[[caption-width-right:200:Has someone seen the dragon?]]

Once upon a time, [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything the Great Dragon attacked an innocent city]] Dirin[[Literature/TheHobbit dale]], killing its king, burning a good couple of houses, causing a great uproar among local heroes and [[HeroicWannabe wannabe-heroes]], and inspiring Creator/MonolithProductions to make a game based on the adventures of the former.

Yes, the game is a SpiritualSuccessor (not to say: a total clone) of good old ''VideoGame/{{Gauntlet}}'' but this does not stop it from being an extremely addictive HackAndSlash filled to the brim with an unusual if, perhaps, a bit exaggerated sense of humor, making it an AffectionateParody of classic fantasy tropes and quirks. For today's gamers, it can have a specifically [[RetroGaming vintage]] taste, but when given a chance, turns out to be one of the best possible sources of mindless entertainment when you just need to, you know, kill some DemonicSpiders or other [[PersonalSpaceInvader personal space invaders]], earn some gold and lose some HitPoints.

Has its own [[Characters/GetMedieval Characters page]], where all four characters are described in more detail.

!!Contains the following tropes:

* AwesomeButImpractical: Boots of Mercury - which are the power-up massively increasing character's movespeed - are not very effective due to the fact that they make it difficult to control the character's actions.
* [[BossBattle Boss Battles]]: every fifth level. All of them are of [[DamageSpongeBoss damage sponge]] variety, but as the levels progress they will become increasingly difficult due to various obstacles thrown in.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: All the characters address the player if they stand around for too long.
* DamageOverTime: As expected of Gauntlet's clone. Characters will lampshade the constant health drop if you let them stay in place for too long.
* DeathIsASlapOnTheWrist: You just have to wait a couple of seconds for the character to [[RespawnOnTheSpot respawn]]. Can be annoying if you start swarmed by monsters.
* DestroyableItems: Chests, Weapon/Armor Upgrades and Scrolls can be destroyed. Characters or The Voice will comment on the matter.
* DungeonCrawling
* ElectricTorture: as a kind of a DeathTrap.
* EveryoneIsASuper: even Kellina, who apparently uses a sword and a shield to fight, has a magical attack at her disposition.
* EverythingTryingToKillYou
* [[HealingPotion Healing Buckets with Hearts In Them]]
* InterchangeableAntimatterKeys: the keys disappear, but only those made of the same [[ElementalCrafting metal]] are interchangeable.
* [[LockedDoor Locked Doors]]: very many of them.
* ManOnFire: while walking through the dungeon, you can very literally catch a hot by stepping into a puddle of flames drifting in the air. Sadly, this does not apply to your enemies.
* TheMaze: all the dungeons.
* MoneyForNothing: gold is here only to indicate how many points you scored - you can't use it to buy anything.
* MookMaker: all enemies are spawned by various spawners that can(and should) be destroyed.
* {{Mooks}} themselves:
** AirborneMooks: Bats and their Red cousins, Phantom Knights, Wraiths, Dragons and Curses.
** AnAxeToGrind: Trolls.
** TheArcher: Serpent Women.
** {{Curse}}: One of non-standard enemies, faster than all player characters(save for Eryc) who can obstruct you by i.e reversing your controls, disallowing you ranged attack or by increasing your health drop rate. They are also tougher than normal monsters.
** DemBones: And they throw swords at you!
** DropTheHammer: Ogres. Curiously, they're the only melee monster to use a weapon.
** {{Intangibility}}: Hags, Phantom Knights and Wraiths have a brief one which can make player's projectile pass through harmlessly, complete with brief disappearing. [[OhCrap Including bosses.]] Still vulnerable to Magic Scrolls though.
** GiantSpiders: Coming in two flavors, {{The Goomba}}-ish one and literally {{Demonic Spiders}}-ish one.
** PhantomThief: Might be an actual phantom thief. Incredibly fast and capable of stealing all of your upgrades and scrolls. Suffice to say, if it happens before a bost fight, you are in trouble. They do sometimes give something if you kill them before they reach you though.
** ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks: Skeletons and Phantom Knights use them as projectiles.
* MultiMookMelee: Though it's generally discouraged to go melee.
* NoticeThis: ShinySense.
* OneHitKill: Even on the highest difficulties picking up Lvl. 2 weapon upgrade will allow you to one-shot any mook short of a Curse or Thief.
* GlassCannon: All the player characters are made of wet paper, especially on the highest difficulty setting.
* [[OurDragonsAreDifferent Our Dragons Are All The Same]]: complete with BreathWeapon.
* PlotCoupon: the keys.
* PowerUp: A few of them:
** SkeletonKey: {{Exactly What It Says On The Tin}}.
** TheGrotesque: The Mask of Evil, which makes all the monsters run away from you.
** GodMode: comes in two flavors, Ghost(which adds a benefit of monsters being completely unaware of us) and God-Like(which doesn't).
** SprintShoes: Boots of Mercury which greatly increase movement speed. It's more of a nuisance though as it's harder to control such a character.
** OrbitingParticleShield: Fury of the Sun which acts as a constant Magic Scroll to everything that comes nearby.
* RandomlyGeneratedLevels: One of the game modes allow you to traverse endless random dungeons.
* SealedEvilInACan: Thieves and Curses.
* SmartBomb: The Magic Scrolls which one-shot everything on the screen save for bosses.
* StandardFantasySetting: where all this takes place.
* TheVeryDefinitelyFinalDungeon: eventually, in the Dragon Quest mode.
* WarpWhistle