''Guns of Icarus'' is an {{Indie|Game}} turret-based [[CooperativeMultiplayer co-op]] [[ShootEmUp shooter]] game set in a [[AfterTheEnd post-apocalyptic]] SteamPunk world, developed by Muse Games. You are Gabriel, a traveling merchant, captain of the zeppelin ''Icarus''. Your task is to deliver your cargo safely to its destination without being blown out of the air by the SkyPirates that will chase you every step of the way. There's an element of time management involved--you've got to strike a balance between repairing [[SubsystemDamage damaged parts of your ship]] and manning the guns to shoot down the bad guys.

Visit the official website, with a demo version of the game, [[http://musegames.com/games/guns-of-icarus here]].

An [[MassivelyMultiplayerOnline MMO]] sequel, ''VideoGame/GunsOfIcarusOnline'', was released in 2012. An expansion to the MMO game -- which will include co-operative play against AI opponents and may eventually include a persistent world for players to interact with -- has been successfully funded through Website/{{Kickstarter}} in the spring of 2013, and is currently in development.

!! ''Guns of Icarus'' contains examples of:

* AfterTheEnd
* [[UsefulNotes/{{Airships}} Airships]]: The game [[SteamPunk unsurprisingly does not provide a realistic portrayal of airships]]; regardless, they form the backbone of the game.
* [[spoiler:BolivianArmyEnding]]
* ConstructedWorld
* CoolAirship: The ''Icarus''.
* CoOpMultiplayer: Up to four players can play together online.
* CriticalExistenceFailure: If the health meter for either the zeppelin or the rigging reaches zero, the ''Icarus'' will be destroyed, but aside from some fire graphics, there won't be any effect until then.
* DeathIsASlapOnTheWrist: If you fall off the ''Icarus'', you respawn, but it does waste precious time. And if you fail a mission, you have unlimited tries.
* DifficultButAwesome: It takes some practice to get used to the timing of the cannon shots, but if you get good at [[LeadTheTarget Leading the Target]], you'll have a very powerful turret with a much longer range than the gatling guns.
* [[spoiler:DoNotGoGentle: "Into the Breach" is Gabriel's defiant last stand; he flies deep into the pirate-infested skies and takes out as many as he can before finally being shot down. In the sequel, we find out that his final sacrifice was an inspiration to future generations.]]
* DownerEnding: [[spoiler:Gabriel dies.]]
* [[spoiler:DyingMomentOfAwesome: "Into the Breach".]]
* EndlessGame: "Into The Breach", where you hold out as long as you can until [[spoiler:you inevitably die]].
* EnemyDetectingRadar: Absolutely vital for tracking the position of enemies, since your vision will be obscured by clouds and weather conditions, and you'll be attacked from all sides. If you don't watch the radar, expect to die.
* EveryBulletIsATracer
* GameLevel: The "Lattice" variant. When selecting the next mission, you pick from multiple paths to make your way across the world map.
* GatlingGood: The first gun available. Comes with [[MoreDakka lots of dakka]].
* [[spoiler:TheHeroDies: The final mission is unwinnable. You keep going until you're dead.]]
* HoldTheLine: Each mission has a distance countdown marking how much farther you have to travel to reach your destination; you have to survive and protect your cargo until the ''Icarus'' makes it to the finish line. There is a twist--enemies will attack your engines, which makes you slow down and, if they reach critical condition, stop completely, so you've got to keep them repaired. The final stage, Into the Breach, averts it by counting ''up'' instead of down for a [[EndlessGame survival mode]].
* HomingProjectile: Homing rockets.
* LeadTheTarget: This is required if you're using the cannon.
* LightningGun: The Tesla cannon.
* MoreDakka: The gatling gun's main purpose.
* PointAndClickMap
* SkyPirates
* SteamPunk
* StockCostumeTraits: Standard pilot outfit with goggles, scarf, and jacket.
* SubsystemDamage: Enemies can target different parts of your zeppelin. If your rigging or balloon gets destroyed, it causes a CriticalExistenceFailure. If your cargo bay is destroyed, it affects the rewards you earn for beating the level. And damage to your engines causes you to slow down and eventually stop. Part of the strategy of the game is prioritizing which sections to repair and how long to wait before repairing them.
* ThoseMagnificentFlyingMachines
* ZeppelinsFromAnotherWorld