Video Game / Glover

Once upon a time, a wizard ruled over a peaceful land. He spent his time cooking up potions atop his tower with the aid of his magical gloves, until one day, he mixed up the wrong ingredients and caused the brew to blow up in his face. This caused him to become encased in stone and fall backwards through the floor, while each of his gloves flew off in individual directions. One of the gloves flies out the window and lands outside, and here we have The Hero, Glover. Unfortunately, the other glove ended up falling into the cauldron, and emerged from it a sickly green color with red eyes, becoming the Big Bad, Cross-Stitch.

At the same time, the Crystal Balls that rested atop the spires of the tower flew from their positions. Glover freaked upon seeing this, and prevents them all from shattering and breaking by utilizing his magic power to turn all of them into rubber balls. They each bounce into warps surrounding the castle that lead to various, malevolent locations, and now it's up to our animated hand wear to retrieve the crystals, defeat Cross-Stitch, bring the wizard back to life, and restore peace to the land.

An obscure PC title developed by Interactive Studios (later Blitz Games) and published by Hasbro Interactive in 1998. There was an N64 port, which ended up being, by far, the most popular version out of the lot. It also had another version that was released for the PlayStation, but unfortunately it turned out to be a Porting Disaster. The game had very mixed reviews citing a horrible camera (even for its time), bad level designs, and lackluster controls. It's a quirky platformer that requires actually using the Macguffins to solve puzzles and work contraptions. It also tended to be one huge Escort Mission, as if the Crystal Ball breaks or pops in any shape or form, you lost a life.

On that note, a sequel was planned to be released in 2000, but never got past the development stages. See the prototype here.

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