''Frontlines: Fuel Of War'' is set in the year [[TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture 2024]], after [[PostPeakOil peak oil production]]. WorldWarThree is taking place. You are cast as a member of the [[TheFederation Western Coalition]] 125th Strike Division, the "[[SquadNickname Stray Dogs]]". The game mostly takes place in the former Soviet Union, though the [[UsefulNotes/ChineseWithChopperSupport Chinese]] are present as hostiles. You start in Turkmenistan, where the [[RedScare Red Star Alliance]] stages an ambush of a routine guard duty rotation. By the end, [[UsefulNotes/FromRussiaWithNukes Russian nuclear weapons]] have been used on their own soil. You succeed where [[UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler Hitler]] had failed, taking control of Moscow, forcing the Russians out of the war... [[BittersweetEnding Officially. The Chinese are still fighting, and partisan fighters, coupled with the harsh Russian winter, have usually been able to beat back any invader]]. [[SequelHook It's obvious that the war is still ongoing.]]

!! This game provides examples of the following:

* AchievementMockery: There's a zero-point achievement named "{{Noob}}" for suiciding 10 times in a multiplayer game.
* AStormIsComing: Practically used word for word in the intro.
* BagOfSpilling: Used to the point of frustration. Each mission comes in two halves, and everything you had before the loading screen is gone after it because weapons are provided on a per-map basis. The first noticeable case is the third mission ''Anvil'', where your sniper rifle and shotgun are swapped for a standard assault rifle and your minigun tank drone is removed.
* BittersweetEnding: The Chinese are still fighting, partisan militias are coming out of the woodwork, and winter's yet to come. Good luck soldier, you'll need it.
* BoomHeadshot: An instant kill, plus you see the enemy's hat go flying.
* BottomlessMagazines: Although applying realistic ammunition for infantry, some vehicles and emplacements have infinite ammo.
* [[SquadNickname Division Nickname]]: Your division is always referred to as the Stray Dogs. Its official designation is the 125th Strike Division.
* FriendlyFireproof: Standard use in the campaign - your allies don't flinch to your attacks.
* GangUpOnTheHuman: Enemies tend to target the player even when it's less efficient to do so. Examples include using bullets on a tank (which do no damage), rockets on infantry (easily dodged and ignoring the nearby tank), and attacking a drone you're controlling (stopping the instant you exit drone control.)
* HoldTheLine: There are two instances. The first is within ''Anvil'', where you hold out against enemies that try to reclaim the objective for 10 minutes. The second is in the final mission where you and a handful of Coalition soldiers, repel a massive Red Star force by killing them.
* HopelessWar
* ItsUpToYou: In the single player campaign, only the player can capture objectives (even if your allies are standing right next to them). In addition, the player is the only one that can inflict significant damage.
* OneBulletClips: Subverted - reloading a clip always works like it would in real life. Taking every opportunity to reload uses up much more ammo than it would in ordinary FPS games.
* PostPeakOil: The cause of the war. The fact that the vehicles being used to fight it are fossil fuel-powered is lampshaded in the loading screens.
* NonFatalExplosions: In ''Graveyard'', the final objective is to plant an explosive charge on the fuel line, with the timer set to five seconds. In the cutscene, it destroys the missile and the attached tower and implies the player survived due to a successful mission.
* RegeneratingHealth: You can take multiple rounds to the chest and be inches from death, but as long as you don't get shot for five seconds, you'll dust yourself off and keep fighting. Vehicles also regenerate health, but much more slowly.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: The Russian Premier actually fights you in the final mission. He's no tougher than a regular soldier, though he does use an [=LMG=]. It is somewhat noticeable since the earlier enemy V.I.P., the General, kills himself off-screen rather than face you himself.
* SequelHook: The ending has the Russians already setting up a government in exile, the Chinese massing on the Russian borders, partisan militias coming out to resist you and winter yet to come.
* SlapOnTheWristNuke: At most, the two nukes only hit off-map targets, and they're only called small nukes. While they still inflict radiation, it wears off after you defeat three tank waves.
* StickyBomb: C4 can be thrown on tanks.
* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture: The game takes place in the year 2024, "post peak oil, post Middle East, post... everything." The Western Coalition uses a heavily modified [=XM8=] as their primary assault rifle, while the Red Star Alliance uses a heavily modified bullpup AK-series rifle, and military robotics are widespread.
* VideoGameLives: The single player campaign provides a set number of redeployments per mission. Multiplayer appears to use a respawn ticket system.
* WorldHalfEmpty
* WorldWarIII: The entire point of the game is that oil has run out, sparking it off.