Out: Hamtaro imitates Link's "You got an item" pose when pulling out the sword in Wildwoods. But it peters out when Hamtaro learns that the "sword" is really a giant spoon.
    • There's also the Ham Rangers, composed of Ham Red, Ham Blue, Ham Yellow, Ham Green and Ham Pink.
  • Spot the Impostor: At one point, Spat first masquerades as Pashmina and coldly rips Penelope's blanket, then masquerades as Penelope and jumps all over Pashmina's scarf, causing Penelope and Pashmina to each think the other one is angry with them. Eventually, Spat settles on masquerading as Pashmina. How does this predicament get solved? The same way Solomon solved the riddle of the two mothers: Hamtaro and Bijou propose that both Pashminas tug really hard on Penelope...which hurts Penelope, so the real Pashmina is the one who lets go first to stop hurting her.
  • Stupidity Is the Only Option: In Boo Manor, Hamtaro must be directed into walking over a trap door and Bijou has to save him on her own.
  • Surfer Dude: Broski.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: At one point, Spat gives one of these. "And I definitely wasnít thinking about stealing Seedricís acorn cap to sell it! No, I wasnít. It never crossed my mind."
  • Toilet Humor: Go-P returns from Ham-Hams Unite!.
    • The Blushie hamster is embarrassed because if you Stickie the bush again, the stick will have his poop stuck to it. Yuck.
  • The Power of Love: Your main weapon against Spat. Fixing/building relationships between hamsters fills up your "love meter," which helps you progress.
    • In Sunny Peak, you defeat Spat by asking to be friends with him, which repulses him so much that he accidentally falls off a bridge.
  • Unexpected Gameplay Change: The Final Boss relies on fighting with Slingshots.
  • Verbal Tic: The aptly named Spat likes to say "pfpth" throughout his dialogue.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: As in Ham Hams Unite, you can Tack-Q (roll) into most hamsters. You can also bite, scratch, and poke some hamsters with a stick.
    • At one point, you must scratch Pashmina who later turns out to be Spat in disguise
  • Video Game Settings:
  • Virtual Paper Doll: Very similar to the one in Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite!.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Dexter and Howdy, whom you see fighting over getting a gift for Pashmina in Boo Manor, but you later help make up.

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Hamtaro Ham Ham Heartbreak